Woke Supremacy: UConn Students Arrested and Charged For Using N-Word

We’re told that China is a police state.

The United States, however, is based on the American values of “free expression.” Except in Connecticut where two White students have been arrested and charged with a hate crime under a state statue for using the n-word because the NAACP demanded it.

Washington Post:

“The three people walking through a dimly lit parking lot near a University of Connecticut student apartment complex probably didn’t know they were being watched. But as the trio crossed in front of an open window repeatedly saying the n-word louder and louder, a person inside wasn’t just observing — they were recording.

Now, university officials say an investigation into the 11-second video, which started to widely circulate on social media earlier this month, has prompted campus police to arrest and charge two students Monday night with violating a Connecticut hate crime statute.

Jarred Karal and Ryan Mucaj, both 21 and described by police as white, were charged with ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race. The misdemeanor charge is punishable by a maximum of 30 days in jail, a fine of up to $50 or both, according to state law. …

The arrests come amid outcry from students demanding that administrators address racism and promote inclusion on the university’s main campus in Storrs, Conn. Shortly after the parking-lot video went viral, another student alleged that two fraternity members used a racial slur against her at a party, the university’s NAACP chapter wrote in a letter published this week. …

Campus police later identified Karal and Mucaj as two of the individuals and discovered that the group had been playing “a game in which they yelled vulgar words,” the report said. …”

If this story out of UConn rings a bell, it is because that is where Lucian Wintrich was arrested after a brawl erupted at his “It’s Okay To Be White” speech in 2017. A riot erupted because this tiny little gay pipsquek broke the taboo on demonizing whiteness.

Tucker Carlson has taken on a sociology professor at UConn who teaches about “hegemonic whiteness” and who claimed Donald Trump won the 2016 election because of White working class racism. This is the atmosphere on the UConn campus:

Woke supremacy is the reigning ideology at UConn.

If these two students had simply denounced White people while playing their little game, they would have been hired by the university.

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  1. Charged with “ridicule”? Fook me runnin, I’m probably going to prison for fiddy years for serial ridiculer!

    • Right now one can be arrested for saying the wrong thing in public as these two were. In the near future, probably the next time the Democrats are in power it will be mandatory to attest that one is anti-racist. Getting caught saying something “racist”, whatever that is will then be two offenses; 1.) Saying something “racist”; 2.) Violating one’s prior attestation that one is not a racist. Sort of like a perjury trap.

      Gibs me some of dem Freedumb Fries; Freedumb isn’t free, ya know.

      I learned that grain of wisdom by watching FOX TV.

    • NIGGER !!! 🙂

      Attention altright / white nationalists : Not a single white nationalist with a platform is mentioning so much as a peep about creating an ethno state. All we do is “observe and report,” what (((they))) do. As we observe and report, (((they))) inch by inch pull crud like this and brainwash sheeple that there’s no 1st amendment.

      We need a white CHRISTIAN nationalist to rise up and guide us to A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY, and ( to quote Mark on The Rifleman, ) “right quick pa !!!”

  2. They don’t look White to me. Check their names. Regardless, “racist” & “racism” are always associated with Whites and that’s all that matters. George Zimmerman is a “white supremacist” too.
    Anti-racist is a code word for #AntiWhite.

  3. If you expect the state to protect your “rights,” they are really only mere privileges that can be taken away at any time by the power structure. This persecution of Whites for thoughtcrimes will lead to a lot of civil disobedience, though, you stupid niggers and kikes…oops.

  4. This is a violation of their civil rights and they should sue under a 1983 Civil Action. The arresting officers can be charged under US code title 18 sections 241&242. Any government actor under color of law that denies a citizen’s Constitutional rights is guilty of a Federal felony.

  5. I know our courts have been perpetuating clown world for quite some time, but surely this CT state law can be challenged in this case as unconstitutional. After all, the Supreme Court has not recognized “hate speech” as a category of speech that can be criminalized by the state given the first amendment.

  6. Race has no scientific basis at all and therefore doesn’t exist rather it is a social construct. In the past “racist” scientists created pseudoscience in order to promote their prejudices. There is more diversity between Africans living in Africa then there is within the entire human species.

  7. Those two Allah apes were classified as white only because they were caught committing a racisms. But if they had been the victims of a racist assault by actual whites they would’ve magically transformed back into people of color. Just as the Framers intended!

  8. This is bizarre even for the United States. I do not like the insults called wetback, and greaser but I would never want someone arrested for them unless I was at a public place and they were in my face and would not leave. That would then be disturbing the peace and harassment.

    Are insults against everyone against the law? If so, even a law applied across the board is punishment more than the crime.

    As an aside a girl friend and I were kidding each other calling each other wetback. We were in public. Would 2 Mexican girls doing that in fun be arrested in Connecticut?

    • There is a clear difference between using an insulting term in a neutral way in a private conversation, and directing an insult to someone. Most of my friends use “nigger” in a neutral way to refer to blacks, and it has nothing to do with trying to be insulting. If some black person overheard one of our conversations, it’s understandable he’d feel insulted, but that doesn’t mean he was the victim of an intentional insult. Anyway, it’s not as if blacks carefully police their private conversations so that they’re not insulting to other races.

  9. “Mucaj” is an Albanian name, “Karal” is probably also Albanian or some other Balkan/Turkish/Soviet type person. These are not core white Americans.

  10. Why pretend to be outraged Brad? You hate incel wignats. Surely you and the opticucks really believe the movement is better off without them. We’ve seen your other posts, no need to hide it anymore.

  11. Holy crap, this is an escalation by the Police State. Those kids were merely laughing and saying the N-word.

    Not sure about this statute but the requirement of an “advertisement” might be a way they avoid this charge. Otherwise, I think the Supreme Court is not so woke that they would uphold this law. (yet)

    Sec. 53-37.
    Ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race.

    Any person who, **by his advertisement**, ridicules or holds up to contempt any person or class of persons, on account of the creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race of such person or class of persons, shall be guilty of a class D misdemeanor.

  12. Truly shocking with these guys actually getting arrested for saying nigger while walking. Throw this in with the communist hit jobs with the 4 year prison sentences on the Proud Boys for ” fights” one can see every weekend in any city. How many are getting outlandish four year sentences who do the same thing? The judge even said the sentence is purely political. Talk about an appeal needed.

    Then of course there is the illegal alien reference that can somehow land people in jail in the People’s Republic of New York.

    All this stuff is truly right out of the Alinsky playbook of going for the political touchdowns but settling for advancing the communist ball bit by bit. This is basically setting people up for absurdity to be the norm.A continued browning of America will guarantee south of the border or African like laws here as well as the welfare scam called muh reparations. But don’t worry folks, we got crypt keeper Mitch McConnell and his conservative judges to protect Merica.

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