Morning Consult: One-Third of Young Men Would Consider Wearing Makeup

Good morning, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Hey look, everyone is eating bugs now to fight climate change and embracing the new masculinity. Everyone is sharing their wives now and raising genderless theybies to fight heteronormativity. Today, everyone is wearing makeup now with their manbun.

The next stage of social progress is overcoming your toxic masculinity by embracing your inner femininity to become a genderless, emasculated faggot!

Morning Consult:

“Come on boys, vogue! The youngest generation’s greater willingness to embrace nontraditional gender norms has opened up a new market within the beauty industry: men’s makeup. 

One-third of young men said they would consider wearing makeup, according to Morning Consult polling, while 23 percent of all men said the same. Founders of men’s cosmetic brands credit the increased interest among young men not only to a wider acceptance of the idea that gender is fluid but also to the pressure to be picture perfect at any moment, thanks to social media. 

“The stigma associated with buying and purchasing this product is starting to diminish,” said Andrew Grella, founder and CEO of the men’s makeup brand Formen Inc., with the country’s youngest consumers taking up the mantle of socially normalizing men’s use of cosmetics.  …

“Women grew up with makeup — it’s a multibillion-dollar industry,” Grella said. “Whereas men, they haven’t grown up with it. They haven’t had it on the counter. Their fathers never used it. They don’t have it in the bathroom.” Changing that might take a few generations, he said.

Red Ice is purged from YouTube.

Jeffree Star, however, is being promoted on YouTube to normalize this. We already have censorship. Social media is rigged to promote progressive liberalism.

Is the situation hopeless?

Don’t forget there was only so much progress that Kenny Heslep could take. Even a stay at home cuck has his limits!

Note: What if we embraced censorship to promote our ends like cultivating a White Christian social order? OMG … that would be … AUTHORITARIANISM!

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  1. 1) I don’t believe the survey.
    2) they tried pushing this in the early 70s, it was a flop.
    3) Jews are heavily involved in cosmetics industry, they stand to profit.
    4) the media is going to do another big PR push to get this going. They make a bundle on cosmetic ads ( as they do on booze cigarettes and drugs).
    5) it serves the degenerate agenda.
    6) it further demasculizes men.

  2. Traditional cultural norms are destroyed through gradually softening attitudes towards their weakening. Gradualism leads to decadence that extols what is unnatural, and then tries to pretend those perversions are truly natural. Inversion of societal norms, norms often based on what is true in our nature, leads to chaos and societal erosion precisely because the inversions are based on lies. Truth builds and sustains what is good, lies only poison and destroy good.

  3. Jack Sparrow wore makeup. So did the guys from Motley Crue. The chicks really seem to dig that. But eye shadow and rouge wouldn’t enhance a ruggedly handsome face like mine (?)

      • Make-up really is evil tho, i was at the grocery store the otherday and i saw some young hutterite women and after seeing so many makeup bimbo whores in my life it was very calming to see a woman with practically none on makeup= slutty and deceitful

  4. Yuck look at those disgusting tats, I don’t trust anyone with that many tattoos tranny or non tranny something occultic bout tattoos

    Shane dawson is a huge fag too he came out a year ago as bi sexual after dating a jewess. I’m not even surprised youtubes most famous channels are all queers and heebs

  5. All that dude? needs is a brossiere and some manties and he can be a Victoria’s Secret model. What a grotesque creature! If you thought Boy George was hideous, then you have to be recoiling in horror at the sight of that monstrosity. Just in time to terrify the children during Halloween! I am sure some kindergarten teacher is busy recruiting The Thing to give a presentation on diversity, inclusion and how to further erode gender identities.

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