Charlie Kirk Gets Raped By Insurgent Groypers At Q&A At Ohio State

Editor’s Note: Critique is the right strategy. 😀

Charlie Kirk was on stage tonight at Ohio State University with his based black gay sidekick Rob Smith. Conservative liberalism was assaulted by the Groypers:

Skip ahead to 43 minutes:


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  1. Ribbit =”Hate speech ” by tpusa, new york slimes, and washington compost.

    Augustus Invictus needs to confront charlie cuck on the “culture war” tour.

    The Strong Gods are awakiifrom their 74 year old hibernation.

    • Invictus once threatened to beat up Castizo Nick, who responded by running away like a little girl. I’m sure Small Face Charlie would do likewise if challenged by him.

  2. Poor dear Charlie and his Negro True Conservative Sodomite are just trying to be Americans. These horrible Groypers are just….horrible! Charlie and his coal black Conservative American boy pal true conservative are having a a difficult time with the evil racist homophobic Knaaazee Groypers. Who are just HORRIBLE.

    Heidi B is free, now. Perhaps he can help. Tell Charlie to get in touch with Heidi B.

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure tpusa will be in contact with the splc & adl to request more censorship.

      I’m getting a Lauren Southern vibe from this. Twitter might use this to get Fuentes kicked off twitter for abusive behavior off of the platform.

      • Fuentes uses Telegram more than Twitter. He probably knows his day are numbered on that platform. TPUSA will be deplatformed by its (((donors))) and voters.

        I’d call that a win.

        • Why would Charlie lose his donors or voters? Nick Fuentes, Patrick Casey/AIM both ENCOURAGE their people to vote GOP.

          If win trump wins in 2020, who do you think is going to get credit for it TPUSA or AIM/groypers? All credit will go to trump, the gop and their official networks, like tpusa.

          Nick and AIM boosting the gop is doing more to legitimize Kirk than their personal attacks will discredit him.

          Especially if your attacks are catty personality attacks, someone who likes trump isn’t going to care Nick wasn’t allowed into Charlie’s speech. They care about what trump is doing for them. Making it about you makes it very easy for Charlie to sidestep, and makes our differences not seem substantive but petty assblasted personal slights.

          If trump wins a second term we’ll be stuck with Charlie for another 10+ years. Even if trump loses, the only way Charlie loses his donors is if he went off script.

          AIM and Fuentes shat the bed, and ironically acted like the worst stereotypes of wignats. Undisciplined, self marginalizing circle jerk

  3. Israel Firsters, trannies, fags, based Negroes…..Toilet Paper USA is the fakest, gayest, most astro-turfed “conservative” organization I’ve ever seen!

  4. This was poorly executed.

    1) Why make this about Nick Fuentes?
    Making it about a personality gives an easy excuse to ignore future questioners. “This Nick guy is targeting my events for harassment.”

    Taking bets Nick will lose his Twitter verification for this, at the request of con inc. It also pigeon holes future nationalists questions to merely being Fuentes fans/stalkers.

    2) Patrick Casey making it all about him and basically asking people to Google him is foolish, again it makes it very easy to dismiss. Takes the weight out of the questions when it’s an identifiable group targeting events, as opposed to an organic groundswell of public consciousness.

    For lulz and bantz this was mildly amusing but dancing Israeli memes in this setting is stupid.

    There are so many populist positions to hit him on that would be very hard for him to answer.

    1) opiods, why hasnt Trump’s DOJ gone after the sachlers?

    2) why do conservatives pay lip service to ending affirmative action but is never prioritized or acted upon once in office?

    3) why hasn’t Trump’s DOJ gone after antifa and the local city governments who allowed them to run wild. The DOJ is who watches/polices the police, judges etc

    4) why does the gop oppose Medicare for all when we spend 300 billion a year on immigrants

    5) why hasn’t trump deported the 2.5 million illegals who already have their final deportation order?

    6) Trump reversed his position on e-verify, he said “it’s too tough” why doesn’t the GOP support e-verify?

    7) why does illegal immigration enforcement only include enforcement on the individual illegal and not the ngo’s who assisted them, or the business’s who hire them?

    8) Mexico can’t enforce it’s laws and cartels are running roughshod over the Mexican government, as a national security issue why haven’t we sent troops into Mexico to crush the cartels?

    9) with all the dead people and immigrants on our voter rolls, why hasn’t the trump administration purged the voter rolls?

    These are nine hard hitting populist questions Charlie can not answer and are not explicitly white questions. Charlie can’t answer them, because he’s not allowed to shill for anything that would help whites.

    If these Q’s & A’s continue Charlie will have an easy out to ignore the groypers. Groypers raped? I guess but all the talk of individual personality’s made it petty and desperate. Like a rapists trying to get his victim to kiss him while he’s forcing himself on them.

    *Rape is a terrible turn of phrase for owning someone. Very weak and forced.

    • The questions you listed are exactly the sort of thing we need.

      We cannot forget that Trump won on economic populism as well. Ignoring that and focusing 100% on social conservatism is a major mistake. Conservatives should be getting hit hard on both.

      I could care a less about these so-called “leaders” to be honest. “Leaders” like Casey are not very smart, promote terrible strategies and are mostly bandwagon hoppers who try to take credit for others ideas and strategies. Having said that I do support the guys getting up there and hitting Kirk and embarrassing that idiot.

      • @Ulfric

        Exactly. We will never be a purely materialist movement, nor should we be BUT if we don’t address people’s kitchen table issues they’ll never be able to imagine us taking them some place better.

        The top two reasons people gave for voting for trump was immigration and trade. With many people putting trade first.

        The GOP which has always been the party of big business even since Lincoln, they can’t follow through on economic populism. Not only is it a great place to hit to discredit them but it’s a great starting place for normies to start to view society as a collective. Once someone says themselves as part of a collective social conservative becomes easier, they stop feeling guilty about telling perverts (gays) to stay away from their kids, because you’re not hurting that pervs rights, you are protecting the rights of all the children

    • Strawman – you make a lot of valid points, and your questions are enpointe – but you aslo comes across, at times, as an Optics Retard.

      1) Why NOT make it about Castizo Nick? Nicky is being used as a symbol for all racially aware Whites. Kosher Kirk is castigating, trashing, and excommunicating all Whites, using Nicky as a stand in.

      2) The Groyper gents are doing this on their own, and I give them immense respect and gratitude. EVERY-ONE, especially ZOG, is against them. Do they need to improve their ways and means – yes – but they are so far ahead of every-one else it’s….tragic.

      I do not have the ability – the sheer time, really – to travel to a Kosher Kirk event. I bless every-one who challenges the Kirk Freaks. What are YOU doing to help them in real time? When are you going to show up?

    • Spahn,

      I think the his yid donors are going to make him convert(if hasn’t already), get circumcised by a mohel with Parkinson’s disease, and then marry the most kinky-haired Gilda Radner looking jewess on a kibbutz.

      • The Zhids won’t make Charlie do anything. He probably pays them. And he won’t mate with a Jew-ess. He’s already all in. His “mate” will approximate Golan Cipel.

    • He’ll get a raise. He handled them as well as any con could. I was surprised by how well he handled it tbh. You have to look at through the lens of who is targeted audience and how well they’ll receive it. The only questions he really struggled with was the child drag queen story hour.

      His response to the gays in the conservative movement was solid and the questioners shot themselves in the foot by making a declaration on homosexuality in con Inc, instead of teasing out the inconstancy in his position and making him answer for it.

      This Q & A was all performative and the questioners wore it on their faces. They postured themselves as combative, instead of having genuine concerns and/or issues

  5. Hunter I don’t want to tell you how to run your own website but can you please move away from /pol/ memes and image board culture? I associate that stuff with the failed alt-right and controlled opposition like the daily stormer.

    Serious and sincere discussion has stood the test of time while this ironic meme-based youth culture will ultimately disappear like all fads do.

  6. Poor Charlie, he is not used to being confronted especially multiple times in one night of grifting. Bad news Charlie, it’s only going to get worse for Conservatism, Inc. from here. Maybe Charlie needs to abandon the whole Conservatism grift thing and do a stage act with Lady Maga and his black, homo boyfriend, perhaps a new Three Stooges act?

  7. TPUSA is controlled opposition. Charlie Kirk is analogous to a CNN “personality,” offering false dialectic and rhetorical dog food. The funders have sent him to perform “youth outreach” to supplant White Christian culture. He is part of the second arm of a pincer manoeuvre, the first arm of which is the obvious progressive frontal attack, the purpose of which manoeuvre is to consolidate anti-Christian power.

  8. Israel is our greatest ally, and Trump is doing an excellent job promoting homosexuality in African countries. All you “gropers” are just jealous of my success. It’s your fault that you’re struggling.


    • I agree! LOVE YOU Charlie! Show those libturd nazi, WHITE supremacist, ANTIFA goons what AMERICA is all about! You are TRULY the voice of America’s youth, the fact that all the positive comments about you on the Internet are from literal boomers? Don’t worry the Internet is NOT reality!

      I have a great idea that you can pose at the next Young Jewish Drag Queen’s Leadership Summit! You should pressure congress to pass the “I LOVE ISR Act”. This will be a bill that takes away most of the thousands of billions we give away every year for welfare, food stamps, and other liberty-destroying communist programs that feed the mouths of worthless Appalachian white trash children (Blacks are victims of the DEM PLANTATION so they can keep their welfare until we teach them about hard work and voting Republican) and give it all to Israel instead!

      That way Israel will have the equipment needed to bomb those filthy homophobic arabs into tolerance and freedom! USA! USA! Bomb totalitarian shithole countries like Lebanon that, who cares if they have “elections”, aren’t really a democracy unless they have a huge Jewish financial sector and men naked on the streets whipping each other! And even better, we will save the world (and our WONDERFUL donor class!) from the Appalachians and their ridiculously high crime rates when we starve them all to death! Would it not make you prouder to be an American, who stands with our GREATEST ALLY, as we mutually fight together against common threats to traditional western values like capitalism, child drag queens and butt sex?

  9. When are they going to ask Kirk about Moshiach? Is loving Moshiach and putting out for Moshiach part of Kirk’s conservative values?

  10. Excellent points Strawman Akkad! Actually Nick Fuentes has directly told his listeners to not make it about HIM and to bring up issues such as your addressing in your comment. The sheep are only swayed by emotion as their reasoning faculties are extremely underdeveloped!

    “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few” – Hitler

    • Prediction: The last Republican pitch of the 2020 election will be “The other guy is worse”. This will be true but it may not be enough after Trump’s broken promises. OTOH the Democratic nominee will be some kind of freak such as Pocahontas or the Buttplug so there is that.

  11. Is anyone else completely sick of hearing about how “the troops fought for our freedom”? How murdering one million Iraqis for the Jewish globohomo empire was “fighting for your rights” and it makes you a “hero” for doing so? How people who chose to participate in this slaughter (and there hasn’t been a draft since the 70s – they CHOSE to murder innocent men, women and children for Zion) are deserving of automatic unconditional respect, rather than being viewed as the despicable cowardly killers they are?

    How are the ZOGbots making anyone, other than Jews, generals and capitalists, and maybe the occasional decadent worthless kulak like Charlie Kirk, safer or more free? Has anyone ever explained this?

  12. For better or worse Nick is seemingly the top leader of this thing right now. I think the best thing is ‘wignats’ can do is support him by exposing that Anglin and DS is latching on to the Nickers for personal gain and associating the good optics crowd with mass shooters

    • It really is crazy how much momentum the guy got and it’s interesting to see where it goes. I don’t think it will amount to any change politically since Trump won’t turn things around and by 2024 demographics will be shit. It sure is fun to see though. You are right about the DS though. It’s cringey to see Anglin suddenly shift gears and be all about Jesus now like he’s actually a Christian, and now he’s using all of their memes and supporting the attack of the GOP. He is just a character.

    • It does – UNTIL we are in a position to IMPOSE our will.

      My old man, used to say, you have to know when to throw a punch against the naked blade, that is the time, you will win !

  13. here is a conservative point of view from old.

    Women(??) who practice infanticide must have NO political and social rights !!

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