New York Times: Charlottesville Lawsuit Puts Rising Intolerance On Trial

I went to Charlottesville.

It was one of a series of Alt-Right rallies and speaking events in 2017.

Let me tell you the truth about Charlottesville as an eyewitness of that event.

New York Times:

“The most sweeping lawsuit against the promoters of the Charlottesville white power rally has been churning toward trial for two years, ever since hundreds of white supremacists and Nazis staged a torch-lit march that sparked a weekend of violence.

In that time, lawyers have been methodically pursuing a case that could demonstrate how to use the courts to combat extremism in an age when the internet has provided a global megaphone for ideas once limited to an isolated fringe.

The outcome is not a foregone conclusion. A closer look at the legal strategy in the lawsuit, known as Sines v. Kessler, illustrates the hurdles involved in putting hate and intolerance in the dock, with members of the far right habitually citing the First Amendment as their shield. …”

The fake news media wants to “put rising intolerance on trial.” That’s the narrative.

We went to Charlottesville to oppose the removal of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments. The League of the South had gone to many other places like New Orleans in 2017 to oppose the removal of Confederate monuments. That’s the truth.

The idea was to exercise our First Amendment rights and to defy the mainstream media and boldly stand up for what we believe in as honorable Southern White men. Although we paid a very heavy price for having the audacity to go into Charlottesville, a Virginia judge recently ruled that Charlottesville has no right to remove the Confederate monuments.

As always happens these days when anyone on the Right holds any kind of public event, violent Antifa groups showed up to disrupt the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Even though the organizers of the Unite the Right rally had procured a federal court order to host the rally, the event was disrupted by Antifa and thrown into chaos because the state police and local police deliberately allowed it to happen to get the result that they wanted.

This was all exposed in the Heaphy Report which was an independent review conducted by a former federal prosecutor who was by hired by the City of Charlottesville to determine what went wrong that day. It was also exposed by the local media. Both sides who attended the event that day as well as bystanders have all said that the police showed no interest in maintaining order. This has become a common occurrence with rightwing events in leftwing strongholds like Berkeley and Portland. It is what happened that day in Charlottesville as well.

Two months later, the same groups who went to Charlottesville held another rally in Shelbyville, TN. The White Lives Matter rally was peaceful and uneventful because it was held in a jurisdiction that wasn’t a leftwing hothouse. The police did their jobs and there were no issues. Just as The New York Times cannot be trusted to report the news rather than give you the narrative, the lesson of Charlottesville is that leftwing cities can’t be trusted to uphold law and order and protect the First Amendment rights of every American regardless of their political leanings.

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  1. If the Charlottesville defendants believe that they will receive a free trail in the (((courthouse))) of Norman “Kangaroo Court” Moon, then they haven’t been paying attention.

  2. Brad, if someone investigated just who the “antifa” were, you would find that they belong to organized Trotskyite, and other organized radical communist-socialist groups. They stirred the pot, and they caused the riot.

    If I recall correctly, the Irish Roman Catholic who was Governor of Virginia at the time had a political pal of his, another Irish Roman Catholic who was head of Virginia’s public safety department. This potato nigger safety director, if I recall correctly, testified that he was following orders from the Governor, and preventing the VA State Police from enforcing the law and stopping a riot.

    Let’s not forget that the President of the UVA, another Irish Roman Catholic had been stirring the pot too. She had been widely quoted making inflammatory statements prior to the Charlottesville debacle. I bet she has a red past. A former Trotskyite?

    I’m sure your lawyers are considering all of the facts and all of the players.

    • Former VA governor Terry McAuliffe is best known as a DNC operative and crony/fixer/henchman for the Clintons.

      • The IRA is a Trotskyite organization, and I don’t doubt the an Irish Roman Catholic politician in the US has connections, either political or family to either the IRA or the Trotskyites, or both.

        That’s the way it is.

  3. Don’t forget that the state actors involved are all guilty of Federal felonies under US CODE title 18 sections 241&242. Also, you can sue them under a 1983 civil action and I would also seek Federal charges against Antifa under US CODE title 18 section 241 aka conspiracy against rights. See how they enjoy being a guest of the gulag.

  4. HW, great post!

    The actual truth about what really happened in Charlottesville is a revolution in itself because of all the liberal dogma believed by everyone on the Left. Hope the lawyers for the Right can present a compelling case against Antifa and the rest of the violent ones on the Left. There are videos that show the violent acts by the Leftists which disproves that there was violence only coming from the Right.

  5. So, according to the jewspaper of record, the Jew York Slimes, a thing called ‘intolerance’ is now on trial. Not a crime, mind you, but an alleged thought-crime. The last time that thought crimes were put on trial was in the China of Chairman Mao and in the Soviet Union under Stalin.
    Wonderful. At least we still have the Constitution, huh?

  6. It would have been better if the torch light procession had been a purely Southern Nationalist event.
    And had been the only thing that had happened in Charlottesville.

    Further street activism, if there is to be any at all, in future, needs to expound on the Confederate Summer of 2015.

    Things would have been different if 5k Normies had marched through Charlottesville carrying signs that said; “End Reconstruction, end the War.” The national Jewsmedia would have refused to report on it, like they did in 2015. But it would have had its effect.

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