Nature: The Promise and Perils of Social Genomics

I’m sure we will be finding out quite a bit more about this in the 2020s due to the superhuman ability of narrow AI to recognize patterns from large amounts of data.


“For decades, geneticists assumed that most traits were governed by just a handful of genes — whether it was a relatively simple one such as height, or something as complex as antisocial behaviour. But as the sample sizes swelled, researchers began to find hundreds of variants that each have a relatively small effect on a trait. These projects — known as genome-wide association studies (GWAS) — build up a picture of which DNA letters vary from person to person (called single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs), which variants are most common in people with a given trait and how much of the difference between individuals these SNP patterns represent.

Adding up the contributions made by all these spots on the genome gives researchers a measure of the importance of genetics to a trait, known as a polygenic score. For height, which is known to have a strong genetic influence, GWAS show that variants can together account for 20% of the variation.

As studies into physiology and disease piled up, scientists began to wonder whether the methods would work on social and psychological attributes. …”

Get ready for Geno-Economics too.

Paleogenomics will tell us all kinds of interesting things about the human past which will be highly problematic for the woke crowd.


“Traces of ancient “glue” on a stone tool from 50,000 years ago points to complex thinking by Neanderthals, experts say.

The glue was made from birch tar in a process that required forward planning and involved several different steps.

It adds to mounting evidence that we have underestimated the capabilities of our evolutionary cousins.

Only a handful of Neanderthal tools bear signs of adhesive, but experts say the process could have been widespread.

The tool, found in the Netherlands, has spent the last 50,000 years under the North Sea. This may have helped preserve the tar adhesive. …”

How smart were the Neanderthals?

Why did the Neanderthals even go extinct? Were they just overwhelmed by more aggressive Homo sapiens who invaded their territory?

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  1. In the the end, the Judeo-Communists will just use this to prove that Niggers don’t exist, or that “they’re just like everybody else.” Like they’ve been doing since the 1960’s.

    • Yes but the weight of science, specifically genetics is crushing them, they are resorting to desperate measures such as silencing James Watson. The problem for these bastards is that the same genetics they want to crush is also bringing about medical miracles they cannot suppress. The Communists are fighting a rear guard delaying action, like denying the earth revolves on its axis around the sun or that infections are caused by germs, not spontaneous generation.

      The Left claims they are “reality based” when they advance frauds like global warming in the name of science but suppress the reality of racial differences. Genetic research is just going to reinforce the reality of race based differences until the Communists’ arguments collapse from the weight of evidence.

      Already there are genetic diseases long known to medicine such as Tay Sachs and Sickle Cell Anemia that are race based. More subtle characteristics such as intelligence and sociability are caused by many different genes working in concert but they are being researched also. Time is against these Communist frauds, the science they claimed to believe in is going to be their undoing.

      • 12AX7,

        Yep. The neoliberals take unwarranted smug joy in informing us that we “are on the wrong side of history,” but in actuality, it is they that are both on the wrong side of history and human genomic expression.

  2. Neanderthals were very intelligent. They created musical instruments, ceremoniously buried their dead, lived in social communities, and had rudimentary communication.

    Cro Magnon and Neaderthals did come into contact with one another to fight and interbreed. That’s why there is still a residual residue on Neaderthal DNA in Europeans. Red hair is believed to be a recessive manifestation left over from Neaderthals.

  3. the neanderthal’s were extinguished as a separate people and species of Sapiens Sapiens by miscegenation, but ~ 4-8% of their genome appears in caucasians … no female neanderthal mitochondria was passed nor survived into the miscegenation population…. Caucasian women aught to think hard on their coming demise … and with them the white Caucasian race

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