Frontline PBS: Zero Tolerance

Very interesting.

Blompf caught lightning in a bottle in the 2016 election by seizing on an emotional issue pushed by a trio of advisers – Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller – that captured the imagination of the Republican base and turned them out en masse at the polls.

He didn’t deliver the goods that his voters wanted though. Instead of delivering on his populist and nationalist agenda, he delivered conservative priorities like the tax cuts and things the donor class wanted like criminal justice reform and the Jerusalem embassy. Far from “zero tolerance,” he ended up presiding over a surge in illegal immigration and business as usual.

Now he is poised to enter Year Four of the Trump presidency with the Democrats in charge of the House of Representatives and in a position to block his legislative agenda. This is what he gets for trusting conservatives, his own family and the big donors. It will be nearly impossible to turn this situation around in the fourth quarter, but he has changed the cultural and political landscape in ways which will outlive his presidency and shape the 2020s.

There are a bunch of interviews done for this documentary:

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  1. Very interesting stuff in here, especially the section where they described how Trump’s wall was simply marketing tactic and was iffy on the issue until he saw how the crowds reacted.

    I also highly recommend watching Ann coulter’s undited interview from this documentary

    The best part of the Ann unedited interview was her spilling the tea on Miller blocking the administration from hiring other immigration hawks into the cabinet. Ann has become Jew wise and she sees that Miller is occupying and monopolizing the anti-immigration agenda

  2. I saw this puff piece on PBS which basically whines that Trump has been erratic regarding illegal aliens, has bad, Nazi advisers and finally cracked down on the southern border after dithering on the issue. The producers of this show never explain how Trump could have been such a hardliner and still allow about a million people a year to come in to the country through the southern border illegally. They cannot go there.

    I think I can answer their unasked question: Trump is a master bullshitter with a powerful cult of personality. This cult is going to be crushed by a Trump betrayal after he gets reelected in 2020 (if he gets reelected). Trump’s amnesty will makes Reagan’s 1986 amnesty fade in to insignificance by comparison. At least it will be the end of the Republican Party, there is that.

  3. Not even gonna watch this. I can already guess its about “racist and divisive rhetoric” over shots of a small length of fence. lol. I’ll pass

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