Superheroes Are Jewish Bugman Feed

If superheroes are nothing but Jewish fantasies for bugmen, what does that make the enemies of superheroes? Is cheering on the villains anti-Semitic?

The Times of Israel:

Alma via JTA — Over the past decade, comic books and superheroes have become a staple for mainstream pop culture. But did you know that they are super Jewish?

The industry was created by Jews who were prevented from working at American newspapers in the 1930s by anti-Semitic quotas. And these creators did not shy away from their Jewishness, taking on Jewish issues like the Holocaust and domestic anti-Semitism through their art.

With the rising popularity of the industry, more and more Jewish superheroes were created, and some pretty cool Jewish women emerged as some of the most recognizable characters on the planet. …

Kate Kane was introduced to DC Comics in July 1956. In the early 1950s, a psychiatrist claimed that Batman was gay due to his relationship with Robin. DC was just a bit homophobic and scared of tarnishing Batman’s reputation. So Robin was removed from the spotlight and Batwoman started to appear.

Little did that psychiatrist know that in 50 years, in 52 Volume 1 Issue #7, Batwoman would be reintroduced as a Jewish lesbian woman. Yes, really!

In every iteration and alternate universe since her reintroduction in 2006, Kane has been a proud lesbian Jew. In one, she lived during World War II and spent her time taking down Nazis with other amazing Justice League women. In others, she has celebrated Hanukkah with her girlfriend and Shabbat with a young Jewish girl in 1940s Berlin. …”

Batwoman will flop.

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  1. The superhero story is about venerating the misunderstood outcast who should be respected but the goy masses are too stupid and dangerous so he has to be reclusive and save them from the shadows while avoiding the incompetent government. Or at least it was in the original iterations, but now you see that many of the new stories show the superhero connected to shadowy government-run groups who are essentially good and noble other than a few bad apples. But like the superhero these government agencies are also operating from the shadows and fearing the goyim who are too stupid and violent to know what is in their best interests.

    The idea that a hero has to be in the shadows and an outcast from the society he is ostensibly helping isn’t very honest, I think it is the source of the resentful nerd archetype who grows his ego secretly while not improving himself in any measurable way to the outside world. In most of these superhero stories it makes more sense to see them as stories about lonely men who have power fantasies to help them deal with their unfulfilling lives without changing — “stopping crime” by beating up a bunch of guys about to kill a hot woman who then loves you forever for saving her makes more sense as a fantasy scenario a loser has and such scenarios are a very common part of these stories.

    I think it’s time to admit that movies and TV and comics and songs all contain implied messages that are bad for you and are designed to damage your ability to be effective in society and to develop as a person. I’m very disappointed to see how many people in these circles are still lapping up the prole feed (joker movie, kanye grift) and acting like it is somehow neutral if not good. Ask yourself: why did radio, movies, tv, internet get developed so fast after WW2 to the point literally every family had a tv by the 70s? Could it have something to do with the Jews? Were goyim simply too stupid to develop TV or did they naturally understand that these things would destroy the story-telling bonding of the extended family and ruin society?

  2. It’s a disgrace, that anyone over the age of 8 pays any attention to these fantasy nonsense stories. Our history is filled with people of epic valor, and they are REAL !

  3. Comics could be used to teach and they have been in the past, with great success. However, those controlling the media and distribution have made sure that it goes to the most absurd fantasies and never to anything practical.

    Age of the Eloi, soon to be food for the Morlocks.

  4. Superhero tales are about everything that Jews aren’t, getting revenge on the more physically attractive and stronger Goyim who reject them. Not about characters who fight for survival and honour, or out of loyalty and love for people, place and home.Which is why they don’t appeal, or make much sense to, mentally healthy and adjusted people.

    King Arthur and his knights didn’t need “to show them,” or make them “feel sorry.” Neither did the heroes in Lord of the Rings.

    However, Captain America was a crypto-Jew who became an Aryan superman, so that he could fight other Aryan supermen, and really “show them.” Which is what every story about every “hero” in comicbookdom is really about, ad nauseum.

  5. I sort of like the comics put out by George Lincoln Rockwell including the adventures of Cybil Wright,Whiteman and Captain Aryan is my memory serves me correctly. Ark Haven has it own brand of superheroes put out by Vox Dei.

  6. Seems superman likes open borders alot after seeing DCs twitter feed today, I wonder if superman likes neocon wars and Israelis genociding Palestinians and Syrians?

    I can’t wait for prager u’s superman supports Israel 100% video I actually like comic books heros still despite their Jewish origins but its a hard habit to kick my nerd brain can’t stop consuming capeshit products I guess I’m no longer allowed in the enthostate anymore…

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