Former Alt-Right Member: “It Was Presented As Wholesome”

UPDATE: I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about this article. I don’t know Samantha. I never met her, but from what I gather she isn’t the innocent little darling she present herself to be in the ABC interview and what happened in her case was interpersonal drama.

I watched the ABC interview.

I had a brief chat about Samantha with Patrick Casey who is the leader of the American Identity Movement. We both agreed that there is a real issue here with women in the movement that needs to be addressed before it continues to rear its head in the media.

ABC News:

“During her mid-20s, Samantha spent about a year of her life embroiled in a white supremacist hate group.

“I never thought of myself as a racist person, but I was,” she said.

Samantha, who asked for her last name not to be used, was involved in the group “Identity Evropa.”

“When you’re in there, you think that you just know the truth…[that] white people are more intellectually capable than other people… White people were the best,” Samantha said.

“I started to believe that…there is some sort of white genocide happening,” Samantha continued. “I start[ed] to use the phrasing and the language…that there is an overwhelming majority of Jewish people in media and banking…and you start to ask yourself, are Jewish people white?” …

Samantha said she worked as a volunteer for former President Barack Obama’s campaign before she was old enough to vote. Then, in 2014, she met someone and fell in love. But, she said everything changed one day when her boyfriend started acting differently.

“He started saying strange things to me that didn’t make any sense,” she said. “He would call me a degenerate… He started saying phrases like he couldn’t defend me on the Day of the Rope.”

Patrick Casey responds to Samantha:

As I have explained before, the Alt-Right (the 2.0 movement) differed from White Nationalism (the 1.0 movement) in only a handful of ways. The hallmarks of the Alt-Right were ironic humor and online trolling and the clever use of memes to spread its message.

It adopted identitarianism as its core philosophy and it tended to promote health and fitness, infiltrating mainstream politics and networking and community building events like rallies and meetups. Otherwise, it was White Nationalism and carried with it a lot of that baggage particularly in the form of “ironic Nazism” and violent RAHOWA fantasies.

The problem with White Nationalism is that it is built around three central truths. These truths are race realism (race exists and matters), the Jewish Question (Jews have enormous power and influence in our society) and White identity (it is legitimate for White people to have a racial and ethnic identity like other groups). There is nothing objectionable about these three truths per se which are suppressed in “mainstream” society. I agree with all of them.

White Nationalism as a worldview doesn’t have much to say about life. It is at best incomplete and inadequate. It lacks a strong and serious philosophical foundation, an economic platform, a focused cultural critique, a strong moral foundation and a political strategy. Whereas Christianity answers questions like how do we please God and achieve the salvation of our souls or how should we we live in a good society, White Nationalism doesn’t wrestle with and try to answer these questions. For them it is enough that a good society is one which is 100% White. This leaves a void for any number of toxic anti-social behaviors to fester and multiply.

The Alt-Right may have been “presented as wholesome,” but actually, it was hardly trad except perhaps in the idealistic sense as the Matt Heimbach fiasco which destroyed the Traditionalist Worker Party so powerfully demonstrated last March. White Nationalists are ultimately Americans who have a few outré ideas about race and Jews. They have long struggled with trying to shake the sins and vices of “mainstream” society.

What are these sins and vices?

By struggling with the sins and vices of mainstream society, I mean things like:

  • Nihilism
  • Adultery
  • Pride
  • Greed
  • Vanity
  • Jealousy
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Having a salacious affair with your best friend’s wife or gf
  • Screwing around with multiple guys in your social circle
  • Sexual promiscuity
  • Passing around groupies
  • Being possessed by wrath

It’s not like the church is reaching these people anymore. They don’t know what to do. They still don’t know how to behave after joining the Alt-Right.

Most of these problems are best classified under “men” and “bro culture” in “an age of nihilism” rather than “hate.” There is also the perennial problem of a small number of women sleeping around within social groups. They are multiplied by being in a dissident sub-culture which drew so many people into the fold from the most nihilistic corners of the internet.

There were Christians within the Alt-Right, but it was never a Christian movement. It wasn’t focused on ethics or religion. In fact, many people within the Alt-Right were hostile to Christianity which, obviously, doesn’t approve of adultery or mass shootings or many of the problems which have plagued the movement. Insofar as the Women Question goes, one of the biggest problems has been women who get into a relationship with someone in our circles and get burned who then run off and condemn everything about the movement and everyone involved in it to Antifa and the media which, of course, sounds like something that a bitter woman would do.

I will continue to quietly pray for the conversion of everyone involved in the Alt-Right to Lutheranism. If we could only agree to follow a few simple rules and proceed from a faith, family and folk perspective (the first two being the key to rehabilitating the third), it would solve so many of our problems. These rules are practical solutions to age old problems.

Follow the rules. Your life will be better for it.

Note: I agree with those who say it might be a good idea to create separate spheres for men and women within our circles. The last thing we need is more drunken frat parties and combustible relationships. Secular mainstream culture is a poor fit for the Dissident Right. Women should be focused on the household and family, not being your revolutionary helpmate.

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  1. Convert to Lutheranism? Pfff, I don’t think so, HW! I prefer Commandant Linder’s take on Christianity. Unsavory characters like Anglin, Assholemador, Weev and Heimbach have disgraced the pro-white movement with their toxic shit and need to be weeded out.

    • You WOULD think Alex Linder- with his heresy, his utterly foul mouth (which never seems to stop spewing forth vulgarity after vulgarity) and NO proof of either historic continuity with the past (one cannot claim to be a Christian if one has no succession- apostolic or otherwise) or ‘deeds fit for righteousness.’

      I would consider Brad’s suggestion to convert to Lutheranism to be equally foolish- as the Lutherans have in their theology a whole host of pietistic and loser points of view, even though Luther was the first to point out Rome’s errors.

      But, in a toss-up between Linder and Luther, if I had to, I’d choose Luther any day. ‘This is most certainly true!’

  2. ” Insofar as the Women Question goes, one of the biggest problems has been women who get into a relationship with someone in our circles and get burned who then run off and condemn everything about the movement and everyone involved in it to Antifa and the media ”

    She also was complaining about how she was called a degenerate by her boyfriend and that just typifies young White women today. No doubt she wanted a “wholesome” relationship but also wanted to engage in degeneracy on the side (Drug use, bisexuality, etc). Having her cake and eating it too.

    Would you want to marry a tradthot?

    • Bro if you think she was being called a degenerate because she was a bi-sexual cheating on her bf you’ve never been to an alt right meet up before.

      Someone called my gf a “degenerate” because she had small floral tattoos. Then tried to hit on her…

      When ever white nationalist get called out for their shittiest behavior they strawman and make up a defendable situation eg cucking your bf with some other braud. Rarely is someones behavior that extreme.

      I only went to 3 or 4 alt right meet ups back in 2016 and I was disgusted by their behavior.

      Broke every bro code, and almost everyone there tried to hit on my gf at some point to a varying degree. It was like dangling a piece of candy around a group of 3 year olds.

      Thottery is a problem, but alt right dudes lack any perspective or understanding to deal with it. The last thing I need is a group of horny boys who haven’t gotten laid in years to try to quiz my gf to see if she’s up to their standards. Which also shows an incredible amount of disrespect to me as a man.

      If a man brings a woman through you should be polite to her but respect the boundaries of that’s someone gf. You shouldn’t try to get fresh with her or disrespect her, because ultimately you’re disrespecting her bf and your “friend” as well.

      Any self respecting man would not want his women to be anywhere near alt right dudes.

      Before you say wOmEn ShOuLdN’t bE iN pOliTiCs

      Alt right meet ups are not political. They’re social gatherings and the fact WN’s can’t comport themselves in mixed company social settings says how morally bankrupt the men are in the alt right.

      The total lack of quality control is why I no longer see any future in white nationalism, and why I left it behind.

      • ” Bro if you think she was being called a degenerate because she was a bi-sexual cheating on her bf you’ve never been to an alt right meet up before.”

        It’s one possibility, I’ve never heard of a woman being called a degenerate for having a flower tattoo irl. Though I have met up with people a few times irl to know that the situation you’re describing isn’t far-fetched either.

        Still, odds are that she isn’t as sincere as she makes herself out to be.

        • I’m sure she has other motives in mind, but that largely doesn’t matter.

          The fact is the alt right has bad quality control.

          A big problem the alt right has is orgs and individuals playing too many different roles. This has partial to due with the lack of man power but also the lack of discipline to not. Which creates a cycle of half assed projects and keeps effective organized people away.

          If a club is going to be a fraternity than it should ONLY be a fraternity. The protest time has come and past but fraternal orgs should NEVER be involved in protest organization or passing out flyers etc. It should purely be a bro’s club.

          Whether it’s IE or proud boys all of the fraternal orgs get attacked for being involved in a political event where violence took place. Obviously we know it’s ideological but the pretense used is political violence at a protest or racial intimidation from flyering.

          Political activists, fraternal orgs and propagandists should all play their roles separately and not try to wear so many hats at once

          Propagandists trying to tell political activists and thought leaders what to say and how to act is a big problem.

          People in IE were participating in a frat one day and political activist group the next, all under the banner of IE.

          Not having clarity of what your org actually is will inevitably lead to divisions and infighting. As the people who saw it as a social org would feel pressure to engage in activity they didn’t want to partake in, and even if they didn’t go they’re apart of an org that did. The people who joined for political activism will grow resentful of the people who only came to grill.

          All of these factors makes the org weak with constant power struggles. Women want to be with a man who has social status more than money. A man with money but no friends eg respect from a network of other men will have a very hard time finding a woman. A man who has a strong social network will be able to get woman even if he’s kinda broke.

          Women are essentially looking for a stable village where she can have babies in peace.

          Womem are going to sense the orgs chaos and feel the contradictory tensions pulling any group in opposite directions. Losing respect for all the men involved

          All these factors combined with the fact that people who are willing to break societal taboo’s generally have boundary issues.

          I doubt any one thing happened to her that was really that bad eg raped/DV but there probably was simply a lot of uncomfortable boundary pushing. Which throws a women fight or flight into flight mode.

      • “The total lack of quality control is why I no longer see any future in white nationalism, and why I left it behind.” Left it behind for what, if I may?

  3. The alt right is far, far worse than WN 1.0 ever was. (I though turning edgy internet trolls into political revolutionaries was a good idea before it was cool. It turned out to be a disaster when other people took it on independently…)

    Back in the 90s 1.0s used to actually make some effort, and had some success, with recruiting the working classes and the poor. From what I’ve read about 1990s white nationalism it sounded kind of exciting, like something you’d actually want to be part of. And it had a lot of revolutionary types who didnt give a fuck about your optics. Some groups were even funded by Saddam Hussein. How cool is that? There was certainly no question about letting in “based jews” back in those still failed miserably to make a serious criticism of capitalism. You can’t really expect much better from the American far right at any stage though.

    Case in point: Billy Roper made a very based statement after 9/11. Now he is promoting boomer neocon Trumpism, fedposting and screaming about evil Strasserites under every bed. The alt right is a group of libertarian rich kids, some of the autistic incel nerd type and some the douchey frat guy, “Chad” type. Rich kids are shit so it makes no difference. They turned everything into cancer by making their annoying bourgeois elitist philosophy and nihilistic worldview the center of everything. Sure, it’s ok to be a troll who only cares about triggering people but when that’s all your political movement is, it’s shit.

    Of course the Vdare types are even worse than Daily Stormer when it comes to promoting bankrupt conservative ideas and throwing the working class under the bus. Just because they are more serious, doesn’t make them better, if they’re central argument is we need to stop immigration to save capitalism and the profits of the 1% from brown immigrants that will vote for “socialism” and that is the only reason to be “pro-white”. But that is beside the point.

    Am I filled with anger and hate at the intolerable conditions of neoliberal America, and those who foster them? Yes but I don’t hate for no reason, I hate because there are people and things I love, and the only way to balance that is by hating the enemies and oppressors.

    We don’t have too much “1488”, we don’t have enough. We have people who don’t really know what that number means.

    • Jijcf,

      I actually find your NazBol stuff rather interesting, and I like your comments.

      However you mentioned Billy Roper “Now he is promoting boomer neocon Trumpism, fedposting and screaming about evil Strasserites under every bed”

      Well, Billy has found a home over at the Purity Spiral forum and were you to check him out there you would see he is far from promoting “boomer neocon Trumpism”. Billy believes in accelerationism which is a bogeyman to alt-right middle class softies who think we will take power with the power of “truth”, as if we didn’t have millions of examples of truth-telling movements being crushed by more violent liars. Hell, we have been believing in a Jewish zombie for almost 2,000 years even though its completely wrong and illogical. “Fedposting” and accelerationism and all that is just people who can read the writing on the wall.

      Regarding Strasserism: I am not opposed to it economically since I am very leftist in that regard, however the Strassers and the actual National Bolsheviks under Paetel were too soft on the JQ and believed Jews could continue to exist in Germany as “Folk comrades”. This is the issue that many complain about “Strasserism” that its too soft on Race and the Jews and the Strasser Bros turned on Hitler (PBUH).

      • More proof of my Amnat to siege pipeline.

        Neither siegers nor amnats can imagine politics outside of “truth telling” aka proselytizing, picket sign protesting and electoral politics.

        Both liberal conceptions of politics and revolution. Revolutions do not happen without foreign support.

      • “Hell, we have been believing in a Jewish zombie for almost 2,000 years even though its completely wrong and illogical. ”

        Don’t beat around the bush. Are you talking about Jesus Christ, and the Christian Church?

    • 1.0 and 2.0 both sucked because they were completely disinterested in helping other whites.

      Many got into white nationalism for all the wrong reasons. They saw non-whites weren’t voting for the GOP and thought white nationalism was an end to an even more conservative conservativism.

      These people can only address problems by pushing people away. This group doesn’t vote like me, better get rid of them, oh these whites aren’t white like me better get rid of them.

      This is why I call them hermit nationalists. They’re completely disinterested in society and are looking for an escape hatch that doesn’t exist.

      Simply identifying problem populations is not solving the problem. There isn’t going to be a purge or a day of a rope so what now? How else can we deal with problematic populations that don’t include separation or murder. At which point the average white nationalist eyes completely glaze over.

  4. Consider having traditional male fraternity, big sisters, little sisters arrangements. Women’s support groups – if it’s just one good looking gal and 20 guys, the gal will try to date too many of the guys and set them against each other, or else she’ll try to be the leader and that never works.

    There is nothing wrong with an all male fraternity – just do sensible things with women in other times and areas.

    A good White woman doesn’t have to be doing real political things to be helpful – consider just being a hostess for a party, an outing a dance.

    I bet this woman could have been a good fund raiser.

    We need extremely strict rules and punishments for both men and women that mistreat the opposite White sex.

    It’s not a one way street.

    Lots of women just live to F#*$*@ with men – not show up for dates, play games, that sort of thing.

    • I’m in favor of all male meet ups, but acting as if mixed company social gatherings are impossible to manage shows how little self control you have.

      Especially considering the fact alt right meet ups aren’t doing politics, they’re doing drinking games. The argument of women in politics goes out the window

      My limited experience with going to alt right meet ups was not my gf trying to fuck everyone but every dude trying to fuck my gf.

      Guys turning on each other is a problem, but that’s a bro problem tbh. If anything it’s a good test of the men around you. If they’ll all chimp out trying to impress some braud that dude should be cut regardless.

  5. The problem is the edge lords, incels, 4chan people, trolls, daily stormer and TRS cliques.

    The alt-right ten years ago was paleocons, moderate white nationalists like David Duke and Jared Taylor who did not use nazi imagery or talk about violence and many Ron Paul supporters.

    It was bizarre to see 4chan memes on every alt-right site, even ones that long predated that stuff. Let’s move away from that whole culture and strive to be more like European nationalists.

  6. “the day of the rope in Turner Diaries was the day that the worst traitors, mudsharks were executed”

    Here on ZOG media it’s the day that….

    People of color, handicapped, the disabled, maybe White who were under 5 ft 10 and had brown eyes instead of blue were executed, hanged with ropes”

    Yeah, typical ZOG propaganda:

    “Those evil racist NAZIS want to torture and kill everyone that isn’t perfect, anyone that has ever had acne, people that have a Black friend or who like puppies and kittens”.

    Yeah right guys.

    M’thinks this women did really sell us out by going on ZOG TV and doing this same old same old.

    • Methinks you’re right. Shitlibs love rightists who’ve seen the error of their ways and go on national TV to confess their sins and betray their former friends.

  7. This “Optics Cuck” is a massive faggot. This dumb whore is worthless. “If their wasn’t those toxic guys she could have stayed!!1”

    Spineless twats like this will turn on anyone who is White in an instant, and also inform on you. All of these rich boy AmNat faggots are like that. It boggles the mind how they can still be so weak and prissy at a time like this, waging war ONLY against other people in the movement and NEVER anywhere else.

    Casey is a fed. Look at his physiognomy. He was already caught red-handed using a JEWISH POLICE OFFICER to do the vetting for IE, and that same guy does it in AIM. He acknowledged this and said “oh cops are a legit profession though.” He was called out on IE’s “Dont ask dont tell” homo-tolerance policy, which also continued into AIM by saying “We dont push a gay identity, so its not an issue”

    Not to mention the SHIT OPTICS of kosher whining squads that make everyone look weak.


  8. Typical female skank. They only follow the power in society and have NO LOYALTY to their people. It’s not surprising in the slightest that this cunt is jumping at the opportunity to get on TV. Just wait for what she does next.

  9. “White Nationalism as a worldview doesn’t have much to say about life. It is at best incomplete and inadequate. It lacks a strong and serious philosophical foundation, an economic platform, a focused cultural critique, a strong moral foundation and a political strategy. Whereas Christianity answers questions like how do we please God and achieve the salvation of our souls or how should we we live in a good society, White Nationalism doesn’t wrestle with and try to answer these questions. For them it is enough that a good society is one which is 100% White. This leaves a void for any number of anti-social behaviors to fester and multiply.”

    First of all, that’s not true. White nationalism has much to say about all of this. This is an ideological movement that has created at least 3 or 4 different religions. But more importantly, I’m not so sure we need all this stuff to be settled into an all encompassing ideology/religion that micro manages every aspect of our lives. Group identity is a more fundamental thing than anything in that paragraph. That’s why blacks can be ten different religions, liberal or conservative, traditional or decadent and still be pro-black. Jews are the same way.

    Racial consciousness is a value in and of itself. We whites have a tendency to link being pro-your own group with having a certain ideology or politics or lifestyle, but that’s not really how other groups who are highly successful at being ethnocentric do it. Whites have to move past this idea that group loyalty is linked to the whole group sharing the exact same values and feelings all the time. That’s a modern liberal idea of “moral communities” instead of organic communities based on blood and soil ties. When whites were racially conscious a few hundred ago, all whites shared this consciousness. Rich man, poor man beggar man, thief all took their own group’s side in intergroup conflict with out groups. In a healthy society, police, criminals, the rich, the poor etc. unite against outsiders. The path to the current situation went though whites placing increasing importance on abstract values and dividing ourselves that way.

    In the real world, more tribal and ethnocentric peoples have more lax moral standards for members in many ways. Your value comes from your loyalty to the group, not how much a goody two shoes you are in those cultures. When Ahmed from the Jamar tribe sees Aleem from the Jamar tribe in a fight with Mustafa from the Shalamar tribe, he just jumps in. He doesn’t analyze if Aleem is a moral person, if Aleem cheats on his wife or drinks too much before deciding whether or not to act. The cultures where people are least likely to defend their own are the ones where people are most concerned with judging each other morally(think Sweden, New England) This pattern is well known to anthropologists and sociologists.

    The problem is this toxic troll and incel culture which came out of nowhere online. Those people have ZERO real life, or even online links the long since gone RaHoWa wing of WN1.0. None of these shooters or incels have ever even met or even emailed anyone who was a member of the WCOTC or anything like that. This bad behavior is a meme that grew out of the nihilistic edge lord culture from back when that culture had no connections to the alt-right. They started out making fun of WN1.0. That’s how that material was introduced to that crowd.

    • Your comments here made me stop and think, ATBOTL. That’s something I appreciate. I had thought it was important for Whites to gather around a united set of principles. How can we rebuild a culture and civilization without a moral center of gravity that grounds us all?

      But the first and most important step is to bring us all together against outside threats, as you reminded me. We can’t rebuild anything if we’re still largely divided or afraid to fight back. So, some of your statements, like “Racial consciousness is a value in and of itself,” “Whites have to move past this idea that group loyalty is linked to the whole group sharing the exact same values and feelings all the time,” and “In the real world, more tribal and ethnocentric peoples have more lax moral standards for members in many ways. Your value comes from your loyalty to the group, not how much a goody two shoes you are in those cultures” are bringing home to me the need to consider the more basic immediate needs the White community has. I’m more of a pattern-recognition person who likes to think long-term, but that tends to push aside the equally-important notion of first taking care of the essentials. Thanks for your perceptive comments.

    • “This is an ideological movement that has created at least 3 or 4 different religions. ”

      A false faith is STILL a false faith, no matter how many sects and cults are out there. Andrew Fraser’s tripartite vision of a Christian, White, European society is the only sane alternative to the CRAP you idiots are blathering on about. Most of you would fail being privates in a White, orderly society, because you have all been infected with the disease/sin of Egalitarianism.

      “Your value comes from your loyalty to the group, not how much a goody two shoes you are in those cultures. ”

      You WANT to return to paganism! You truly want to be as fractured, as dysfunctional, and as atomistic as these PAGAN societies- even the most ‘refined’ Moslem society is a PAGAN one.

      As Ann Barnhardt has said over and over again, (and this is the only Western worldview worth having):
      “Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.”

      You all don’t want to submit to FEDGOV, yet you won’t submit to anything else, and think only of your lusts, your fantasies, and your ego. You’re all a mess.

      • If we’re talking about Whites coming together, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of atheists and agnostics among us. Should we exclude them, too? I’m not pro-pagan, I’m Christian. Is it wise to push allies aside because they don’t agree with you on everything, though? Purity tests only serve to splinter groups. To insist that everyone be Christian will certainly make us fractured, and to further insist that people be a particular type of Christian will lead to dysfunctional infighting. For the pagans to insist that their religion must be the only way is equally as divisive. It’s more important to have allies that want to support and build the White preservation movement. This is about our survival.

      • Ann Barnhardt is literally a fucking Zionist cunt who loves the Jews. (If it’s the person I’m thinking of) Funny how you say you believe women shouldn’t be allowed in politics and then claim a woman has great insights about politics.

        Islam shouldn’t be destroyed, that is what an evil sicko neocon would say. Islam is based and so is paganism.

  10. lol all the mass shooters have been Christians and “defenders of the west”

    None of the shooters were nietzschians, or any other type of post-west white nationalists.

    • Nah, Devin Patrick Kelley was a pagan faggot like you. Stephan Balliet was a typical Nietzschean atheist sperg and a failure. Tarrant was a pagan. Nice try though brainlet.

    • What if they are? While Lutheran Brad does not consider the reality that martyric acts can be done by ‘fools for Christ’ the Church has long had such a witness to culture-changing events.

      Again, Brad, can you not SEE, that EVERY SINGLE GODLESS PAGAN ON THIS BOARD, is your eventual ENEMY, and are ENEMIES OF THE WEST, because they loathe and despise Christ?

      From Spawn and Denies, on down to Alex Linder, this ‘Akkad’ and a whole host of others, EVERY SINGLE ONE HOLDS A WORLDVIEW IDENTICAL TO THE MOST BLASPHEMOUS JEW….

      in that they also despise the Saviour of the World.
      I truly do not consider these folks worthy of a hearing, when the prate on this garbage against Christ, His Kingdom, and the reality that only the Christian West can fight against the Deicides….

      • You seem intent on telling the same lie over and over, Fr. WIndbag. The lie being that anyone who doesn’t believe your idiotic Jewish fairy tales is an ENEMY OF THE WEST or a JEW

        But your lies, smears, and temper tantrums doesn’t change the fact that Christianity 1 simply isn’t true and 2. Is shot through with Jewishness from beginning to end.

        Your Schtick is tedious and stupid, but that doesn’t stop you from doing it over and over, does it? Now, you better go grovel before Rabbi Yeshua for forgiveness of your sins.of bearing false
        witness against your neighbor.

  11. Maybe if we all became Calvinists like Jochiam Hoch we’d finally rid ourselves of fedposters…. Oh wait

  12. Almost all the fedposters I’ve ever had contact with* were christians. This is mostly a result of having an objectivist morality, mixed with old testament justice.

    All siege posters frame all of their arguments in objectivist and moralistic terms “they deserve…”

    Deserving or not deserving of punishment hardly ever enters my mind. I’m far more interested in making gains for white people where possible and continuing to push to expand opportunities for whites.

    What should or shouldn’t happen, what punishment one does or doesn’t deserve is a completely christian way of approaching problems, and is not a will to power but rather a Jesus Christ martyr complex.

    *I was never in any private chats with fedposters, only brief public interactions on social media where I was generally telling them how dumb they were.

          • Oh wow, we got a real tough guy here!

            Damn I should just stfu because someone on the internet called me a pussy.

            That’s not how reality works. Nobody cares what you say and trying to call out people’s manhood only reveals how unserious you are.

            If you’re not angry enough at someone to fight them you shouldn’t raise your voice to them. That’s female behavior.

            You have no ability to fight someone online ergo all internet tough talk is a feminine tantrum.

            Go stomp your feet and slam doors elsewhere

  13. Leaving Christianity aside, a huge problem with the alt right was the fact it glorified bully culture. Bullyciding people doesn’t win you high caliber people, if anyone who would change their mind on a major issue because someone humiliated them in a Twitter thread is not a solid person.

    It attracts bully’s and people who like being bullied.

    Unsurprisingly people who like to bully people and people who like to be bullied often would a wide variety of anti-social positions.

    • Definitely think there is truth to this but don’t know how much of it is generational, seems like all social media involving millennials is intrinsically toxic. The comment section of most “far-right” sites doesn’t read that differently from Buzzfeed imo, social cripples abound. Where to begin to fix that?

  14. I know both Casey and Samantha, and they are exactly what is wrong with “the movement.” Both are grifters, but for different reasons. Casey was always angling to get to the top of the IE pyramid, because he wanted to be paid, not because he gave two shits about White people. And Samantha was interested in two hobbies: dick and attention, which she got when she finagled herself into a leadership role with Casey.
    These people never cared about our people and they never will.
    I laughed my ass off when I saw that tired-looking trick on the video clip, because I knew this would happen. Traitors and grifters. A recurring theme in this movement.

  15. “For them it is enough that a good society is one which is 100% White. This leaves a void for any number of toxic anti-social behaviors to fester and multiply.”

    Hunter hits the ball out of the park with this comment.

    And this isn’t a problem that is limited to a few fringe edge-lords.

    The best minds of White nationalism take an almost perverse pleasure in broadcasting their disdain for Christian sensibilities.

    “Our next speaker is the pro-White Satanist, and then we will be hearing from the pro-White sodomite”.

    I think they would prefer to lead a movement recruited entirely from post-Christian cultural-leftist Whites, so great is their disdain for American Christian conservatives.

    As for the “Alternative Right”, a pro-White stance is *not* its original core position. *The* defining characteristic of Richard Spencer’s original Alternative Right site was the desire to create an *alternative* to the Burkean right.

    A new right which, unlike the Burkean right, is not rooted in Christianity.

    The left seeks absolute equality.

    The Burkean right sought to preserve the traditional European golden mean between oriental despotism on the one hand and utopian dreams of absolute equality on the other.

    The alternative right, rooted in Nietzsche and Evola, says “the more inequality, the better!”

    • I think they would prefer to lead a movement recruited entirely from post-Christian cultural-leftist Whites, so great is their disdain for American Christian conservatives.


  16. Hunter,

    It isn’t just any type of Christianity that can answer the dissident right’s need for a fully-formed worldview, nor is it Lutheranism per se. It’s a particular type of uncorrupted, Christian faith, which, I believe, is best exemplified in the language and morals of the League of the South.

  17. Interesting how the left never has an optics problem. The “reasonable” ones never disavow or distance themselves from the less savory ones. There is no enemy to the left.

    The only question that matters: Are you pro-White or pro White Genocide?

  18. We have a lot of work to do on ourselves before we’ll ever earn the respect of our folk back. But it’s possible with men like HW leading the way. Good post.

    • HW and Dr. Hill have what it takes to be effective leaders. They are not shady characters like Duke and Anglin, nor are they effete SNOBS like Richard, the Earl of Spencer and Lord Jared.

  19. The problem we have always had with any sort of white advocacy groups is that the respectable white members of society don’t want to be associated with them for fear of what it will do to their status. This obviously leaves only the lowest of whites to join the groups… and feds of course. Nowadays, this is basically amplified since you can’t say a single nice thing about whites or a bad thing about non-whites without having everything you’ve worked for destroyed. Then you have feds basically breathing down our necks now.

    As a working man that wants to start a family, the most I can do is donate crypto to e-grifters and put up edgy flyers in an american flag facemask. How much longer before I can’t even do that?

    “I will continue to quietly pray for the conversion of everyone involved in the Alt-Right to Lutheranism”

    Yeah, that will totally fix the aforementioned issue. Let’s all just convert en-masse to one of the most cucked prot. denominations even though we don’t believe in any of that hogwash to begin with. Then somehow we will begin to openly advocate for our interests without getting fired because we can just say, “hey I’m a Lutheran”.

    • IMO, without a common morality the ethical blind spot that brought about the situation will continue to produce this result over and over again, as we have seen with all the recent doxings due to bitter ex-girlfriends.

      • It might improve things, but Christianity has never been an absolute protection against vice. If you think a Christian would never dox someone who upset them, I can only wonder at your naivete.

        Furthermore, is it even a good idea to link the pro-white cause with Christianity? Whites are ditching Christianity — even nominal Christianity — in droves. If pro-whites were to become the last remaining bastion of Christianity in America, it’s hard to see how being “toxic” for two reasons rather than just one that would help the pro-white cause.

        • It’s only a protection against vice when people believe it to be true, and as you mentioned, white youth increasingly don’t. They don’t believe it at all in western Europe and It’s approaching those levels here as well.

          The problem is when you start saying things like, “we should not do X because the bible says not to”, you are basing morality solely on the bible. Then when people begin to question the validity and hence the authority of the bible, they throw out the morals as well. This is without a doubt why we are in the mess we are in today. It seems to me the debate on here is, do we attempt to somehow pull the wool of Christianity back over our people’s eyes in hopes of restoring Christian morality, or do we move forward with some new morality grounded in societal and racial well-being.

          I have spent a lot of time thinking about this question, and after studying apologetics and visiting several churches, I stand firmly in my decision to support the latter option.

      • Our common morality should be the interests of our respective ethnicities and our overarching moral system should be the good of whites. The ‘ethical blind spot’ you refer you has been caused by Christianity.

        • No, it has been caused by liberalism.

          The idea that “our overarching moral system should be the good of whites” also provides no moral guidance whatsoever. It simply inserts race into a dimension of life that mostly has nothing to do with race. Even in a country that was 100% White, we would still be faced with the question of how to live and what is right and wrong in countless situations.

          • Christmas Eve 2018, I went my local Lutheran church for a candlelight service and hand bells.

            Before the service began, I looked around the foyer. What did I find laid out on a table? Pamphlets in a dozen different languages, and on their covers were photos of POC.

            You might say that this was just one Lutheran church, but written on the back of the pamphlets was Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America.

            I tend to agree that if all that’s keeping someone from being a pos is the promise divine reward or punishment, then that person is a pos.

          • On this point we differ.

            The liberalism you refer to (in the sense you mean it – the term has a different meaning here in Britain) is an offshoot of Christianity.

            A moral system based on what is good for one’s own [familygroup/tribe/nation/race] is exactly what was inverted by Christianity.

            To my mind, the objective should be racial advancement and improvement. That should be the core belief system [religion].

  20. This is extremely bad. But, also extremely to be expected.

    I recommend just taking the next year off – go Amish. Don’t watch any TV, most definitely don’t agree to go on any TV.

    Please clean up your home, clean up your life.

    Go to bed at a decent time, and get up somewhat early.

    How F*#$&# up is that? If you’re going to be hauled in and interogated for the sin of going to bed at a decent hour and getting up early to do a productive day.

    Also, you’ll have to answer why you cancelled your cable TV.

    I hope to say I have the courage to say:

    “Yeah, I cancelled my cable TV – just didn’t think there was much of anything interesting to watch… can I go now?”

      • Yeah Jaye, why would you want a feminine White Latina when you could have a White woman full of tattoos, body piercings, past negro sexual partners, and runs at the mouth when she should STFU?

  21. The left or just the mainstream news have a fetish for so called “recovering racists” or just people cucking and coming out because the so called “neo-nazis” on display would be shown one day and the next they are shown rejecting those notions and supporting what ever leftist dogma that is popular. Such notions have been around for a long time and could be either fake instances for publicity or real cases unfortunately.

    • John Walker Lind aka “American Taliban” was the offspring of two (redundant) left-wing college professors, and he joined the most anti-feminist political groups in history, but the (((msm))) don’t make him a cause celebré for rejecting liberalism.

      • IE were “bad boys,” and we know how young women are drawn to men that their parents think are wrong for them.

        Islam is right about women in several ways. Even in their mosques, they separate men from women, and outside of an outlier like Benizar Bhutto, they forbid women from the political participation. That’s based af.

        • November,

          No girl I know is drawn to a bad boy. That is a dead end. And almost all of us would not be interested in a male that our parents disapprove of.

          • Cristina,

            In general, young women have been attracted to edgy, non-conformist alpha type. They usually grow out of this phase for the reasons that you stated, but some learn too late and the damage is done That’s certainly not to say that there are not exceptions such as you and your female associates.

            In American culture this behavior had been the subject of numerous novels, songs, and films.

            Females by nature tend to be “people pleasers” that ‘don’t rock the boat,’ but then again gender roles have been in chaos for over a half century in the West.

            By the way, some modern day James Dean wannabe would be D.O.A. making advances toward you.

  22. There is a lot of things about the alt-right I am not happy with but running to the enemy media to whine about the alt-right is something I cannot abide.

    If anything it is these people’s libertarianism & conservatism that has caused their problems. Rather than attack White nationalists they should have focused their ire on the center-right which has cast them out. The fact that they keep returning to attack WN’s rather than the real enemy is beginning to cause me to tune them out completely as nothing more than center-right clowns – in other words, the enemy.

  23. She was looking for wholesome? This girl! I remember her. She was quite the party girl and allegedly hooked up with several dudes. I would classify her as a groupie. She was loud, vulgar and liked her booze. I believed she got dumped hard by at least one IE guy. This is just another case of a scorned wamman looking for revenge.

  24. Like Ann Coulter has stated time and time again.

    DO NOT TRUST women that want to enter political movements. NEVER TRUST THEM !

    Women and politics DO NOT MIX !

    There is DIRECT correlation between women GIVEN the right to politically take part and vote and the overwhelming social degeneration such the:

    – homosexual “rights” / “marriage”
    – modernism / post-modernism & feminism
    – large push for society acceptance in to socialism & communism
    – large push for society acceptance in to the homosexual agenda
    – increased society acceptance in so called “trans-genderism”
    – legalization of infanticide / dropping birth levels in Europe and the West
    – increase of single parent households
    – so called family courts – justice system skewed to overwhelmingly favor women

    Do I need to go on, in presenting proof that women and politics DO NOT MIX ????

  25. “I dont want to join a club that would have me as a member” “alt-right” has been one debacle after another, good to stay on curb and watch the parade of delusion go by.
    As for womyns:
    1 Corinthians 14

    33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

    34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.

    35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

    And certainly not given a platform to bash/denounce the men on national TV.

    Invariably the jewsmedia finds a scorned former believer to renounce their own behaviors in front of the world to show everyone! “See these are the bad ones! “Adding ridicule and scorn onto all they find heretical.
    Confessing your sins before Yahweh and repenting, asking forgivnessd isnt a made for tv event. you have no God and only worship Mammon, you need absolution so you get it from TV.

    When you have no faith in the Yashuah Christ you are going to struggle.

    Praise Yahweh.

  26. While I agree with much of Brad’s take here, this does not pain an accurate picture of the large majority of the broader dissident right wing in 2019. It may have been true for some weirdos a couple of years ago, but its just not accurate now.
    While I also agree that pure white nationalism does not answer all questions or provide guidance for all of life’s issues – it is a necessary baseline for a functioning society that most white people can enjoy and thrive in. In other words, the three things Brad listed as tenets of WN are essential for anything of substance and worth to survive in the form of a functional civilization.
    Living in a largely hispanic and diverse area, it becomes readily apparent that it wouldn’t matter what religious denomination these people are or what culture they attempt to appropriate in the form of assimilation which is fake, a white southerner like myself will never feel grounded, connected, or comfortable in these soulless and rootless diverse “communities.” Therefore, to a large degree, without the three tenets of WN as underpinnings, nothing else matters. Because its all gone and there isn’t anything worth saving. There is no coherent society.

  27. Anybody who slightly disagrees with any woman: wow what a filthy incel,this place has become de dailystormer.

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