Wired: The Glorious Victories of Trans Athletes Are Shaking Up Sports

Good evening, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Today it is the awesome transgender girls WHO ARE TAKING OVER WOMEN’S SPORTS:


“Transgender athletes are having a moment. At all levels of sport, they’re stepping onto the podium and into the headlines. New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard won two gold medals at the Pacific Games, and college senior CeCé Telfer became the NCAA Division II national champion in the 400-meter run. Another senior, June Eastwood, has been instrumental to her cross-country team’s success. At the high school level, Terry Miller won the girls’ 200-meter dash at Connecticut’s state open championship track meet. …

These recent performances are inherently praiseworthy—shining examples of what humans can accomplish with training and effort. But as more transgender athletes rise to the top of their fields, some vocal opponents are also expressing outrage at what they see as transgender athletes ruining sports for cisgendered girls and women. …”

Nowhere are the debates around transgender rights as stark as they are in sports, where the temptation to draw a hard biological line has run up against the limits of what science can offer. The outcome, at least so far, is an inconsistent mix of rules that leaves almost nothing resolved. …

Where to draw the line between inclusiveness for transgender athletes and fairness for cis ones is an ethical question that ultimately requires value judgements that can only be informed, not decided, by science. Even basic notions of a level playing field aren’t easy to codify. Which means that at some point the question of who is a woman becomes a cultural inquiry: How athletically outstanding can a girl or woman be before we no longer see her as female? …”

Science can’t tell us the difference between men and women. There are hard limits to what science can say about that question. Life has never been fair so all these women complaining about these weird men are taking over women’s spaces in society need to shut up about it. The Woke Professor has established that all of these objections are white supremacy.

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  1. I find it hilarious that intelligent people are actually taking this deadly serious and presenting well researched and reasoned arguments for each side (yes, they exist, I’ve seen them), rather than treating it with the derision that it deserves. A man is not a woman, end of, and no amount of hormone therapy can change that.

  2. A man is not a woman and a woman is not a man but I’m kinda enjoying men taking over women’s sports. For the last 50 years women have been forcing themselves into traditionally male activities and demanding to be accepted in male activities. Now it’s women’s turn to know how it feels to have the opposite sex usurp their female activities. The same women now crying about men taking over women’s sports totally support women forcing themselves into men’s activities and taking over what was always traditionally male activities and pushing men out of men’s activities. I have no sympathy for the women. If men take over their female sports totally I wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep over it. I would actually enjoy it, I know I would.

    Daily Stormer says that all men should declare themselves to be “women”, we would certainly have more legal rights and more privileges if us men just say we’re “women”. That would be a Hoot! It would definitely turn everything upside down and would go a long way to ending the [ unearned ] sense of entitlement so many women have.

    Daily Stormer [ I happen to like Daily Stormer ] Daily Stormer has The Correct View about this subject matter.

      • Are so dumb, spahnranch, that you can’t see this post is agreeing with the Occidental Dissent article?

        You truly are the stereotype of the angry, low-IQ, nigger-like wignat moron.

        Do you have your plastic stahlhelm polished up and your cuckbox ready for some more exciting trailer park action? One suspects that you weigh at least 300 lbs, too.

  3. I have very mixed feelings about this issue. For decades, the Jew overlords have preyed on the emotions of women, telling young women that can “have it all” . They women can do anything and everything a man can do, Which is a lie. So this is poetic just in a sense; if women can “be men” why can’t men “be women”? It’s bitterly funny.

    However – young women are being badly abused, just like young men, for other reasons, because generations of adults ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN. Young female athletes rarely receive correct and san social messages and support. It’s not their fault, and they are getting SCREWED by the Jew destruction of Cultural Marxism aka total Nation Wrecking in EVERY Way by the Kike demons.

    • The jews are a virus, madam. As such, they cannot infect a healthy host, only one that is already sick and weakened.

  4. Remember the “good old days” of (19) ’76 when the very first whif any of us, who were at the time alive and aware enough to notice, got that such “transsexual” freakishness was even a remote possibility, to say nothing of a reality, was when healthy, clean American white girls on the U.S. national Olympic swimming team began to leak out that they had mistakenly entered the male locker room to change for competition as a group (a competition they were heavily favored to win), only to shortly realize that in fact they had rightly entered the women’s locker room after all? Back then the Communist East Germans were pumping their female athletes full of anabolic steroids, and had been for several years, essentially turning them into wonderwomanny (man-like) freaks who cared little for honing their skills and techniques, and instead relied on sheer (male) strength, endurance and power to dominate their opponents in the water.


    Oh how I long for “the good old days of ’76”!; days when most Americans still had common sense enough to not only recognize this was cheating by the Commie East Germans for the sake of victory at all costs, but cheating at the expense of the lives and future health of the naive young girls they were subjecting to these unnatural treatments. And, furthermore, when a majority of Americans (or at least a large proportion of Americans) still had sense enough to realize that Commiei-sm and this sort of thing go hand in glove. Hint, hint!

  5. There is a decent argument to be made (by the rules of Clown World) for men to start identifying as, Masculine presenting transgendered Lesbians. “How dare you say I have a penis, it’s a masculine clitoris! How dare you question my truth!”.

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