Project Veritas Exposes CNN

Jeff Zucker runs CNN.

CNN is nothing but Jewish narratives masquerading as a news network. The only thing left out here is that James O’Keefe neglects to mention that the mainstream media and social media is owned and policed by a whole tribe of Jeff Zuckers and Mark Zuckerbergs. Jews have developed an ethnic stanglehold over our media just like Indians dominate gas stations.

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  1. We all know that CNN and every other msm outlet are fake kosher news. What we need are Gentiles in journalism to name the jewish hegemony and narrative conspiracy against White Europeans in America and throughout the Western world.

  2. ” Jews have developed an ethnic stanglehold over our media”

    Is that ever the gospel truth!

    Now, we are learning the reason many European nations outlawed jws owning or possessing printing presses. What they have now is a million times more powerful than a printing press.

  3. Jeff zucker is incredibly dense or what? he sure believes his own bullshit Being part of the tribe he should know who controls Trump but this bald prick convinced himself that Russians and white supremacists somehow magically control Trump absolutely ridiculous

  4. […]This enormous inequality in wealth will seek to protect, to assert itself in politics. But our new-fangled Republicanism asserts that, politically, the Vanderbilt shall be the precise equivalent of the pauper. It leaves the rich man no legitimate form for the assertion of his superior weight or the protection of his superior interests in the State. Wealth, then, must seek for itself illegitimate forms. And in obeying the inevitable impulse through these illegal ways, it must corrupt itself, and the institutions of the land.

    5. The press has been looked to as the safe guardian of popular institutions. It has been called by an English Whig “the fourth estate of the Realm.” But the influences under which the political press in America operates constitute this also one of the fatal hindrances to the subsistence of wise, free institutions. The powerful journals must be also the creatures of money. The conditions of journalism are such that only a vast capital can float a journal into a safe and permanent haven of success. Literature is a commodity, money buys and sells it. Let the genius of an Addison, a Bolingbrooke, a Junius, a Macaulay, all be combined on the one side, with all the richest resources of historical learning to publish the political truths which happen to be unpopular without a great capital; and let commercial capital give its support to the pen of the most ignorant demagogue to propagate the crudest absurdities in which capital supposes it has a selfish and corrupt interest, you shall see the wisdom of true statesmanship, embellished by all the graces of scholarship consigned to an unread obscurity in this country, while the vulgar stupidities of error shall visit every table and claim every eye. Mammon wills it so, and Mammon rules.

    The reason is because the leading presses of the commercial centers are either the tools of parties and used for exclusive partisan purposes, or else they are, like the calico mills, mere joint-stock concerns for money making. Either way, the result is the same. The contents of the journal are not dictated at all by truth or right, but solely by self-interest. What doctrine shall it assert? Only that which advances the strength of the faction, or which attracts the more numerous subscribers. Thus the press instead of being the guide, becomes the mere sycophant of misguided public opinion. Let only any political heresy begin to be current enough to become an element of danger to sound institutions, and thenceforward it is the interest and business of the great journals to give it their support. To resist and explode it “would not pay.”

    – R.L. Dabney, The New South, 1882

    • You often quote Dabney, T. Reading men like him and Fitzhugh is occasionally eerie for me. They gave accurate prophecies of what American society would degenerate into. Considering they were on the losing side, I’m not surprised I hadn’t heard of them until I came to this site. But it’s a shame, because they were so often right.

  5. “…just like Indians dominate gas stations.” You mean hotel chains, don’t you? [ Dot, not feather]

    I STILL say we need a website called the ‘No Tell/Patel Hotel’ site- where non-White (and non-American) hotels, motels, inns, and B&B’s can be AVOIDED, to economically free up WHITE hotel owners to keep America great….

  6. this is obvious enough already. the left wont care either, because they hate the truth and love the lie. they are post truth.

    its still good that Veritas exposed them, i just dont expect it will change too many attitudes.

  7. This is of course true. But what isn’t allowed on Tucker Carlson’s Fox or going back a few years with Bernard Goldberg’s “Bias” is to explain why the CNN, New York Times, WaPost, Huffington Post, Hollywood studios are so biased, why do they all speak with the same “liberal” narrative?

    The charge is always that the problem is the media is too “Liberal” and then there are some calls to include some more “Conservative” voices like well – George Will, have Conservatives like Lindsey Graham more on CNN, include real diversity of opinions like the rising minority Conservative stars in the GOP like that Indian woman former governor of South Carolina that went to the UN to represent the Israeli Likud Party.

    Or else there are some offers to invite Jeff Zucker, Harvey Weinstein, Mike the Meathead Reiner to come to some Conservative Conference hosted by Liberty University where speakers and attendees can show how nice and well dressed everybody is and how nobody is racist as all the racists are quickly shown the door (anybody that was ever on the same stage with Peter Brimelow, let alone Jared Taylor or us). And then there will be some Neo Conservative Jews and Gentiles give the microphone to somehow share the truth that the American Liberal Left is anti Israel, anti Semitic and Democrats are/were the real racists.

    So all of this ignores the huge elephant in the living room, shi**** in the living, all of this ignores the reality that the Emperor has no clothes and yes, FBI leader J Edgar Hoover’s assurance to the contrary there must definitely WAS organized crime in the USA dominated by Italian Mafia families.

    The reality is that the terrible “American mainstream media” is dominated by ethnic, racial, sexual groups with ethnic Jews at the top, an ethnic racial Jewish mafia dominates, monopolizes the American media. The day in day out hatred of President Trump and hatred of Trump supporters is exactly the same as the Jewish media mafia’s hatred of President Nixon back in 1972-74. The Jewish Media Mafia elite hated the fact that President Nixon won a 49 out of 50 state landslide in 1972 and went against the then “liberal” elite. The media mafia’s hatred of President Nixon and Nixon supporters then was exactly the same as Jewish TV producer Norman Lear’s hatred of blue collar White workers – Nixon/Reagan Democrats like Archie Bunker who rejected the Lib Leftist elite and elected President Nixon in a landslide.

    Tucker Carlson noted that CNN founder was also a “Liberal” Ted Turner, but Carlson said CNN wasn’t nearly so biased back in the day when Ted Turner was the top guy at CNN – why was/is this so? Tucker Carlson won’t say. Because if he did say the truth, Tucker Carlson would lose his highly watched TV show on Fox.

    The reality was/is Ted Turner though a “Liberal” was a White Gentile from the South and the American Media mafia makes it reality that all the top guys in American media Mafia must be ethnic Jews and feature Blacks, homosexuals, lesbians, some kinds of Muslims that all hate White America.

    This extreme bias of Jeff Zucker is the same as Talmudic hatred of White Gentiles as depicted in Shakespeare’s the Merchant of Venice, the same as the Jewish Bolshevik hatreds of the Russian Nobility, same as their hatreds for White Christian farmers in the Ukraine that manned the Cossack armies that opposed them for centuries and that have temporarily pushed them out of power in Mother Russia reborn.

    The Jewish Media mafia does not control the Russian Media now – the top Jewish Media oligarch head of Yukos Oil made a power player and Vladimir Putin put him in a public cage, jail and sentenced him to hard labor camp in Siberia.

    This is what is needed now in the USA – tough White guy like Vladimir Putin who will put the likes of CNN’s Jeff Zucker in a public cage and sentence him to hard labor or exile somewhere.

    This isn’t a polite debate – we’re not going to make the terrible situation any better by offering our adversaries some honest tell all book. When you/we allow Jeff Zucker’s CNN on in our homes or in public, we are allowing the worst Jewish Media Mafia to attack our people, allow them to incite the worst Blacks to riot, loot, rape and kill over some Hate Crime Hoax, we allow this same Jewish Media mafia to advocate for endless Neo Conservative/Zionists wars in the Middle East, allow them to push for restarting the Cold War with our kinsmen the Russians and here CNN will include lots and lots of “Conservative” voices to demand these wars – where is Dick Chaney, Karl Rove, maybe George W Bush will be featured on CNN – yeah expect that.

  8. CNN’s top guy Jeff the lying Jew Zucker got caught secretly being biased against President Trump, caught hating President and hating Trump voters who are mostly poor, rural and working class White Americans in the South, in the Midwest and the Great Plains.

    I was shocked, SHOCKED to fight this out! I still can’t believe it.

    It’s like when I found out that Freddie Mercury the lead singer of Queen was GAY! Who would have thought it.

    Or when I found out the Bob Marley once smoked…. Marijuana!

    What other secrets are coming out soon?


  9. Too bad Project Veritas doesn’t do an investigation exposing the jews’ control of the mass media. Let’s stop fartin’ around and Expose the Nose already.

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