Woke Supremacy: My Black Therapist Helped Me Accept My Distrust of White People

What is privilege?

I would define privilege as the ability to write woke articles about other races like this one for mainstream media outlets. Just imagine writing and publishing an article like this as a White person in the mainstream media about why as a White person you don’t trust the blacks or the Jews. You would be cleaning out your office by the end of the day.


“The truth is that I don’t remember when I first felt this unnaturally natural feeling, but I remember the police vehicle cutting in front of me as I headed home one late Saturday night after a party years ago. I remember the gun in my 25-year-old face in that leafy Toronto neighbourhood. And I remember the officer feeling for my wallet as I stood somewhere between pissing myself and wanting to disappear. It took him five minutes to tell me I fit the description of a robber in the area, and a little less time to apologize. But I’ve been reliving that day and questioning my safety around white people ever since.

I’ve tried pretending this event was just an unfortunate, one-time circumstance. But over the past few months, I’ve felt more angry, thinking of the friend who called me an N-word when I was 11 years old, and the excuse he gave the following day: “It’s what my dad calls you.” Or the woman from three years ago who tossed me her keys in front of an upscale restaurant thinking I was an attendant. I started to list off other white people in my life—including people I’ve had relationships with—and realized that I quietly distrusted them all.

Across from me in a reclined seat, my Black therapist nodded as it all came back to me in a 30-minute rant. …”

Do you remember John Derbyshire?

The Derb was fired by National Review in 2012 for writing The Talk: The Non-Black Version at Takimag. Noel Ransome has nothing to fear from Vice. We don’t live under white supremacy anymore or least the version of it that most people most people recognize.

In the 21st century, we live under woke supremacy. It is our job as White people to shoulder the burden of black people like Noel Ransome and put up with their endless bullshit. They are not held to the same standard as us. Every negative thing that has happened to people like Noel Ransome is really our fault. We are awful and should apologize and feel really sorry about it. In fact, there are too many White males playing video games at the moment.

I’m joking, of course, but this is what progressive liberals truly believe. The conservative liberals are focused on conserving this unjust system.

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  1. Same!

    My jewish therapist helped me accept my distrust for all jews…. well not in so many words but I got what he was laying down

  2. I’m skeptical as to authenticity of this VICE story, HW. It doesn’t have the ring of truth to it. And it certainly doesn’t read like something that was written by a stupid nigger. I’m guessing it’s a fictional story that is meant to illustrate the extent of “institutionalized racism” in our society.

    • I’m skeptical of almost every vice news article its a leftist hipster fag news mag that pushes gays, anti white bs, and the occult probably ghostwritten or co written i’m guessing I doubt he wrote it all too

  3. When a race of people builds a great civilization for themselves, it is not a privilege for them to live in it. The privilege is for anyone else who is lucky enough to live in it no matter how they arrived.

  4. Well if you distrust white people move to a all black neighborhood I hear Chicago and Detroit are real nice and almost have no white people because of white flight, if that isn’t black enough for you just take a trip to Africa… Oh wait thats racism to assume you would travel back to your motherland to be with your people. Nevermind just stay and bitch an moan about being oppressed by the white devil Noel

  5. He has black supremacist undertones, as he doesn’t capitalize the word “white” but certainly capitalizes “black”. He wasn’t the victim of racism, he is the racist, a sneaky rat veiling his racial hatred of whites underneath shaky claims that he had been victimized by them and therefore his racist hatred is ‘justified’.

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