Sacha Baron-Cohen Slams Mark Zuckerberg

This is another window into how Jews think.

We’ve already seen Andrew Marantz demanding that Mark Zuckerberg censor all of his political rivals because progressive liberalism can’t hold its own ground with us in a fair fight.

As a Jewish comedian, Sacha Baron-Cohen has built his entire career on ridiculing other groups, particularly conservatives, through social satire and slapstick comedy. He has been Ali G, Borat, Bruno, Aladeen, etc. But us … none of that should apply to us! That’s anti-Semitism!

The Jerusalem Post:

“Is Facebook a haven for free expression? Or is it like a restaurant serving neo-Nazis?

Depends who you ask.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave an impassioned defense Thursday of his company’s policy of allowing a wide spectrum of speech on the platform. Speaking at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Zuckerberg invoked the First Amendment and the civil rights movement to defend his refusal to limit inflammatory discourse on his social media giant.

“Some people argue internet platforms should allow all expression protected by the First Amendment, even though the First Amendment explicitly doesn’t apply to companies,” Zuckerberg said. “I’m proud that our values at Facebook are inspired by the American tradition, which is more supportive of free expression than anywhere else.”

But Sacha Baron Cohen, who knows something about irreverent speech himself (see: “Borat,” “Ali G,” “The Dictator” and nearly every other film role he has ever played), says that Zuckerberg should take his role more seriously as the CEO of a private company.

In a tweet thread, Cohen wrote that Zuckerberg allowing offensive speech on Facebook is like a restaurant welcoming antisemites who shout antisemitic insults …”

Jews dumping on White Christians from their elite perches in the news and entertainment media? Nobody bats an eye! It is a bunch of funny Jewish guys!

White boys making fun of Jews on social media for having too much power in our society? Suddenly, it isn’t funny anymore and everyone loses their minds. You have a moral duty to censor anti-Semitism! Jews are sacrosanct and can’t be mocked and ridiculed!

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  1. Jews have no problem offending gentiles with their obnoxious toilet humor. But it seems gentiles must tread very carefully around jews, lest our hostile alien overlords should be offended by something we say or do.

    • “In the Jewish mind, the corrosive nature of their interactions with European peoples has always taken on a heroic aspect. The ruse is played out, for themselves and us, that in these interactions we see a unique and virtuous questioning by ‘insiders/outsiders’ uniquely and helpfully placed to show Western culture its own flaws. Jews believe themselves to possess special talents in this respect, and maybe in a perverse sense they do, but in any case, in their great charade they break us down to “benefit” us. David Dresser and Lester Friedman, Jewish scholars of the media, maintain the position that Jewish filmmakers have a unique, untainted objectivity because of their Jewishness. They write that “Jewish artists’ marginality allows them a vantage point denied other, more culturally absorbed, creative thinkers.”[2] ”

  2. He’s not that funny, tho hes good at making fun of buttgoy conservatives I didn’t find borat that funny, ali g was pretty stupid, bruno was completely retarded, the dictator haven’t seen yet but it looks kinda stupid seems like hes making fun of gahdfi in it, brother grimsby was actually pretty funny tho.

    He recently made a tv film special where he’s a spy for Israeli intelligence going be avoiding that one for sure. I don’t really understand the kvetching because zuckerberg is banning alot of pro speech, pro white activists So to me i don’t understand what the hell he wants zuckerf*ck to do exactly, just ban all white people from facebook perhaps ?

  3. “If he owned a fancy restaurant and 4 neo-Nazis came goose-stepping into the dining room and were talking loudly about wanting to kill “Jewish scum”, would he serve them an elegant eight course meal? Or would tell them to get the f**k out of his restaurant? It’s the same thing.”

    You’ve got to be kidding? No real Neo-Nazi would ever step foot in a Jew restaurant.

    Dream on Jew boy, dream on.

    But I could definitely envision many Neo-Nazis goose-stepping together into a Jew bank or a Jew lecture hall or a Jew porn studio or a Jew pharmaceutical factory, or a Jew newspaper office or a Jew…..

  4. Sasha Baron Cohen had no problem taking a beautiful gentile Scottish redhead (Isla Fisher) for his wife, as long as she coverted to his tribe. Did he play up the holohoax mythology in order to manipulate/convince her to annihilate her future progeny’s heritage? Lord knows that the jew can lie as easily as he or she breathes.

    • Isla is pretty beautiful not really a great actress mind you, just a pretty face but she willing joined his religion regardless of trickery or not. She’s a woman money swayed her most likely and its career climbing to marry a jew in hollywood I suppose she a okay with Israeli’s killing Palestinians as long as the lavish lifestyle remains

  5. Despite Zucc being a meme, alphabet/google are far worse offenders in trying to shutdown speech.

    A few years ago when FB went insane with bans word in the boardroom was that Google was attempting a hostile take over of FB.

    Google via the msm was running stories non-stop about FB being unsafe in an effort to crash stock prices and buy it up for pennies on the dollar.

    Not saying Mark is “/our guy/” we all know his tribe but it is crazy how much shit FB gets in the press comparably to Google. YouTube didn’t come under critism until pretty much this year and was always used more by pro whites than FB ever was.

    Mark I think is a cia stooge who is unknowingly a stooge. What a lot of conspiracy theorist get wrong is that most people who have intelligence handlers never know they’re being handled by intelligence. Their handler often comes to them as an “expert” who has lots of connections and usually take the role of trusted confident who always know which way the wind is blowing.

    Mark is a dork and not our friend, but the fact he is the only tech giant pushing back against the new definition of “conspiracy theory’s” is interesting to watch and the outsized hate FB receives in relation to Google tells me Jews are not fully confident mark is reliable for the new internet they want to create.

    • Strawman,

      You’re wrong.

      I’ve seen photographs of zuckersperg sitting with bibi netanyahu as a teenager. There’s also a photo of your pal “zucc ” holding a sign that read,”I stand with Israel.” He has a “handler” in mossad not the cia.

      Hmm? You appear to be playing a game of slight of hand (I.e., don’t pay any attention to the heeb over here, instead look at this other yid is up to).

      It’s good to see that as America circles the toilet that the training (affirmative action?) zogbots are receiving at Quantico is not immune to entropy.


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