Jews Demand Rep. Steve Scalise Condemn White Nationalism In The GOP

Sadly, this is the current state of American mainstream politics: giving an inch to kvetching Jewish activists who then demand a mile.

There are two parties in the two-story state. Both of these parties are controlled by Jewish donors. The two parties compete over who can deliver the biggest wins for Jewish oligarchs. The Republicans cater to ultra-zionist donors. The Democrats cater to socially liberal donors. No one caters to the White Christian majority with anything but lip service.

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          • 12AX7 .Indeed. The comment by Jewry was so idiotic and wholly incorrect that it wasn’t worth a truly inventive defense.

            The Hebes are truly worried about Pagans/Heathens. Because Heathen faiths are RACE based.

          • pagans and jews are identical in their attacks on Christians. its completely delusional to think jews are “threatened” by pagandom. first of all, they promote it in their television and movies relentlessly (name a year without wizard/witch/viking themed shows/movies) 2nd of all there are barely any pagans in america, and they have never amounted to anything other than an anti-Christian 5th column in both white nationalism and america.

            america has the most protestants in the world, and the south is where they live. the south is WASP. it was never pagan, and never will be pagan.

            you want to larp as a pagan go to sweden. pagans are not welcome here. you behave identically to the kike.

  1. Jews Demand. Jews Demand. Jews Demand! Why do we have to PUT UP with these CHRIST KILLERS?!?

    “…recall the notorious remark of the Jewish historian Louis Namier (1888–1960) when asked why he did not deal with Jewish history: “The Jews do not have a history, they have a martyrology.” It is this martyrology that lies at the heart of the Culture of Critique. Whereas almost every nation possesses a history that is in most respects objective, the Jews alone possess a mere quasi-history, riddled with mythic and esoteric self-deceptions that give psychological permission for the most clannish and subversive of social behaviors and the most hostile of attitudes towards other peoples. The Culture of Critique, a kind of cultural revenge inspired by the Jewish martyrology, is the clearest expression of the corrosive nature of the disastrous Jewish/non-Jewish relations…”

    • Occasionally one slips.

      “Because we have heard, and still hear, so much about the great Jewish cultures of the past, archeologists have made extensive efforts to discover some examples of Jewish art and sculpture and architecture in ancient cultures, the solid evidences which survive the ravages of time and natural catastrophes. Yet they found nothing. The sole results of these searches are a few pieces of crude waterpots, fashioned from mud, which a Stone Age man could have produced with his bare hands, since he did not know the use of the pottery wheel which made its appearance among early civilizations. These scanty evidences of the great Jewish past is but one more witness to the biological parasitical existence which the Jew has always led as a soft, amorphous and rootless creature feeding at the expense of others, and leaving no concrete artifacts to memorialize his presence.”
      (1967) The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 12

      When ones observes the spectacle of Rabbis rolling out those “ancient” scrolls to mimic the studying of “sacred Hebrew scripture,” they are merely rolling out Satan’s blueprint for anti-humanism that’s all dressed up.

  2. so we have here a jew who is “scared”?

    seeing as he has:
    entered a foreign country that is majority White (America)
    left his sanctuary in this country (whatever house he is holed up in)
    showed up at a city hall meeting
    and then was the first to take floor

    he clearly isn’t scared at all. he knows he is a privileged protected class, and that’s why he is telling lies and agitating. “Will you condemn?” is simply “Will you bend the knee?”

    fucking kike faggots

  3. Scalise was shot by a “far left extremist” 2 years ago.
    So shot by antifa to be clear
    Seeing as jews invented Antifa, he really needs to step the security up. One of those fuckers just stood in front of him.

  4. Re: AMERICAN BABYLON … yup, idolatrous belief and worship of a man of mammon who is claimed to be God the creator of ALL!! Christianity is idolatrous worship of a “messianic” man as God Re:: IN SEARCH OF A LOST PRE-INDO-ARYAN EUROPE (


    Messianic “man-god” and Communism:

    If you believe that a man of mammon is “creator of the universe”, then said “man-god” has ownership right of everything in the universe since said man created it all, and therefore, logically you nor any other human has right to any property not even self ownership!! YOU BE HIS SLAVE!! THIS “RELIGION” IS JUST UTTER NONSENSE … try Numbers 23:19 for starters … “”God is not a man, that should lie, Nor a “Son of Man”, …”

    • How can a god still be a god if he assumes human form? Also, how can a god “die” for the sins of the world? Gods are immortal. The original Christians (who were jews) surely regarded Jesus as a mortal man who was given a divine mission, along with divine powers to carry out that mission.

  5. These comment sections sure have gone to shit. Why would a Southerner tolerate all these useless pagans? The South is a Protestant nation, heathendom is not a part of our history. You wanna be a pagan? Go back to Sweden.

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