Accelerationist Hijacks Ambulance and Drives It Into Crowd In Norway

Here we go again.

This is why the FBI is rounding up and arresting the Boogaloo Crew. Something has to be done to save both them and others and us too by association from the sheer stupidity, immorality and ineffectiveness of their violent accelerationist “strategy.”

Daily Mail:

“A man armed with an Uzi stole an ambulance and ‘deliberately’ mowed down twin babies in their pushchair before exchanging gunfire with police in Oslo today.

In terrifying scenes, brave paramedics used their own vehicle to ram the hijacked ambulance before cops leapt on the injured gunman who was also carrying a shotgun.

The 32-year-old suspect, reported to belong to a right-wing group, hit and injured five people, including seven-month-old twins in a double pushchair, as he raced through the streets of the Norwegian capital. Witnesses told police he ‘deliberately’ drove the vehicle up the pavement ‘to hit random victims’. …

Inside the stolen ambulance, police found a submachine gun, a shotgun and what they said were ‘large amounts’ of narcotics. …”

0 dead.

3 injured.

International news? Check. Fits the narrative of white supremacist violent extremism? Check.

Running over seven-month-old twins in a push chair? Repulses normal people? Check?

Europa saved? Hardly.

Yeah, that’s the sort of thing which makes perfect sense to the people who believe shooting random people in Wal-Mart or a synagogue is going to win the masses over to their revolutionary cause rather than calm critique and persuasion.

As social disintegration advances and takes an ever greater toll on the psychological health of Europeans, this is one of the many ways it will manifest.

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  1. “Something has to be done”

    You are really starting to piss me off Hunter.

    You are inviting more tyranny against us with those words.

    Not everyone wants to die with a bent knee.

    I don’t expect you to endorse what they did, but to say that “something needs to be done” is crossing a line into cuckery.

    • here here Joe. Brad wants so bad to be esteemed by the optics cuck crowd all the sudden (which uniformly hates Southern Nationalists)

      There is no political solution. Words dont matter anymore. The enemy is post truth and the government is anti-White.

      Therefor anyone saying you need to vote or talk is functioning as a shill. Brad is not a shill, but he’s gone spineless. First the yang gang shit, then cheerleading some brown female tulsi, and now simply parroting the optics crowd who hates him. SAD. At least I stopped all donations before the yanggang meltdown.

  2. We’re supposed to overlook or forgive black rage. But White rage?
    Free speech is the alternative to violence.

  3. Skull-maskers are only here because former leaders of pro-white politics didn’t erect strong enough barriers.

    Understandably but also unfortunately former leaders were so desperate for people they allowed in scenesters who never wanted to do anything political but simply wanted a small pond where they could get up cummies by virtue signalling with racial epithets. I don’t care how many times who’ve been banned from social media, that doesn’t show commitment, unless what you were banned for was worthwhile and healthy in the first place

    The fact is waaaaaaaay too many people in pro-white politics are not pro white but simply anti others. Which sorry guys, that isnt being pro white.

  4. This is something I would expect from a knock off interpretation of gangster bolshevism more than a white nationalist.

    Hitting random people is extremely nihilistic.

  5. You’re right,Hunter. Terroristic violence does not have a good history of achieving political aims. Think how tough and disciplined the Provo IRA of the 1970s-1990s were: well-armed, funded and supported by a large community (Irish Catholics North and South) – even if they were infiltrated by British intelligence. When the Good Friday agreement was signed in 1998, they were not one step closer to their stated goals after three decades of violence. Pointless waste of life and effort.

  6. I disagree with Joe. The string of violent attacks on random civilians that happen with a depressing regularity are bad for White advocacy. Therefore doing something against it is a potentially good thing for our cause.

  7. I still believe that whitey isn’t going to fucking wake up until he has to fight with colored mobs for that last remaining loaf of moldy raisin bread on the shelf at Dollar General. But it will be too late for most whites by then. It doesn’t have to turn out like that, but it will.

    The violence that you’re so afraid of is going to happen one way or another, HW. Better to dish it out than be the recipient of it, I say.

  8. If Europe doesn’t want mass shootings from the far right or Islamic radicals then it should be more like Hungary or Poland.

    For some countries, it’s too late while others should change course on mass non-White immigration, censorship, and banning identitarian nationalist organizing.

    When people can freely voice their grievances regarding demographic transformation and societal disintegration and politically organize against could decrease these shootings.

    The elites could help by curbing mass immigration, exploitation of workers, betrayal of citizenry, non-degenerate entertainment, promoting traditional morality, improving assimilation into a healthy and non-degenerate culture, promoting marriage and child rearing, rule of law, honest media, ending affirmative action, ending all forms of anti-White propaganda from corporate media entertainment complex, ending Cultural Marxist control of academia, ending one sided hate crime designations, promoting nationalist policies, and ending Jewish Supremacist overrepresentaion at all focal points of power.

    Those who fully understand how bad we’ve been subverted and have tasted this for themselves in their own lives even to the point of being physically scarred or to having a judge take your 7yr old boy and force a sex change on him or having to train your Hindu replacement before you’re fired have a right to volcanic fury.

    But, killing babies is what Israel does.

    It’s evil. There is no justification for it.

    Go to a gun range, to a gym, bang your heterospouse, make babies, work hard, write stuff, organize politically, make music, punch bags, scream at the sky, love, pray, suffer, cry, and then smile….

    It is getting bad but we can make still make it better.

  9. “calm critique and persuasion”? No, HW…

    that hasn’t worked either. The Jews

    and their hirelings

    are not interested in your

    “calm critique and persuasion”.

    They intend to – and are – extincting us.

  10. This guy was not a “right winger” he was a junkie and known criminal who tried to escape the cops. He posted pro antifa/ marxist comments online, critisized nationalists etc. The media is lying as usual.

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