Donald Trump Orders Near Total U.S. Withdrawal From Syria

Good news: Donald Trump is pulling nearly all U.S. troops out of Syria.

Bad news: Some U.S. troops will remain behind at al-Tanf, a U.S. military base in southern Syria near the Iraq and Jordan border for Israel’s sake, and the troops being pulled out aren’t coming home but will only be redeployed elsewhere in the region.


“President Trump has confirmed that nearly all U.S. troops in Syria will be leaving the country while warning Turkey of repercussions for its offensive against Kurdish forces who had been key U.S. allies.

In a lengthy statementTrump said the U.S. forces leaving Syria will remain in the region to guard against an ISIS resurgence. He also announced a suspension of trade talks with Turkey, a hike in steel tariffs to 50%, and potential “powerful additional sanctions” against those guilty of “serious human rights abuses.”

He said only a “small footprint” of U.S. forces would remain in southern Syria, while the northeast of the country would be abandoned entirely. …”

Where is elsewhere in the region?

Presumably, the Empire will redeploy these troops to Iraq or to Saudi Arabia where there is a military buildup going on.

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  1. Bring them all home, I mean all those deployed around the world, and let them go door to door and rid this country of all these illegals who are sending billions out of the country and costing us billions more each year.

    All these illegals will soon (already?) start voting for Dems and this country will be toast. It will be all over with only vigilante justice left for white people.

      • Yep.

        American military personnel will not be completely withdrawn, until they die for Israel, and Europeans are mongrelized under the Karlegi-Spectre Plan.

        Never ending wars for (((never ending peace))).

        Was is peace.

        Slavery is freedom.

        Ignorance is strength.

        Israel and ashkenazi jews are our greatest friends and ally.

  2. Drumpf’s “proclamations”, “announcements”, and “executive orders”

    are without substance. Said one day,

    forgotten the next. He just “proclaimed” that legal immigrants w/o health insurance are barred from entering.

    it took a Jew York communist judge about 2 hours to cancel him out. And Drumpf, as usual,

    will do nothing.

  3. I keep thinking about the men who fought on the beaches at Guadalcanal and those who died on Okinawa. I think about the men who stood in the freezing snow in the Ardennes or those who had traversed the North African Desert. Regardless of how many of us have come to view our involvement in the Second World War, there is no comparing those soldiers to the Homosexuals, Feminists, Minorities and PTSD Men that comprise our military today. We have an airforce that meets with no aerial opposition; we have kevlar body armor vs. bedsheets; we have infra-red, heat seeking, laser guided missiles vs. a Cold War era anti-aircraft gun mounted in the bed of a Toyota; we have just over 5,000 casualties over a nearly 20 year time span vs. 400,000 casualties during a four year conflict.

    Whenever I meet a “soldier,” there’s an awkward pause while they vainly wait for me to say the obligatory, “Thank You for Your Service,” which I never do. I’ve told several “Service People” that everytime a C-141 lands and soldiers disembark, a horde of refugees, asylum seekers and potential terrorists board the plane en route to the United States. I’ve told them that no Middle Eastern adversary has flown any bombers across the ocean to attack the United States. None of them are storming our beaches with landing craft. They aren’t parachuting in from cargo planes. All of the terrorist activities have been orchestrated from within by people that have arrived here courtesy of the U. S. Military. I’ve told these soldiers that rather than protect us from terrorism, they are aiding and abetting it. I had one Negro get all irate and he went and got his Marine Jacket and started shaking it at me. I laughed and told him that it didn’t mean a damn thing to me. I thought that we were fixing to be in a fight, he sure was upset that I didn’t fawn over him, and praise him, and tell him that he was my hero.

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