Verizon Is Selling The Huffington Post

The layoffs can’t come fast enough.


“Verizon is sounding out potential buyers for the HuffPost website, in the latest phase of the US telecoms group’s retreat from the digital media business.

In recent weeks Verizon has raised a HuffPost sale with potential acquirers, according to two people familiar with the discussions. No formal sale process has been launched and talks remain at an early stage …

Some companies such as Rookie have closed while newsrooms at HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Vice and Vox have faced job cuts. Consolidation has swept the sector as financially-strapped digital media groups seek scale. In just the past month Vice Media acquired Refinery29, the women-focused millennial website, while Group Nine bought PopSugar and Vox acquired New York Media, owner of the namesake magazine. …”

I can think of a “journalist” or two at Huff Post who survived the last round of cuts.

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  1. HW, what does this mean? If all of the Left of the Left websites are dying, yet the Left is embracing ever more draconian stances on things, are we not heading for a war? C’ville War II?

    • The more irrelevant the jew-run garbage media becomes the more radically liberal they get, as if they’re trying to make a desperate last-ditch effort for attention and a bailout. But they have been continuously operating at a loss to their corporate owners for a long time now.

    • If there is an armed conflict in America’s future we must make sure it isn’t going to be fought solely between white people, as I fear will be the case. No, the jews and their pet schvartzes must be dragged into it as well.

      • The Niggers and Messicans will quickly murder the ostensibly White Left, instead of taking orders from them. Then the whole thing will devolve into a nasty race war between them and the surviving Whites.

        The little Leftist dweebs won’t get to live out their Glory fantasy of leading Niggers in battle against evil Southrons .

  2. Our state sanctioned, anti-White religion of Political Correctness is actually very fragile. It’s only held together by extortion and censorship.

  3. I had s super far Left wing history Professor that would occasionally get published on Huffington Post. He was a total asshole. An extreme feminist and anti-White radical.

    • In Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky told his liberal followers that they needed to develop a sense of humor. Apparently they didn’t listen to his advice.

  4. I sincerely hope Chris Mathias is fired. After all he used his platform to libel my father. Last time I checked defamation isn’t protected under the 1st Amendment.

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