Gavin McInnes: Four Years For Fighting Back

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I’m not shocked.

Josh Abram Mascharka is still on the streets attacking people at violent protests. He was arrested in Stone Mountain and Chapel Hill. He wasn’t arrested in Charlottesville even though he jumped someone there as well. He was doing it again in Pittsboro last weekend.

It is no coincidence that the Justice Department charged RAM and Jack Corbin or that the Proud Boys are going to prison or that in spite of rioting all over the country and engaging in chronic violence for years that Antifa seem to continue to get away with scot free. True Conservatism hasn’t done anything about Antifa violence or Big Tech censorship.

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  1. True Conservatism hasn’t done anything about Antifa violence or Big Tech censorship.

    That’s because both are tools of the Jews and their ostensibly White stooges in both government and Society.

  2. I can’t help but believe government and “Antifa”, aka anti-White screamers and thugs, are unacknowledged allies in the war against Whites.

  3. Wow, skip to 1:01 in the McInnes video. Being a literal race-mixer couldn’t even save him from prison.

  4. lol gavin is still too cucked to call out trump directly and inform his audience about the sweeping powers his DOJ has to deal with these problems, if trump wanted them to

  5. Remember all those times members of the “far-right” were disavowed and demonized by these alt-light civnat faggots? I DO. One those faggots is an oildriller with a mulatto kid. A guy that would probably try to fight any real nationalist.

    Why the fuck should we care? They hate nationalism. They hate “ebil racists nazees” McInnes WORKED FOR A JEW, DENIED THE 14 WORDS, HAS A BEANER WIFE AND MESTIZO KIDS, AND TALKED MAD SHIT ABOUT US!

    Stop grifting Brad, this is gay.

  6. Am I supposed to feel sorry for anti-Nazi, pro-Trump, race-mixing Proud Boys when they get jumped by ZOG’s hired goons? Fuck all of them. At this point maybe half the white race is even worth salvaging. If that.

  7. True conservatism can’t do anything because it goes against their precious principles of liberty and free-markets. You can’t win when you have an ideology (conservatism) which blocks any action that could be taken that would be effective due to muh liberty

  8. Self-Defense must be proportional. Beating someone for throwing a bottle at you is not proportional.

    We in the far-right must obey the laws with absolute precision.

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