The Forward: Big Mouth Takes On The Anti-Semites

What is the Jewish Question?

For those who are unfamiliar with the Jewish Question, it is the concept in our circles that we live in a society which has come to be dominated by a hostile Jewish elite that takes perverse pleasure in undermining, degenerating and poisoning the values of our White Christian culture primarily through its control of the news and entertainment media.

Ever since World War II, the ultimate taboo in our culture has been criticizing Jews and because every critic of Jews can be shouted down, marginalized and destroyed by our Jewish elite with the accusation of “anti-Semitism” this has allowed their power and influence to grow unchecked. Until the mid-20th century, America was dominated by a WASP elite which crumbled and was replaced by this new “meritocratic” elite which is disproportionately Jewish and animated by the grievances it holds against White Christians. This unnatural and bizarre situation was brought about by liberalism and free-market capitalism which allowed Jews to rise to the highest levels of American society from which they like to piss on the majority population below them.

Jews dominate the American mainstream media and the entertainment industry … which brings us to Netflix’s problematic show Big Mouth.

The Forward:

“Like a long line of Jews before them, creators Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg — who both, no surprise, developed their comedic sensibilities at a Solomon Schechter school in Westchester County, New York — Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin, have been smeared for speaking about sex in all its grody glory. Alt-Right corners of the internet see “Big Mouth,” with its frank libidinal charge, forward-thinking ideas and sexual situations involving pubescent characters (all voiced by adults) as a sign of social decay brought to you by the usual cabal of Hollywood Heebs. …

The response to these charges is unequivocal. In Episode 2, one of the protagonists, Andrew Glouberman (John Mulaney), attends a men’s rights activist meeting that he soon learns is also a neo-Nazi event. The speaker there claims that women’s brains are smaller than men’s and goes on to allege that his wife’s Jew lawyer said she left him for a black doctor because he beat up his gay neighbor.

When he calls for a “Patriarchal ethnostate of pure, European blood,” Andrew’s fascist sense starts tingling: “Okay, I get it now. They’re Nazis.”

Next thing you know, Maury the hormone monster (Kroll), Andrew’s Satyr-like guardian angel, appears dressed like Shoshana from “Inglorious Basterds,” ready to blow up the hotel convention space that the white supremacists had booked for the night.

Spun throughout the episodes, in between themes of toxic masculinity, male allyship, the vivid spectrum of human sexuality and the addictive nature of smartphones, is a thread of disquiet thrumming explicitly for American Jews.


Big Mouth is a paradigm example of the poisonous filth these Jews are creating and retailing to our youth and which flourishes under the current social order of liberalism and free-market capitalism. In its earliest days, Hollywood used to keep the sexually perverse Jewish imagination in check with the Hays Code because at that time America was a Christian country which hadn’t yet been hobbled by multiculturalism and political correctness, but now that Jews are totally ascendant and immune to criticism they have been emboldened and feel like they can get away with anything. It’s not like they are worried about conservative liberalism which is owned lock, stock and barrel by Jewish donors and totally subservient to their interests as a consequence.

The Atlantic:

“Despite all the blood, the incident is merely an unfortunate mishap—a case of a teen boy’s mind wandering a little too far. But the school’s dean of student life responds with a bizarre overreaction, calling a meeting to address the problem of “toxic masculinity” and young men who can’t control their lust. “To protect our strong, empowered women from the white-hot male gaze, we’ll be implementing a dress code,” the dean announces.

Unsurprisingly, the girls aren’t happy about the rule or the administrator’s patronizing rhetoric. So they organize a campus SlutWalk, marching in revealing clothing to protest being forced to adapt to the boys’ alleged lack of self-control. This gesture only perplexes the boys, who respond to the procession by leering in song: “You’re fired up and filthy / And we like it a lot / Who knew that civil disobedience could be so hot?” In a single, often tense episode, Big Mouth shows how profoundly teen boys are influenced by adult institutions that subtly teach, justify, and offer outlets for sexist behavior. …”


“Season three of Big Mouth successfully balances the bizarre and the relatable; while the show’s fantastical, high-concept moments are fun, it really shines when it goes full steam ahead on a smaller-scale story like sensible, slightly uptight Jessi’s (Jessi Klein) nascent sexuality. While Andrew goes down an incestuous, shame-ridden, Jewish-holiday-initiated sexual rabbit hole that would make Philip Roth proud, Jessi learns to masturbate in one of the season’s best episodes. …”

We’re not going to walk on eggshells around these people.

Toxic masculinity? It is more like the toxic behavior of Jews has been the true cause of their misfortunes across history. They go absolutely out of their way to antagonize their hosts and never learn anything. Don’t believe me? Watch this degenerate trash yourself.

Note: What’s that sound?

That’s the sound of total silence about Big Mouth from conservative liberalism. It is hard to imagine a show that is more vulgar and offensive to Christian values, but you will never hear a peep of concern from conservative liberalism or see them dare to point out that Big Mouth is Jewish degeneracy because of who writes their paychecks. This is far too hot for any of those cucks to touch and would instantly destroy their precious respectable careers.

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  1. When they turned from Christ it would appear that they became little demonic maggots, little servitors of Satan, little unclean pieces of excrement constantly seeking to degrade, destroy and desecrate. We do not and shall not ever need these loathsome creatures.

    • I think it’s safe to say jews have always behaved like this, even before their messianic proto-Christian movement first appeared around 150 BCE.

      • Nice try, Spawn- but the “Jews” of today were the proximate heirs of the Edomites, forcibly integrated into true Judean society about 150 years before your King, Christ, was incarnated by God. And it is this “OTHER”- this people who are the heirs of Esau, forever disenfranchised by God, that became the Pharisees. Those Pharisees (as Scripture notes) were the ones who sought, and USED THE ROMAN STATE, to enact their will… and for it, divorced irrevocably themselves and their seed from ANY grace, ANY redemption by Christ’s salvific act. And, as Jew-day-ism notes, ‘The Pharisees gave birth to Talmudism.’

        As Hman (Haman?- lol) noted, by this and other blasphemies, the Jews predestined themselves unto damnation, as Christ noted: no clearer genetic predisposition has ever been better stated, than that they ‘were of their father the Devil, and the deeds of your father you WILL do.” – John 8:44

        Fallacious attempts by false religions (such as R. Catholi-schism) to ‘convert’ the Jews (people like Edith Stein, etc.) mean precious little, when one is devoid of grace as an institution… individual Caucasians/Europeans can and are saved within the RCC, but not because of the institution, but in SPITE of it. That’s why Mischling half-breeds in NatSoc Germany were looked on as suspect…. because, sooner or later, the ‘Jew’ comes out. As we have seen on this very site, in years past…..

        • Gnosticism was to be the ‘official ‘ religion of National Socialism.

          Non-ashkenazi jew Alfred Rosenberg aka “Philosopher of the Third Reich” believed there were only two alternatives Christian opposition to Judaism:de-judaize Christmor deny Him.

  2. “that takes perverse pleasure in undermining, degenerating and poisoning the values of our White Christian culture”

    you know who else does this, especially in nationalist circles? pagans

    • Harold DooleyDoo,

      I would like to invite you to celebrate Samhain with me on what you call “All Saints Eve.” I’ll even teach you how to cleanse the circle from evil with a besom. Perhaps you could try your hand at scrying while you’re at it.

      R.S.V.P. by October 25th, so I can hold your place in the Coven.

    • “How does stuff like this make it past moderation?”

      Because it’s true. Either face your traitorous actions as being honestly against all of Western Civ, or shut up.

      You’re either with the West/Christendom, or you’re against it.

      Brother Nathanael makes this very clear each post, because he knows his guilt.

      He’s a Jew. I assume you are not, but you clearly must identify as a “Pagan.”
      Then you are, ipso facto, an enemy of Christendom. Do you now understand?

      Do you?

      • What does bashing pro-white pagans have to do with Jewish sexual degeneracy propaganda in the media? Nothing.

        This blog has long attracted many crank commenters. People who have bizarre fixations and look for imaginary reasons to attack other pro-white people. I don’t know why, but whoever moderates this blog seems to like having these crazy acting people and makes no effort to clean up obvious trolls and subversives. These psycho comments give this place a creepy vibe.

        I’ve been reading Hunter’s stuff since his early blogs and this problem has always been noticeable. People like Fr. John, Andrea, Denise, “Tom Watson” and others are deranged and poison the discourse on this blog’s comments. We can’t have any good discussions here because they get drown out by trolls.

        • “What does bashing pro-white pagans have to do with Jewish sexual degeneracy propaganda in the media? Nothing. ”

          “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.” – I Cor 2:14.

          None so blind as those that cannot see. You pagans are LITERALLY BLIND to the Truth around you… JUST LIKE THE JEWS.

      • Silly, silly, padre. Don’t you know satire when you see it? I mean you read “the Holy Book,” so you should be an expert.

    • excuse me there, buddy, but sowing division among whites, is frowned upon…

      So either you;re an ignoramus or your an agent….

      You can decide what your truly are !!!!!

      I’m a Hellene of an Orthodox Christian faith who TREASURES my non Christian brothers especially value my non Christian Ancient culture !

  3. “Next thing you know, Maury the hormone monster (Kroll), Andrew’s Satyr-like guardian angel, appears dressed like Shoshana from “Inglorious Basterds,” ready to blow up the hotel convention space that the white supremacists had booked for the night.”

    Just some funny jokes about jews killing white people.

  4. Strange how jews claim to be so easily offended by certain subjects, like challenging their sacred holocaust myth, yet routinely engage in obnoxious toilet humor which they know will offend their gentile audiences.

    • “The Culture of Critique, a kind of cultural revenge inspired by the Jewish martyrology, is the clearest expression of the corrosive nature of the disastrous Jewish/non-Jewish relations ”

      It’s a great article, Spawn. Have you read it?

      As Bro. Nat says in that above linked post:

      Option #1. Do not vote for candidates who pander to the Jews.

      Option #2. Do not allow the Jewish Media to form your opinions on Israel.

      Option #3. Realize that the system is so totally corrupt, run by Jews, and that only by educating our neighbors is there hope for the system to change.

      As for me and my house, I am at the point where I am totally relying on the Lord Jesus Christ to get out His whip and drive the Jewish moneychangers out of every political sphere of influence which they now occupy!”


  5. They (((say))) the devil’s parties are better. Then follow your (((tribe))) member Anthony Bourdian’s tactics to the under world!

  6. I’m always being recommended this garbage on netflix, any show that trashes gentiles and blasphemes christ I simply won’t watch and these stuck up heebs are not funny

  7. “the sexually perverse Jewish imagination in check with the Hays Code because at that time America was a Christian country which hadn’t yet been hobbled by multiculturalism and political correctness…”

    How do they let this get past the censors!?

  8. When they’re not being obnoxious or vile, Jews have a distinctive dorkyness that’s easy to spot.

    It makes the things that they say, which aren’t offensive or neurotic, sound hoky and retarded.

    • Yes, I’ve noticed this too. It’s like Woody Allen personifies this, maybe even plays it to the fullest, it in all of it’s neurotic, quirky, herky-jerky, insecure, overly dramatic fashion. One sees this in David Schwimmer, whose character portrayals mainly seem to be of the hapless type that is reflected in his face. But these traits appear even more prominently in Richard Dreyfuss, who often tries to pass himself off as a very serious individual with a profound and deep intellect, but still comes off as a creepy, twitching, dweeby, little heeb.

  9. Just imagine a group of people…

    ….so DISGUSTING that they have to make up laws making it illegal to express your hatred towards them !!

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