The Atlantic: Pope Francis, Revolutionary, Takes On The Traditionalists

The Atlantic is gushing over Bergoglio.

The Atlantic:

“Pope Francis has helped open the door to allowing married men to become priests, albeit in just one region of the Amazon for now. He has made environmentalism a major focus of his papacy. Yesterday he gave a shout-out to Greta Thunberg and thanked journalists for doing their jobs, rather than calling them enemies of the people. He’s decried income inequality and nationalism and spoken out on behalf of gay people, Muslims, immigrants, and the poor.

This pastoral approach has made him one of the clearest and most humane voices crying out in the wilderness today. Has it also made him a revolutionary?

Yesterday, Francis wrapped up a month-long synod, or meeting of bishops, at the Vatican dedicated to the Amazon, a region the bishops called “a wounded and deformed beauty, a place of suffering and violence.” Their list of recommendations to the pope is nothing less than an environmentalist manifesto, in which they recommended that destroying the environment should be considered a sin. (Their requests are nonbinding but set a tone; Francis said he will try to respond to them before the end of the year.) …”

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  1. This guy is just a SJW with a robe. He totally misses the point of the church in the first place. Its to save souls, not so much the Amazon. Thats important, but not the point of the Church. He is spurring a lot of rebellion against. him.Those guys that threw those idols in the Tiber, are undoutably just the beginning of it. They got considerable support from a lot of Catholics.

    The Catholic Church has a very long history, and has many bad popes, including murderers, fornicators, etc. Hel just be considered another one one day. Christianity has had bad times before, it will survive this too. Im not Catholic, and I understand this.

    • If Christianity has a future it will be among the Orientals of the Far East. It’s pretty much run its course here in the West. Good riddance.

      • Wrong as always, Spawn. And don’t come crying to us, when the Restoration happens.
        Shadow, you need to read Ann Barnhardt. One feisty little Catholic convert!

        “A textbook Catch-22. You’re damned if you follow Bergoglio because he is an apostate , AND you’re damned if you don’t follow Bergoglio because “he’s the Pope.”

        This is SHEER, UNADULTERATED MADNESS, and this is why the girl is absolutely going to go to the Eastern Orthodox if this irrational lie is not corrected, because she thinks that the truth is what the Trad Inc. partisan says, and thus the girl is convinced that the One True Church is a crock. Because nothing that is built upon a foundation of an obvious violation of the Law of Non-contradiction can possibly be “true”.


        Would someone reach out to the girl shown here declaring that she is going to the schismatic Eastern Orthodox and explain to her that Pope Ratzinger’s putative resignation was canonically invalid twelve ways from Sunday and thus Pope Benedict is the one and only living Pope, and has been since April ARSH 2005? ”

        I can respect her sincerity, but her theological, historical, and sacramental views are utterly BOGUS. Rome as the ‘one true Church’ hasn’t existed since at least 1791….. but most agree, it broke from Orthodoxy (and NOT the other way around) sometime around 1100 A.D.

      • The future of Christinsanity is in Africa. The majority of the world’s practicing Christards today are Blacks in Africa. Evangelicalism has been pushed heavily by Zionists and the CIA as a counter to the counter-semitic Socialist and Communist tendencies that used to dominate African politics. It has realigned that continent with Zionism.

        Very few of the world’s practicing Christians – almost none outside Jewmerica – are White. If you leave out all the Europeans who call themselves Christians in surveys for cultural reasons, Christianity is just as non-White a religion as Islam. Of course in its origins Christianity was ALWAYS just as non-white as Islam, but was violently forced on White people by Jews and Jew-addled psychopaths who destroyed the superior Pagan religions of ancient Europa.

    • shadowbass,

      Those bad popes you mentioned all had the sins of men but Francis with his heresy, idolatry, and apostasy has the sins of the devil since he represents a direct attack on God.

        • November,

          I have only heard of Kirk through this website. He sounds like a worm. I can promise all men reading this website that the worse thing a man can be in my eyes and every girl I know is a worm.

          Did not Jesus not condemn worms with his speech on being neither hot nor cold but lukewarm?

          If men expect to have higher privileges then they have to earn it through leadership and bravery. Charles Kirk sounds like neither. Am I being too harsh on him or too lenient?

          • Cristina,

            Too lenient.

            Both Francis and Charlie Cuck are judas goats. In a just world, they would be given a paralytic agent, so they could be eaten alive by hogs.

        • November,

          You have quite the imagination with your hog comment pertaining to Kirk. Burning at the stake is a traditional medieval manner of punishment for the worse criminals.

    • Bergoglio is not a bad pope. The problem is that he is a good pope, a perfect representation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church which is liberal to the core.

  2. I’m a traditionalist Catholic and I’ve always believed the church needs to return to pre-Vatican II(true christianity). I do however believe priests and nuns should be allowed to get married and have children. As for the current Pope and his mud minions they will all be burning in Hell. Catholicism/Christianity is the White European man’s religion based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ who came to earth as God in the flesh. Notice how the Vatican is in Rome not Ghana, Martin Luther came from Germany not El Salvador, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity is found in Russia, Serbia, and Greece rather than Pakistan, India, or China. The Gospel was meant for people of European descent not for brown savages.

    • Paul was instructed to go to Europe, he never preached to Arabians or Nubians or Chinese. He could have, but he didn’t.
      This becomes even more clear when you look at the books Luther didn’t like (for some idiotic reason), 1 and 2 Maccabees state the ancestral link between Israel and Sparta.The writers could have easily claimed kinship with the millions of Arabs living near them at the time, but they didn’t, because they were not like them.

      • “1 and 2 Maccabees state the ancestral link between Israel and Sparta” … huh, so is this where the Church’s predilection for priest-altar boy love comes from, the institutional pederastic sodomy of Ancient Sparta?

    • You are right. Jews originally invented Christianity as something to be forced on those of European descent in order to weaken and destroy them and wipe out their traditional cultures. The globalization of Christianity resulted from Jews seeing potential threats to the power from non-white parts of the world too. The Jews recognized that worshipping a dead Jew or in the modern Evangelical forum, openly worshipping the Jews and Israel, is a belief that everyone needs to learn because nobody would ever challenge Jews then.

    • Sorry bud, but Christianity isn’t white, especially Catholicism. The church’s only growth is among non-whites while whites are leaving it in droves. It’s huge in Vietnam, Latin America, and Africa for a reason. They are the only people still dumb enough to believe it. In 10 years time, what % of Catholics do you think will even be white? Will it even be 15%?
      FYI The only reason the vatican is in Rome is because the religion started in the middle east but grew using the Roman Empire, then it kinda stayed in Europe and the ME due to lack of technology. It has nothing to do with the gospel secretly being for whites only. That is a truly retarded claim and every Christian scholar who has ever lived would call you a heretic for that statement.

  3. Even a nice guy like EMJ wants to burn bergoglio at the stake for Heresy…so glad I’m embracing Orthodoxy(ROCOR).

  4. The next pope will be black as coal from Africa. Las Vegas should have a betting line on the race of the future pontiff.

      • fr4nz.liszt,

        From what I can recall from when the cardinals elected Francis, there was a lot of speculation that the front runner was some cardinal from Africa.

        Perhaps Francis’ papacy was is being used to make the first black pope palatable.

    • November,

      The way things are going it would not surprise me. But then the Church is an universalist organization.

  5. I’ll be back in a couple years when you guys wash the demons from your eyes and realize all this spiritual mumbo-jumbo is stupid, feminine, and does nothing to address the current problems we face in the real world, not some mythical Judean world that died 2000 years ago. The retreat into Christianity is the worst optics ever.

    • So much fucking this.

      Literally the last people who will ever be brought on board with white nationalism are strong-belief practicing White Christians. Every study has shown that they are the least racially aware people and biggest race-mixing scum on the planet. The only pro-white normie Christians are racist rednecks and other cultural Christians. Outside the US practicing white Christians basically don’t exist which is why nationalism is much stronger and support for Israel much weaker in other countries.

      • Terrible Tommy Metzger’s on religion’s anti-racialism; “If God made black and brown people, then why shouldn’t your white sons and daughters make more of them”

  6. Pope faggot at it again just like all the other Popes, Hitler embracing and trusting the Roman Catholic church was a huge mistep he saw power pomp and royalty so no wonder he got duped

  7. Couple of things. First, The Catholic Church after World War II actively went after anything that it considered “Fascist”–keep in mind these people were the Church’s friends. Second, it played footsie with Communists (Alinsky Groups in Chicago, Marxist Regimes/Rebels in Central/South America). The “Conservative” John Paul II proved to be a Cuckservative. Benedict couldn’t control the Homosexuals and the Marxists, and therefore was forced out.

    Second, the autism among Traditionalist Catholics is turned up to eleven. At one time, I had some sympathy for them. However, as a rule these people are as a rule very odd. EMJ is not a Traditionalist Catholic, he attends a Novus Ordo Parish.

    Third, much like the Cuckservative Evangelicals and Mormons the Catholic Church in America is using its contingency plan. Which of course is POC Immigrants from the third world. This is unsustainable and you can expect collapse.

  8. Barnhardt is correct in that Francis is not the real pope. Pope Benedict XVI is actually the real Pope. Real as in legal and valid. Benedict XVI is the legal and valid Pope, Francis is an illegal and invalid pope, a usurper. Barnhardt is correct about that.

    But Barnhardt is mistaken in that she thinks if only Benedict XVI were to take back the papal throne from Francis the usurper The Church will be Whole again. Barnhardt overlooks the fact that Benedict XVI is also, like all the other Vatican II Novus Ordo popes, an ANTI-Christ type pope. Barnhardt gets too caught up in the pilpul legalistic dare I say rabbinical aspects of Church law in regards to papal legitimacy. She focuses on the letter of the law and totally overlooks The Spirit of The Law and In Spirit Benedict XVI is not a real Pope either. In Spirit and In Truth Benedict XVI is an ANTI-Christ type pope, like Francis is an ANTI-Christ pope, like all the other Vatican Two Novus Ordo popes were ANTI-Christ type popes.

    Like we have politicians who pretend to be “conservatives” Benedict XVI pretended to be a “conservative” Pope, but he was NOT conservative at all. Like the “conservative” politicians he’s not really opposed to Leftism, he just wants to introduce Leftism more slowly than the outright Leftists. He likes Leftism he just doesn’t want to be too obvious about it. No different from the cuckservative politicians. Benedict XVI is NOT a traditional Catholic. If one only reads Barnhardt one would think that Benedict XVI represents traditional Catholicism. [ Personally, I think Barnhardt is a JEW, IMO ].

    Montini [ Pope Paul VI ] was also a JEW. He was a COMMUNIST JEW and an active HOMOSEXUAL.He named himself “Paul” not after Saint Paul but after his HOMOSEXUAL lover whose name was Paul. Montini was close friends to the JEW COMMUNIST Saul Alinsky and many other JEW COMMUNISTS. Montini was the pope from 1963 to 1978. Pope John XXIII was most likely a FREEMASON. Pope Pius XII, many people think he was the last true Pope of The Church. It’s a long story but he paved the way for the Second Vatican Two Novus Ordo council.

    Maybe Pope Pius X was the last true Pope of The Church. [ And there’s some evidence that even he wasn’t a true Pope. Long story that involves intricate Catholic theological matters ] Though after Pius X it is obvious all the popes after Pope Pius X are NOT real popes. I think Francis is really a JEW, a donmeh JEW, a Frankist or Sabbatean JEW, whatever you call Jews who push Islam on the West. Francis likes Islam a lot more than he likes Catholicism. He likes Judaism a lot more than he likes Catholicism. He hates traditional Catholics and the word “hate” is not too strong, it’s an appropriate word to use. He had traditional Catholics in Argentina arrested and thrown in prison. Many of them were tortured in prison and quite a few died in prison from the torture. When he was the Jesuit Superior General in Argentina. He doesn’t care very much for conservative White Americans either, he supports Hillary Clinton and her ANTI-White-Race COMMUNIST ilk and wants to see the United States inundated with unending millions of third world immigrants with no end to the massive invasion.

    I read Ann Barnhardt but I take what she says with a grain of salt. She has a tendency to get overly pilpul and legalistic, she’s like a JEW rabbi that way. She’s goes overboard with the legalistic stuff. And if anyone isn’t as knowledgeable about Church Law as she is, even if you’re a layman and don’t know every detail of Church law as it pertains to The Holy See, such a one is very suspect and is probably headed for Hell. It’s a bit much. She’s very rabbinical that way. With the papacy she’s very legalistic, yet she promotes the novus ordo “mass” which is an ILLEGITIMATE Mass, is NOT the real Catholic Mass. If I didn’t take Barnhardt with a grain of salt, if I took her seriously, I would become an Old Order Mennonite. Old Order Mennonites are my favorite Protestants. One is better off being an Old Order Mennonite than having anything to do with the Vatican Two Novus Ordo church. In Spirit and In Truth Benedict XVI is NOT a real Pope, was NEVER a real Pope.

  9. Hitler didn’t care for the Roman Catholic Church — and neither did Mussolini. Hitler got duped by Mussolini not the Catholic Church. If anyone duped Hitler it was Mussolini — and although Mussolini was an Italian, Mussolini did not like the Catholic Church and wasn’t really a Catholic. It was Mussolini and his antics playing big shot “Reincarnation of Julius Caesar” which caused Hitler so many problems. Mussolini invading Greece caused Hitler massive problems and greatly slowed down and weakened Germany’s war effort. Mussolini did that to Hitler, NOT the Catholic Church.

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