MAGA: U.S. Troops Are Redeploying From Syria to Western Iraq


The troops are coming home!

No, actually, they are moving across the Syrian border to Iraq.

The Hill:

“U.S. troops leaving Syria will be relocated to western Iraq, where they will continue to conduct operations to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sunday. 

Esper told reporters traveling with him to the Middle East that details regarding the U.S. military’s efforts in western Iraq would be worked out in the upcoming weeks, the Associated Press reported

The comments came after weeks of bipartisan scrutiny of President Trump‘s abrupt decision to pull roughly 1,000 troops from northern Syria ahead of a planned Turkish offensive in the area. Trump has repeatedly argued that it is time to get out of “endless wars” and promised to bring U.S. troops home.

But Esper said Sunday that many of the U.S. troops leaving Syria will be relocated to Iraq. …”


The presidents change.

The American Empire and its policies stay the same. If there is the slightest change in policy, the Washington foreign policy establishment has a “bipartisan” meltdown.

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  1. I hate to say I t___ y__ s_

    This is all a business deal negotiation to trump, and appearing to back out is just to show everyone who the boss is. He is not Ron Paul. Granted Bernie and Warren have fumbled a bit, not coming out with a clear answer as to how they would wind this all down, but i don’t believe Trump is a superior choice to warren or sanders on foreign policy from a “wind it down” perspective.

    I agree that Gabbard is the most sound, but she’s not a big time candidate.

  2. ZOG Imperial Stormtoops will continue to occupy the easternmost, a.k.a. oil province, of Syria.

    where they will continue to ship Syria’s oil to the same place Syria’s oil went when it was occupied by ISIS:


  3. Secretary of State Pompeo was in Israel and reassured the Israeli government that the U.S. will back Israel 100% in a conflict with Iran. Naturally Iran was blamed (again) for all that ails the Mideast and Pompeo restated that Israel was within its rights to defend itself pointing out that defense is the fundamental responsibility of governments.

    If only the U.S. Government were to take seriously its responsibility to defend this country and not worry about the Mideast anymore think of how much better things would be. Apparently Trump’s redeployment of a small number of U.S. troops a couple of hundred miles away towards the border of Iraq without the permission of his masters has the Israelis upset.

    • Read the title to the Jerusalem Post link.


      Who gave Israel the “right” to attack and undermine another sovereign state? Not even the globalist UN okayed that BS. Only Zionist bitch JewSA grants the world’s number one terrorist nation the ‘green light’ to violate international law and condone war crimes.

      Blompf’s neoconservative foreign policies are all bark and no bit so far. Zog had tried several times to incite a war with Iran just this year with Deep State false flag incidents in the Persian Gulf.

      If World War Three kicks off, it won’t be due to China building military bases in the Spratly Straits in the South China Sea, or “Russian aggression ” in Ukraine or Eastern Europe.

      No, WWIII will begin when American shabbos goys in D.C. succumb to overwhelming pressure exerted by Jewish-Zionist donors and Zionist NGO lobbyists and make war on Iran. In that conflict, America will be alone with the exceptions of Saudi Arabia and Israel. Isn’t there an old saying that you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep?

  4. Trump is not in control of his presidency but really which presidents were? Elections come and go but the reign of the hostile insider elite that really controls America is immune to petty politics including elections.Liberal Democracy is an illusionary edifice that hides a great horror within much like a Reverse Oz where the wizard is not a meek and mild man but somebody that wants to do you great harm and make your people extinct!

  5. Does anyone seriously believe Trump would magically stop being so weak, dishonest and inept in his second term? If anything he would become even more so.

    • Lame duck presidents have no further elections, so all restraints are off. That’s particularly frightening in the case of a bumbling imbecile like Blompf.

  6. “Finally, an end to endless wars!”

    So actually this is the end of the end to endless wars.

    Isn’t this doublespeak? If you can’t see it’s really the end does this mean your destination is Room 101? I am not up to speed on doublethink.

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