New York Times: Gamers Are Too White, Too Male, Too Straight

Why is it a problem that White men play video games?

Why doesn’t the Times ever write these stories about black overrepresentation in professional basketball? It seems like the Times has a problem with White men as a racial group.

New York Times:

“Three out of four people working in the gaming industry are men. Almost the same proportion identifies as white. And those numbers have hardly budged since 2015, according to surveys conducted by the nonprofit International Game Developers Association.

“If you’re a young person of color playing games, you don’t really see yourself represented,” said Mitu Khandaker, a professor at New York University’s game center. “That kind of instills in you this sense that maybe I don’t really belong.”

That lack of diversity in mainstream gaming — games made by the handful of large development companies — can be cyclical, turning people away from the industry, said Dr. Khandaker, who is also the chief executive of Glow Up Games, a research and development studio focused on diversity. …

Ms. Lin, 21, said the game, Queering Spacetime, is an attempt to put forth a positive representation of queer relationships, often overlooked in games and media.

“Usually, in dating sims, you have to impress a character,” she said, referring to simulation games. “It’s sort of one-sided.”

Ms. Lin, who recently came out, said her game exemplified “the queer form of resistance” — building safe spaces together as a shield against all that is harmful in the world. …”

New York Times:

“Like Japczyk’s colleagues at the staffing agency, many people who witnessed these events most likely wrote them off as dumb stunts or random emanations from some Gen Z media universe they weren’t plugged into — which, of course, they were. But as the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” movement grew, its meaning got blurrier. Some people were cheering for PewDiePie because they liked his videos. Other people saw him as the flag-bearer of an older, weirder internet culture that was being steamrollered by bland corporate interests and needed to be defended. And a few had much darker motives.

On March 15, a white nationalist in Christchurch, New Zealand, said, “Remember, lads, subscribe to PewDiePie” on his Facebook live stream, just before going on a shooting rampage, killing dozens of worshipers inside two mosques. A few weeks later, another violent white nationalist cited PewDiePie, this time in writing. In his manifesto, the suspect — accused of killing one woman and injuring three others at a synagogue in Poway, Calif. — even claimed that the YouTuber aided in the plot. “I had the help of a man named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg,” wrote the shooting suspect, who, like the Christchurch suspect, has pleaded not guilty. “He was kind enough to plan and fund this whole operation — the sly bastard.”

I can’t think of anything more harmless than playing video games.

If too many White men are making video games and playing video games and tuning out of all this politically correct bullshit in our society, the very act of withdrawing from the world in order to play a game is also racism? Is there anything that White men can do that isn’t racist?

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  1. I thought making memes and trolling the would stop ‘sjw’s’ incursion into gaming, no?

    All the alt right trolls from gamergate told me we could trigger these snowflakes into shambles

    • What the hell you talking about? Lol no it was not All I found out bout this kito character is a twitter bitcoin bot

  2. Joker film is white supremacy now? Do you see why I don’t want to see this shitshow now? Written/ Directed by a jew and also co written by another jew also mainstar is a half breed heeb

    The dissident right had a bad take on this film from the get go ‘liberals don’t want you to watch it, so own them epic style and go see it 5 times” No thank you, you heebs have officially turned me off of this film for good

  3. The only reason there are so many white gamers is because so many feel ostracised and left out in the real world. So they escape into video games

  4. Well lets face REALITY….
    To be a gamer especially in a highly competitive level – globally – takes a CERTAIN IQ LEVEL (hint hint)!!

  5. After several years away from gaming for activism and career, ive settled back into my old comfy games and am alot happier for it.

    Mythology has always seemed more real to me than this pale featureless thing we live in. Games with god story and lore behind them, are definitely something i can crawl into and lose myself.

    Plus side to gaming for me. I cant play competitive games for shit when I drink, so ive been drinking far less since I started gaming again.

  6. brown immigrants are always so entitled. they failed to make their own damn games back in their home nations, but they expect YOU to make the games for them HERE.

    i love how this backfires. you would think if an ENTIRE NATION is buying the BREAD AND CIRCUSES they wouldn’t want to disturb that, but NO, jews and browns never learn. instead, they attack. and what did that accomplish? they created another path to Nationalism. just like the manosphere became a path to Nationalism.

    it’s not enough that they are blackwashing our movies (annie, dark tower, remake of the omega man with will smith) its not enough that they have some games (watch dogs 2, battlefield 5 (female lead) etc) they are simply anti-White and want Whites out of everything.

    you can’t even find a billboard or commercial with White men in it anymore. It’s always mulattos, arabs, and white women if its about college and the work force.

    • I thought they were supposed to be the smartest people in the whole World. Our entire Civilisation and technology were secretly invented by hidden crypto-Jews, too. According to them.

  7. What’s chalked up to “Racism®” is just a lack of interest and aptitude on the part Negroes.

    As a distinct people, they’re really not that interested in much of anything that interests Whites and Asians.

    This is not anybody’s fault. It just is.

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