Mark Zuckerberg Speaks On Free Expression At Georgetown University

Red Ice was arbitrarily purged by YouTube with no strikes.

Meanwhile, YouTube is promoting International Pronouns Day:

Now watching:

As for voice and inclusion, Red Ice was deplatformed by YouTube this morning. Andrew Marantz is boasting in New York Magazine about how social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook have become gatekeepers and curators. After watching Zuck’s speech, I am excited about the growth of the American audience on Chinese social media platforms.

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  1. These platforms are becoming as boring and bland as network TV. I didn’t switch off my TV 10 years ago and go to the Internet, because I wanted these people to follow me.

    IMO we should stop supporting centalized platforms, because the creators get too much power and turn evil. What we need are platforms that are peer to peer, where each user self hosts their content and no central authority can deplatform anyone else.

      • Until then ( because you’re talking about complex expensive change which won’t happen overnight, ) put everything on Bitchute and Brighteon. Use mass e-mailings, and I heard Twitch is ok … but don’t know.

        These scum are getting away with it by claiming they’re “bulletin boards,” and until congress changes the law they can violate The Constitution !!! WHERE are the lawyers that want to become billionaires and retire from 1 class action suit ??? !!!! Let’s go back to Junior High civics : NO ONE CAN MAKE A LAW THAT VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION. ANY LAW THAT VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION IS NULL AND VOID.

        These freaks are taking our votes too with help from –

      • Here’s one called PeerTube that looks interesting, though there’s more like it out there.

        “PeerTube is a free, decentralized, federated video platform powered by ActivityPub and WebTorrent, that uses peer-to-peer technology to reduce load on individual servers when viewing videos. ”

        The keywords you should look for are in the first sentence:

        Decentralized, federated, torrent, peer-to-peer.

        I would also add free and open source as necessary, so you can fork the code base if SJWs hijack the project.

        You can’t trust people to run a platform fairly, but you can trust the algorithms. People bend under social pressure, algorithms do not.

  2. A couple of weeks ago Facebook encrypted all their chats/private messaging services. This doesn’t apply to public posts but one of the intend consequences was to prevent the mod team from baning people for private messages posts where no one reported it.

  3. Red Ice was pretty non-offensive. Fuck jewtube. Hope Henrik bounces back somehow, and not on McInnes paywall network.

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