Live Thread: Fourth 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate

UPDATE: Off to an early start …

I unironically agree with Sam Donaldson that we should be a White Christian country again … one big Chick-fil-A, not Popeyes.

Six months ago, I was strongly on the Yang Gang.

I was exhausted with two unproductive years of Blompf. I was ready for a moderate Democrat to take over as president, address 21st century problems like the impending automation of 1/3 to 1/2 of the workforce and chill out while collecting $1,000 a month.

I was entertaining the fantasy that maybe we could put Boomer politics aside, get serious for a moment and deescalate and depolarize this country before the clown car was driven straight off the cliff. As that Trump rally song goes, you can’t always get what you want.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we are going to get the $1,000 a month in 2020. Unlike Poland, America isn’t ready for that yet. Maybe we will get UBI in 2024. In the meantime, 2020 is shaping up to be the final clash between the Boomers, the King of Israel vs. Pocahontas.

What has changed in the last six months?

The Democratic debates have become the Woke Olympics and every time the candidates appear on stage the center of gravity in the party shifts further toward the Far Left.

Here is where the Democratic field is at in October 2019:

  • Free health care for illegal aliens
  • Decriminalization of illegal immigration
  • Blompf is a white supremacist
  • Blompf should be impeached by Congress
  • BETO has proposed the government confiscation of assault weapons
  • Declare war on White Nationalism
  • Censor the internet
  • Indigenous People’s Day
  • End tax exempt status for churches, colleges and universities that oppose gay marriage
  • American forces should remain indefinitely in Syria
  • Puberty blocking medication for 9-year-old trannies

Blossom is now the Democratic Party:

There is still plenty of slippery slope down which to slide into insanity left in the primary season. CNN is hosting the Fourth 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate tonight at 8 PM ET. We will be watching and laughing at this shitshow. What will these candidates endorse next?

Note: Mommy Tulsi should bail out now and run as an independent.

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  1. You’re a great writer and Southern historian HW, what pains me is seeing you duped into believing:
    1. That an asian democrat gives a shit about white people.
    2. Above said democrat when he promises you $12,000 in free money.

    Seriously, you’re better than this.
    You may not like the truth of current politics any more than I, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

    The only prayer that Trump has of winning is the current crop of democratic candidates.
    Should a conservative independent enter the race (splitting the vote) it’s over. If I was a democratic strategist, that’d be the path to victory.
    Either way, this train is coming to the end of the line.
    Instead of focusing on why or when the ride ends, our focus should be on what comes after.

  2. Economics are everything and pretty much all of them are better than Trump. Trump’s pull out of Syria also is also done with his characteristic inability to understand nuances. Yes we should get out of Syria, but in a measured, paced, careful way. Because Trump unfortunately brought ground troops into Syria, he now has to be careful when removing them or else something will be wrong and there will be calls for bigger problems. It’s penny wise and pound foolish to think black and white power moves will actually end the conflict, it’s just Trump being stupid and not understanding how to deescalate a situation properly. I actually believe he know it’s likely to result in a blunder and has no real intention to really tone it down. If he does, he’ll only wait until the election is over to escalate again.

    • Trump is not pulling out of Syria, ffs – he is just pulling a few hundred ZOG troopers out of N. Syria and shuffling them into E Syria. “Trump Is Pulling Out Of Syria” is obfuscation out of the White House to placate the isolationist MAGApedes.

  3. Sad that Marianne didn’t make it, but glad Tulsi is back. Hopefully she has a good showing tonight. She’s the last one left that I would not describe as “repulsive.”

    That said, I won’t waste my time watching this one. Third debate was a snooze fest and a mistake I won’t repeat. I trust that OD and/or DS will have a good summation of the insanity (if anything notable happens at all).

  4. The conclusion I have come to is its all fake, and elections don’t matter.

    The Republicans and Democrats aren’t going to do anything to improve your life. They exist only to take it in turns in robbing you, to fund their pet projects. Best to ignore them and focus on building up your own networks. Stop feeding ZOG with your sweat and votes.

  5. As Gabbard presents herself as the anti-war, anti-corruption candidate, and she is low in the polls, she has to really be bold if she wants to move into the top tier. She could go after Biden’s shady dealings, Bernie’s houses, defend getting out of Syria, etc. That kind of contrarian attack would get independents interested in her. Exposing the bloodthirsty greed and hypocrisy of the others would set her apart, and make her an actual alternative to the rest of them.

  6. You’re kidding!?!

    Senator (((Richard Blomenthal))) wants to criminalize at the federal level non-existent “threats ” against zog’s propaganda ministry.

    A lying jew guilty of ‘Stolen Valor ‘ wants to protect other lying jews and their shabbos goys. Say it ain’t so.

  7. The democrats did a good job tonight. They attacked the corporate rich and stayed away from scapegoating WN. They virtually all agreed to tax the wealthy much more.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the DemonKKKraps are going to let Blormp win a second term. That would explain the sorry quality of their current presidential candidates. But they are going to hound the shit out of him with endless and absurd accusations that he will have to spend time and energy refuting, along with vague, never-to-be-realized threats of impeachment. After four more years of that AmeriKKKa will be ready to embrace the new, strictly anti-white Social Democratic Party.

    • Yeah, i am going to have to agree with that.
      Optics optics optics.
      Trump is good for israel, so who thinks that he is going anywhere?
      And the “removed troops” are just being shuffled around greater israel (the middle east)

      The DemonRats could’ve found somebody a least slightly centrist in their outward attitude ,at minimally speaking if they were serious or if any of this were real.

      I do believe that all of this is just theatre and it really makes no difference who anyone “votes” for in the end.
      Gonna also agree with DinDuNuffin’ as well.
      All we should focus on is what we have direct impact on or control over in our lives, period.
      We should build our homes, our knowledge, our bodies and our rapport with our neighbors and fellow like minded folks in our communities.
      After all, we know that no matter who wins all that will happen is ZoGmerica will decline in every way fathomable and will decline and erode the most rapidly in the only real area that matters , demographically.

      We are going to see what conflict is all about in the 2024 campaign when the race traitors, muds, negroes and sodomites all embrace the strictly anti-white communist D party.

      By then my guess would be that the chants of “kill whitey” being normalized at political rallies and on the talmudvision won’t be too far away.
      Because as we all know it never matters who gets (s)elected, the corporations and the terrorist apartheid state of israel are all who ever make out from whoever is in office.
      I would say that the D party is death by a bullet in the skull while the R party is more along the lines of being in quicksand with your hands tied.
      The death of cuckservatism inc is greatly anticipated!

      • Spahn – I don’t like saying “no” to you – but no. I’d have to watch the movies, in order to review them. I don’t care enough about them to actually watch.

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