Fat Women Are Set To Save The World In Thunder Thighs Force

And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to …

… Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer for Thunderforce!

Daily Mail:

“Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are ready to save the world in their latest movie.

They star together in the upcoming Netflix film Thunder Force, which is currently in production.

The duo was spotted Wednesday shooting scenes for the movie in the streets of Atlanta. 

They play two ordinary women who suddenly develop superpowers, ushering them to a higher calling. 

They sported it over some textured blue tights, which accentuated their gorgeous curvy figures.  …”

This is Clown World.

The White man doesn’t stand a chance against these superheroes.

Note: I’m feeling radicalized just looking at the perfection of liberal democracy here.

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    • Imagine being Mr. Melissa McCarthy or Mr. Octavia Spencer? Yikes! No matter how drunk, it’s hard to imagine waking up in the morning and seeing those creatures glaring at you without rushing out the door telling them: “I’m just going for a pack of cigarettes, I’ll be right back” as you speed away forever.

  1. Yep.
    Thank, the cosmopolitan for “equality”.
    Now even a woman(????) can behave and act out as a humiliating SLOB.

    Just a simple question:
    I wonder.
    All this depreciation this devaluing of womanhood, who does it hurt ?

  2. I went to Catholic grade school with Missy McCarthy in Plainfield, IL – she was a pain in the ass back then.

  3. I prefer curvier, rounder women, not bony and angular musclebound ladies, but…hell no. I’m tired of this PC crap. What’s next, a M-to-F transitioning superhero with severe cerebral palsy and Tourette’s?

  4. What audience would be interested in watching this besides fat, middle-aged lesbians? Jewflix must be hemorrhaging viewers and subscribers. I haven’t found anything worth watching on it in months, except for that Bill Burr animated series F is for Family. I also enjoyed watching a mini-series starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen, which was about an unhappily married couple who encounter each other again in the afterlife. Maybe I’m just too hard to please.

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