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  1. Striker wouldn’t deny that what Cantwell did is considered snitching. Cantwell is a well meaning guy who got in way over his head. But people need to understand not to talk to feds unless it’s a routine matter. Part of this is to protect yourself. Police like to use these “talks” you have with them, misrepresented and shown to others, to frame you up, or they use the threat of framing you to your comrades to turn you for real. They have many ploys. Any criminal lawyer or judge or police detective who is sympathetic to someone will tell them not to talk to the police at all. I think the last three years have proven to everyone that the old school mistrust of the authorities is the correct attitude for the alt-right to have. Minimize contact with the authorities and do not expect fair treatment.

    • Who did Cantwell snitch on?…What guy is in jail because Cantwell “snitched”?…I notice the jew right is targeting a lot of good guys with this ” snitch” smear backed up by some bullshit rumour or twisted set of facts…How to fk did Cantwell snitch?…He’s a fkn law abiding civilian with a radio show, he’s not a Mob capo u fkn doofus!….He talked to the cops about being attacked by commie mutants and if this was wartime, there is no doubt in my mind that Cantwell would dropped a lot of those guys..but because its not yet wartime, civilians defend themselves through the legal system, cops are part of that legal system…if someone attacks him and then tries to frame him for attacking them, what’s he supposed to..shoot them and take a murder rap?
      How much money did you send to guys locked up right now over Charlottesville?… Ya that’s right, you sent fk all!..don’t give us the Joe Solid story , while your talking like Uncle Vinny over there with ur legal advice!..Cantwell has done more for our people than any of u shitposting faggots!

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