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  1. “Remains”?

    Seems like Liberalism is a trans-national beast stronger than ever. Pretty far from “remains.”

  2. I despise and detest and have extreme animosity for The Political Left a.k.a. “Left Wing Liberals”. I have lived in Western Washington for pretty much my whole life. For those whom are unaware : Robert Jay Mathews perished in flames on Whidbey Island on December 8 , 1984. After Robert Mathews died , the Political Left a.k.a. “Left Wing Liberals” took over and slowly but surely gained total and complete control of not just Seattle , but all of Western Washington. Due to the fact that Washington State and Oregon and also Mexifornia ( California ) is a haven for left wing liberals , and also a few New England states are a haven for “left wing liberals” such as : Vermont , Massachusetts , Connecticut , Rhode Island , Maine , and Washington D.C. has been ruled by liberals ever since JFK was elected President in 1960. Living in an openly corrupt , deep blue state is just a hellish life! I must stress how much I hate Washington State : You spend 9 to 10 hours a day , 4 to 5 days a week being mostly to completely surrounded by : Snarky , Stubborn , Argumentative , Manipulative , Passive Aggressive , Condescending , Belligerent , Rude , Left Wing Liberals.

    If you have views and beliefs that were outside of the mainstream views and beliefs of Liberals and Kosher Conservatives , you had to rant to the now retired and former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul , and also to his son , Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. To make matters worse – The System has been broken since the 1960’s in Washington State. Neither the Left Wing Liberals and the Kosher Conservatives are even trying to fix and repair the broken system that has failed us all! When you live in the Seattle Metro Area / Western Washington – Once you get done with your 13 hellish years of Liberalism being shoved down your throat and into your ears and minds in the Seattle Metro Area K-12 Public Education School System , and if you want to make a 6 Figure Income , instead of making $ 50,000 to $ 75,000 a year , you must have more Liberal indoctrination for either 2 or 4 or sometimes 6 or 8 years of hellish Radical & Argumentative Left Wing Liberals shoving and forcing down your throats , into your ears , and into the minds – Either Left Wing Liberalism such as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and Al Gore and John Kerry style Left Wing Liberalism , or you will have the Vermont Visionaries shove and force Socialism , Communism , Cultural Marxism , and Progressivism down your throats , into your ears , and into your minds , to earn a College degree.

    The Zionist Controlled Main-Stream Media and Left Wing Liberals totally ruined the state of Washington!

    To make matters worse , I have had to live in a state that I have never liked. I live in Western Washington , but I’ve never liked Western Washington. The nostalgic and scenic appeal of : “The Mountains are Beautiful” quickly wears off within a year or two , when you realize that you are mostly to completely surrounded by the most argumentative left wing liberals that America has to offer! To make matters even worse – Left Wing Liberals consistently keep raising our property and income taxes every chance that they get. I despise and detest them! Their is talk and a few websites / blogs about Eastern Washington “breaking away” and forming it’s own state , mainly due to Seattle Left Wing Liberal Ruling Elite that is really & actually trying to ban and outlaw guns , a.k.a. “The Right To Keep and Bear Fire-arms”. Eastern Washington has a very large Christian population , a very large rancher / farmer population , horseback riding , the rodeo , 4 wheeling , dirt bike riding and racing , and going to gun ranges is very popular in Eastern Washington. What’s real good about Eastern Washington is that they have a very large population of N.R.A. ( National Rifle Association ) Members & Supporters , and G.O.A. ( Gun Owners of America ) Members & Supporters. Numbers USA also has quite a bit of support.

    Starting in 2014-2015 : In The Seattle Metro Area / Western Washington it has been a haven for Cultural Marxism. I have a major “beef” with the Leftist Jew Commie Politician from the state of Vermont and his very large support base and fans who I have nicknamed : “The Vermont Visionaries”. We still have whiggers and mud-sharks , a very large LGBT population and community , every county in Western Washington is a Sanctuary County , and every City in Western Washington is a Sanctuary City. We also have all these damn “Muslim Refugees”. Lot’s of illegal aliens , several predominantly black sports teams that are very popular , and lot’s of mulattoes due to 30 years of sexually attractive women of all races “hooking up” with black guys and giving birth to mulatto kids.

    Hunter : The only “social appeal” that the Seattle Metro Area / Western Washington had to me this year was : The “Pain In The Grass” concert / festival. Slipknot , Volbeat , and a few other bands were going to perform and did perform this summer at the White River Amphitheater. The movie : The Joker. It was the only movie that I actually really wanted to see in the movie theater this year , so I went to the Joker movie 3 times this month. I gave the movie 4 stars! I loved it so much that I saw it 3 times! 🙂 To be honest , for me at least , since I cannot speak for others , that was the only “social appeal” of The Seattle Metro Area / Western Washington to me this year.

    Rest In Peace Robert Jay Mathews and Reverend Jason Grant LaRue! Thanks for caring and wanting and trying the best that you could to make sure that white children have a better and a secured future on this planet! Afterall , we are in this “struggle” to make sure that future generations of White Children have a better and a secured existence on this planet in this nation that we call America.

    I’m happy that the ISIS leader died early today. He was a Muslim Terrorist scumbag , whose main goal in life was to wage war against America & Americans. The goal of the Muslim Terrorist group ISIS /ISIL is to “wipe out” America & Americans. Burn in hell you scumbag!

    • Lived in southern rural Vermont for many years. The same juxtaposition with Northern Vermont :Burlington and, Western Washington State population control of Seattle/Vermont with (((democracy))). The Metropolitan major population leftist controlled areas can’t survive with out rural whites conservatives or traditionalist self reliant white areas!

      Farms, wilderness, and guns/ military survival tactics! Will last longer than luxury and comfort!

      Whites are the settlers and pioneers!

      The sad fact is the herd needs thinning out!

  3. Hunter : Due to the fact that you and I are both the same age , I have always preferred Occidental Dissent more than the now deceased Harold A. Covington’s North-West Front website & forum. HAC was 26 or 27 years older than us. He was a very gifted author with a wild and vivid imagination , but with that being said , he spent most of his “free time” creating and causing and engaging in “in-fighting” and squabbling and bickering and also gossiping and spreading very exaggerated and embellished and outlandish , hard to believe stories about so-called “sinful White Nationalists” on his GUBU blog and e-mail list. HAC ( Harold A. Covington ) was extremely jealous and envious of the success and popularity of the National Alliance and also the C.O.T.C. / W.C.O.T.C. His negatives far outweighed his positives.

    The famous and very productive and hard hitting New Orleans Protocol which was hosted and signed by David Duke and several others , had a very simple demand , rule , and commitment , which was : No Enemies On The Right. I signed and fully supported and agreed with the New Orleans Protocol and I was in total agreement with the motto and the – No Enemies On The Right commitment and duty. If we are ever going to achieve either a White Ethno-state or a racially aware balkanization , we must be in agreement with each other that infighting , internal squabbling , and spreading horrible rumors , which are usually greatly embellished and exaggerated must come to an end. How are we supposed to achieve success and victory if we spend more time fighting amongst each other , than against ZOG / NWO / The System / Liberals ???

    Harold A. Covington will go down in the history books as a very gifted author , whose negatives far outweighed his positives. He had major personality and character traits and major flaws that were very undesirable and unbecoming in a so-called White Nationalist “Leader”. Wrong! He was just a racially aware author , nothing more and nothing less! It is what it is! I have always been able to relate to Occidental Dissent much better because we are the same age , and also I have always agreed with the angle that you come from and your mind-set is more like my mind-set. HAC was a baby boomer who had never heard of Layne Staley , Jerry Cantrell , and Chris Cornell. I kid you not , he had to look them up on Wikipedia.

    How the hell is the so-called “Leader” of the North-West Front supposed to achieve white victory and win over the hearts and minds of the whites in the Pacific North-West if he doesn’t even recognize or acknowledge the significance and the importance that these men had in the Pacific North-West. Truth be told : Most of the Seattle Grunge Bands & Members were left wing liberals , who never cared or gave a damn about white survival. Many of them have by now , passed away from heroin drug overdoses , suicide , and last but not least , who could ever forget Kurt Cobain’s very mysterious death that was ruled a suicide. Now that was very “fishy” if you catch my drift! Hail Victory! 🙂

    • It’s not polite to speak of the dead in such a way unwarranted and unprovoked. I spoke with Harold Covington twice a year before his death and had an e-mail correspondence with him. There were many things that Covington did that were perhaps not the best decisions and he had his skeletons but so did everyone in the 20th century movement. Covington is a man just like anyone else, and privately he would talk about the good old days and reminisce about fond memories.

      If people spent more time learning Covington the man instead of Covington the leader of the NWF, I think a lot of people would have a different opinion of him. Of someone who had great ideas but not the people skills to turn them into reality. It didn’t stop him from trying however, and he was dedicated to his last day.

      I think any Gen Xer and Millennial needs to understand about the Boomers in our movement is that they grew up during a cultural “high” where everything was good and saw it rot and rot and rot and tried everything in their power to stop it but were unable to do so. Gen Xers and Millennials and especially Gen Z grew up in a rotting system with the former two aforementioned groups knowing about the cultural high but not being able to live within it.

      Give the dead man a little bit of respect, let him rest in peace and let what good he produced be what is remembered

  4. “It’s not polite to speak of the dead in such a way unwarranted and unprovoked.”

    Oh, THAT’s rich! It’s almost as if you have a conscience or something. If he were alive, I would STILL speak my mind about that Jerk. Yes, HAC was a jerk, and caused me to lose one of my dearest Christian friends, because, while he spoke truthfully, he had a revolving swastika in his emails, back in the late 1990’s, that my older system didn’t ‘display’ properly, while my friend’s, did. I had NO idea what that thing was in outline, rotating in every email.
    HAC’s summary dismissal of my frustration and his pre-empting my email to start sending me emails, when I didn’t even know him, almost cost me my job, back when.

    I’ve not found any modern dystopian authors that write well except for Foerster’s “One Second After,” and Ward’s “Hold Back this day.” All of the rest fail miserably at one point or another, because they don’t know how to write, merely to vent and engage in their twisted fantasy scenarios. Good riddance to a man who looked more like a Fat Satanist, than a leader to engage the hearts and minds of men.

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