Thomas Edsall: How Can Democrats Keep Themselves From Overreaching?


Changing racial demographics favor the Democrats.

The Democrats risk blowing a favorable electoral landscape and inviting a massive backlash due to their arrogant elite of urban progressives overreaching on social liberalism and failing to deliver on a populist economic program. See the Obama presidency.

New York Times:

“During my political lifetime, there have been four moments when the continuing viability of the Republican Party has been cast in doubt: the 1964 landslide defeat of Barry Goldwater, Watergate, the 1992 defeat of George H.W. Bush and the 2008 loss by John McCain.

In each case, Democratic ascendancy proved fleeting, and conservative Republican forces struck back with devastating impact. …

Trump’s efforts to demonize liberal elites resonated in part because of the ascendance of a powerful, upscale, well-educated wing of the Democratic Party that dates back at least to the takeover of the party by antiwar activists and liberal reformers in the aftermath of the 1968 election. Even now, it is shaping the outcome of House contests. …

Greenberg, of course, understands this perfectly well. He pointedly notes in “RIP GOP” that “Democratic leaders contributed mightily to the alienation of voters that produced successive disruptive elections that put the Republicans in power” and argues that “the Democrats will not run in 2020 calling out to every aggrieved group in its potential winning coalition, as Hillary Clinton did so disastrously in 2016.

While well-to-do Democrats became increasingly preoccupied with moving the party in a progressive direction on social and cultural issues, many low- and moderate-income voters living in less densely settled regions of the country had different concerns. …”

Elizabeth Warren is a shrill progressive ideologue. She represents a class of people who are an albatross for the Democratic Party. If Warren became president and aggressively pushed cultural liberalism while the economy began to crumble for the working class due to automation, who knows what could happen if the Republicans found a better candidate?

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  1. Trump is the most MIGA President in US history which means He. Can’t. Lose. If they have to flip some digits in those voting machines so Trump gets over the line they will. So get your popcorn ready, because when he wins the libs are going to lose their minds, then its bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran.

    • I don’t think the Dim-o-craps really want to defeat Blormp, otherwise they would have found some formidable candidate to run against him. No, their strategy is to continually harass that bum all the way to the end of his second term, then gear up for their big Get Whitey campaign in 2024.

      • Spawn, by then, I hope to retire someplace saner… Hungary? A Salvini-redevivus Italy? Russia? or someplace out of the way of the Caucaphobes… Chile? Uruguay? Because if America falls, it will be a wake-up call to every remaining ‘White’ land.

        And because my true home is not this land, but a “better homeland”….

        I just fear for the children that have to live with this garbage…

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