New York Times: The Case for Populism

If you expected to wake up and read a defense of Viktor Orban, illiberal democracy and Hungarian populism in The New York Times, raise your hands. What … no one?

New York Times:

“We Hungarians have rarely had easy lives. As was the case with other nations that came under the direct domination of the Soviet Union in the 20th century, we had to struggle to retain our national culture and way of life. Yet our trials have prepared us well for the challenges of the 21st century.

After World War II, the Soviet Union foisted a social experiment on Hungary, forcing us to live in a Communist society for almost half a century. In 1956 we rebelled against the Soviet-backed regime in an effort to regain our national independence. Our revolution failed, however, and we paid a heavy price. Liberation would come decades later, after the collapse of the Soviet empire. …

Sadly, instead of treating us as potential allies who were finally joining the free world, the nations of Western Europe treated us as vanquished losers of the Cold War who had to defer to their wisdom. They used economic power to gain control of our markets, then kept us waiting in the antechamber of the European Union for 15 years. We did not experience a genuine reunification with Western Europe. Instead, we were forced to adapt ourselves to the West. It never occurred to the West that perhaps it should adapt itself to us.

During this time, Brussels and its neoliberal economic agenda gained increasing sway over the member states of the European Union, effectively denying citizens the right to make their own economic choices. In doing so it degraded national elections across the Continent, reducing them to formal exercises in changing governments, not policies …

While some may not be able to accept it, the old world is disappearing. It can’t be saved. What can and should be saved is Western (Christian) civilization …”


The Hungarians have this wild idea that Hungary as an organic nation, its people and their Christian culture which is the product of their unique historical experience is what should be conserved and passed down to future generations, not neoliberalism.

Conservative liberals in the United States would trade that away for cheaper lettuce and avocados at Wal-Mart while bristling at the notion that the state should be used to conserve the nation. In their view, their job is to conserve political correctness and multiculturalism. America is an “idea” or a “proposition” that has no racial, ethnic, cultural or religious basis.

When I travel to Hungary and Poland, I want to see Hungarians and Poles. I don’t want to see the Star Wars bar scene. The same principle applies to Japan and China. It also applies here at home in Dixie where back in the 1850s the original Southern Nationalists were inspired by Lajos Kossuth and the Hungarians to embrace organic nationalism.

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  1. Here is probably THE best interview with Hungarian patriot nationalist leader Victor Orban. The Powers that be sent in one of their best, most clever internationalist, cosmopolitan (yeah Jews) Bernard Henry Levy to try to trip up Victor Orban, make him admit to being an evil racist Anti Semite Nazi collaborator – Orban, handles all these traps so well and never gives up, kisses as* – he basically says the Jews in Hungary were OK for awhile and then they embraced Bolshevism on Bela Kuhn and the pro German leader of Hungary was right to ….. sort of leaves it open what was done to solve the JQ in Hungary. Orban makes it pretty damn clear the Js ain’t coming back to Hungary to make some Barack Obama as Hungary’s leader. Orban also seems to handle the subject of George Soros extremely well – once Victor Orban worked with George Soros when Hungary and other nations were trying to come out of Soviet Communism, but now… George Soros is public enemy #1 – the poster boy Star Wars Evil Emperor. Orban is fine with that and just explains to this Jew interviewer Levi that this is just the way it is now.

    I love Slavic White guys just laying down the law, I’m about 12% Slavic and had a very Slavic Great Aunt from old Russia that lived in Paris France from ~ 1925-2000. Her mind was clear to the end and she was smoking a cigarette and having a whiskey (though telling me that she needed to cut back) at the age of 92. My Great Aunt S was very honest and very direct about what should be done to feminists, marxists, Communists and especially Muslims.

    So here’s the interview with Victor Orban published in The Atlantic Magazine. I loved/love The Atlantic Magazine when they were publishing honest interviews and commentary about important world events.

  2. Ask ANY liberal, libertarian, leftist, socialist, commie and conservative, whether Preserving different kinds and types of birds, of wild cats, dolphins, of sharks, of tribes in the Amazon forests or native American tribes, or Alaskan Eskimos tribes is a good thing.
    EVERYONE will say YES we need to PRESERVE the DIVERSITY of DIFFERENT tribes and races indigenous peoples and the VARIETY of different species in the animal kingdom.

    European INDIGENOUS races of White peoples MUST BE “diversified” by mixing them with other human races !!!!!

    Do you get it ??
    Do you get the double speak, the sublime SCAM of promoting GENOCIDE for the White races, for the European Races around the world BUT presenting it as “DIVERSIFYING” humanity, making Humanity “better”, do you get the scam yet ??

    Solution to all this HATRED towards Whites is ……. NATIONALISM !

  3. Since I do not consider either Jaye Ryan or “eksothen” to be legitimate contributors to this site allow me to be the first to comment on this thread.

    The American Republic was never established explicitly as an ethnostate for people of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic ancestry, it just sort of turned out that way. Hungary’s origins are quite different, what with their Magyar population and all. One cannot convincingly compare apples to oranges, HW.

  4. I’m a big fan of the Hungarian Arrow Cross during World War Two. They were on the right side of history.

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