Huff Post: Orthodox Rabbi Embraces His Authentic Self And Bravely Approaches Western Wall As A Woman

I wasn’t familiar with Jeffrey’s story.

After all this time, it’s great that he finally embraced his true self and authentic Jewish living. I cringed though when I saw the video on “Becoming Who You Are.”

Huff Post:

“I said to myself: If I choose to enter on the women’s side, where I know I belong, I will cause unwanted attention. If I choose to enter on the side that the world dictates to me, I will experience feelings of self-betrayal. 

So with mixed emotions, I entered on the men’s side ? excited, but despising myself once again for not being authentic about who I really was, particularly in such a holy place.

Along my gender transition journey, I legally changed my name to Jessica. And yet, I still was not whole. There was a hole in my life where traditional Judaism previously resided. I longed to return to traditional Jewish living and to Israel, always knowing since my first visit in 1971 that Israel is my home. However, now, I was ready to return in truth, as a woman. This resulted in the next step of my personal journey as I continued from Jessica to the Hebrew equivalent, Yiscah.

And then, on my 60th birthday in 2011, the day came to return home to Jerusalem, where the journey began. 

Again I approached the Western Wall ? not as Jeff in the men’s section, but, for the first time, as Yiscah in the women’s section. …

Authentic Jewish living, premised on spiritual study and practice, is a powerful way one can accomplish this. If done on a large scale, authentic living can strengthen communities, as people are better able to weather the ups and downs in life and are better equipped to support each other because they possess the understanding and contentment of who they are ? and what their ultimate purpose is. …”

Whatcha doin’, Rabbi?

Daily Mail:

“Raised as Jeffrey Smith in Long Island, she became religious as an adult, joining Chabad in 1975. She married, had six children with her then-wife, and spent time in Israel and the United States before she said she helped run a Chabad visitor center in Jerusalem’s Old City from 1985 to 1991.

But all along, she kept a deep secret. Going back to her childhood, she always knew she was a girl.

Eventually, she parted ways with the movement, divorced, and in 2001, at the age of 50, started a four-year process culminating with surgery that transitioned her into a woman.

She chose the biblical name Yiscah, which she said means to ‘behold’ and to ‘see into the present more deeply.’

During the interview in her small Jerusalem apartment, Smith wore lipstick, a purple dress, encrusted glasses, a large blue necklace and a smaller one with a Star of David. She showed old passport pictures of her bearded former self, before her transition. She declined to discuss her relationship with her children and grandchildren. …”

If Jeffrey/Yiscah was only doing this shit in Israel, I wouldn’t have a problem with it because it wouldn’t be our concern. It is a problem for us though because people like Jeffrey have seized the commanding heights of our culture because the liberal order allowed them to do so. Now we have to deal with things like the Jeffrey Younger case in Texas because of our sick and twisted Jewish elites who have pushed this ideology into the political and cultural mainstream.

The liberal order + Jewish cultural elites = the demise of Christian culture. These things are mutually exclusive. You can only choose one.

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  1. Judaism, as has been noted by commenters within and without that faith, naturally seeks to undermine the dominant culture of its host. This publicizing of a mentally ill heeb’s descent into senseless self-mutilation is something we’re now seeing practically every day, thanks to the constant pushing of transsexuality from the kakistocracy’s propagandists in corporate media. Warped gentiles are fully cooperating with this sick scheme.

    Re: the demise of Christian culture. It wouldn’t have happened without the willing cooperation of supposed Christ worshippers in church leadership roles. Most American Christianity has already degenerated into Noahide Zionism. I don’t have a denominational home, and won’t bother looking for one.

    • As far as this abomination is concerned. ANATHEMA SIT.

      Rich- as far as your ‘denominational home,’ you can’t go it alone. There are still groups out there, who practice biblical morality, and normalcy.

  2. Wow, such a beautiful woman. Those Boer girls in Orania are nothing compared to the lovely Mistress Yiscah.

    If the jews want to destroy themselves with cross-dressing, faggotry and other types of perversion then who are we to stop them?

      • I’d encourage mandatory sterilization along with the circumcision at birth, but Jewish whores have long been known to have sex with Gentiles, and, according to their satanic talmud, continue the ‘line’ of the Apostate. Just getting rid of jewish men is only half the answer.

        THEY ALL NEED TO GO, to quote Trump.

  3. No matter where you move to and what you do, a person’s inherent nature ALWAYS is there and sooner rather then later WILL, ‘out’, come to the surface.

    What I’m trying to say is that these people bring with them what they are – moral and mental degeneracy !!

  4. Schizophrenia is a Jew genetic illness. And people with schizophrenia are more likely to be transsexuals. They are sick, mentally. And this Jew blood sicknesses has been brought about by Jews breeding children with their sisters and cousin for centuries, in an attempt to keep their blood Jewish. Gods punishment?

    • True it looks like a alien or something evil looking I’m so honkpilled right now this shit doesn’t even phase me anymore I just laugh it off nowadays

  5. When Yiscah was young and living on Lawn Guyland and her name was “Jeffrey Smith”, in the black and white photograph of Yiscah before she was liberated, she kinda looks like Jared Kushner The Son-in-Law, 🙂 .

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