Endless Wars

By withdrawing troops from Syria, Donald Trump has finally done something that has put him at odds with all of Washington and back in the good graces of his base.


“The House voted 354-60 on Wednesday on a resolution condemning President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria, paving the way for Turkey to lead a military offensive against Kurdish forces who allied with the U.S. in the fight against ISIS.”

The House overwhelming voted this afternoon to condemn Trump’s withdrawal of American troops from Syria. Most Republicans voted with the Democrats.

The Democrats condemned Trump last night for abandoning MUH KURDISH ALLIES and withdrawing troops from Syria. They made it clear both last night and this afternoon that their policy is staying there forever. Tulsi was the only candidate who didn’t buy into the hysteria and who condemned the regime change war that mired us in Syria in the first place.

Trump is going at it with Lindsey Graham who demands to control our foreign policy after running for president in 2016 and winning 0 percent of the vote. He said that the Kurds are terrorists and a bigger problem now than ISIS and that their conflict with Turkey has been going on for 200 years and isn’t our responsibility. We haven’t seen the old Trump in three years.

Good for him.

Trump has positioned himself as being the least of our problems on foreign policy. The Democrats and the GOP want to stay in the Middle East forever. He would like to do more for his base, but Israel, their puppets in Congress and the Deep State won’t let him.

I could be cynical here and say that 2016 Trump is back until 2021 and that after running against “endless wars” and being reelected on that platform that he will find some reason to invade Iran in which case everyone who voted from him would have been a sucker who got played. I wouldn’t put it past him in light of what I have seen so far in his administration.

I’m not going to say that though for now. As far as Syria goes, Congress is clearly the greater problem and deserves more of the blame.

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  1. Blormp is obviously back in populist campaign mode. But even if he was serious about ending ZOG’s involvement in the Near East there is nothing a weak, indecisive character like him could do about it.

    I never thought I would be smitten with a presidential candidate but Tulsi the tropical temptress has absconded with my heart!

    • You fight your Nationalist wars with the President you have, I like Tulsi on this one issue, but neither her nor anyone else is the strong, decisive character you wish for. At least getting the hell out is being discussed, and the globalist GOP is being unmasked.

    • I saw that.

      I recall her being called out on that and giving a very squirrelly answer. If she wants to get out of the Middle East, then why is she condemning Trump for pulling the troops out of Syria?

  2. See this for what warren actually said: https://www.vox.com/2019/10/15/20916625/democratic-debate-2020-syria-policy-trump

    So, look, I think we ought to get out of the Middle East [note: Warren’s campaign has since clarified that she meant to say Syria but doesn’t want combat troops in the Middle East]. I don’t think we should have troops in the Middle East but we have to do it the right way, the smart way.

    What this president has done is that he has sucked up to dictators, he has made impulsive decisions that often his own team doesn’t understand. He has cut and run on our allies and he enriched himself at the expense of the United States of America.

    In Syria, he has created a bigger-than-ever humanitarian crisis. He has helped ISIS get another foothold, a new lease on life. I sit on the [Senate] Armed Services Committee. I talk with our military leaders about this. I was in Iraq and went through the neighborhoods that ISIS destroyed. We need to get out but we need to do this through a negotiated solution. There is no military solution in this region.

    Sanders out of the debate is similar to warren.

  3. To HW, I believe it’s somewhat partisan politics (you never really want to give the other side credit) but it’s also somewhat that Trump appeared to go 90 mph into syria then one day slammed the breaks, which is destabilizing in my opinion. It’s kind of like sprinting the first mile of a marathon, you might impress some kid watching the race but in the long run it will be a blunder. I think people think trump’s stop and go stuff might cause a blunder and then be used to either get us back in or make the situation worse. What if some genocide happens, everyone will be laying it on the feet of his quick withdraw. So at least in my opinion that’s what I’m critical of, but I could be trying to credit my own thinking to warren and sanders. My thinking is that Trump sort of slammed the breaks and the car behind might rear end him, when the proper approach was to never speed down the highway.

    • Russia moved in troops to act as a buffer zone between the Turks and Syrians. There isn’t going to be any genocide in Syria, unlike the ethnic cleansing that’s taking place in the West Bank and Gaza by “our greatest ally.”

  4. Miss Lindsey Graham has been one of the loudest critics of Trump’s planned withdrawal from Syria. No doubt (S)He doesn’t want his little secret blasted 24/7 on every TV show as the Barney Frank of S. Carolina. That and the U.S. taxpayer’s money ‘Our Greatest Ally’ bribes him with every year are helping him make up his mind on this issue.

  5. I don’t want one life sacrificed for the vanity of a politician or the profiteering of a defense contractor. No American serviceman should suffer even a hangnail or paper cut because of these meaningless wars between barbarians overseas. Let’s shore up the economies of rural areas like we used to, and bring all the military bases back home. Rebuild a Fortress America that can handle real threats to our nation, like the invasion coming over the southern border. I’m for going all Vlad the Impaler on the barbarians actually invading our territory, including the ones now living here.

  6. He did commit some troops to Saudia Arabia but hopefully it’s just a movement and nothing serious. Syria and that whole region is a waste of American lives and money.

  7. When the Congress is voting this way it highlights the fact that America is already over.

    The 60 Congressional Representatives who voted against the resolution are Patriots.

    The Dissident Movement which has lambasted the President (justifiably) for over a year now can’t now lambast the feckless and eternally cucked GOP to virtue signal.

    As a True Dissident, I will support President Trump when he makes the right decision. But, as the guy who pardoned Schlomo Rubaskin as his initial ideological Executive Power foray…

    I withold my vote, conscientiously.

  8. Trump is the least worst one we must vote for in 2020. We need to get the Confederacy 2.0 conversation going … for crying out loud ! This video sheds light on the situation for those uninformed of it already, and beware the trolls on sites like this. Listen to what Roberts says about “polls.” Same goes for “trolls.” Don’t be sheeple. Be superior white Christian southern nationalists.

    • Gray Ghost,

      If you keep shilling for Blompf’s reelection, you just might get a special lap dance from Lady MAGA.

      • If you keep shilling as a troll for Soros you may get a raise from $15. an hour to $16. Tell Soros not all white southron nationalists are swayed by fake polls and fake 75 IQ traitors who sell their souls for $15. an hour. We’re not happy with Trump but we know the alternatives are way worse.

        Now … get a job.

    • Could not agree with you more.

      And to critique some so called “patriots” in here:
      Other less able to think, believe in their child like mental state that President Trump is a conservative or a right winger or even a nationalist…
      But these people are SHORT in attention span and SLOW in their ability to exercise CRITICAL THINKING.

      President trump is nothing more then a CENTRIST !

  9. This could end badly for Trump if the whole thing festers and turns bad. I can see Republicans voting to Impeach Trump over this when it reaches the Senate depending on how bad it gets.

  10. It might not mean much at all, but I am happy to see that my Representative voted against decrying the pull-out from Syria. Small victories.

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