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  1. Liberalism does to a nation what AIDS does to a body. Namely weaken it to the point that it is destroyed by minor political pathogens that would only pose a minor threat to a healthy nation.

  2. “Holocaust,” “nightmare of fascism,” “Martin Luther King’s central moral insight,” “I’m gay myself,” sex, sex, and more sex, gay, gay, and more gay, including his concept that homosexualism is “hardware.” this is the interview.
    And talking about decadent Europe…

    He’s loves Europe because it allows homos to piss on each other.
    He knows what Islam means to him, it involves getting tossed from rooftops.
    People listening to a pompous Anglo homosexual Jews’ boot licker about Europe, this is full decadence.

  3. An excellence interview.

    I strongly disagree on the premise of the last part of the interview.

    I consider quitting or giving up and enjoying what is left, of European Culture before the Fall, a direct form o COWARDICE and a passive form of BETRAYAL !!

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