Baltimore FOP Release Video Of Savage Youths Brandishing Guns

Kang Elijah Cummings may be gone, but his legacy lives on in his kingdom in the crime-infested, rat-infested Africanized shithole that is Baltimore:

Far from representing “progress,” this could easily be a scene out of Lord of the Flies or perhaps the RUF liberation of Freetown in the Sierra Leone Civil War. Could you see one of these youths becoming a future General Butt Naked like in Liberia?

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  1. Yes, Baltimore is a complete mess that is beyond salvaging. The black areas there should be completely cleared out and the row houses demolished.

    • This little video is even more proof of DNA uber alles. The Negroes, when left to their own devices, they behave EXACTLY the way their racial in in Africa behaves.

      • I agree. Anywhere there happens to be a large concentration of blacks, the dysfunctional behavior and violence is identical.

        • That hopping they were doing was reminiscent of the Zulus in South Africa, except the spooks in Africa were “keeping it real ” with spears instead of handguns.

          How soon will it be, before feral urban or suburban coons begin to “necklace rivals in the West?

          • Whites must NEVER EVER EVER interfere when Negroes are ….ummm…interacting with their own kind. I once stopped a good, kind hearted, Great Big tough White man for interrupting a Negro Buck from beating the daylights out of a ghettorilla sow. He wanted to “save” the female. I kept talking long enough to prevent the White man from exposing himself to harm by involving himself in a vibrant cultural episode, that was NONE of his business. I do good work when I have the opportunity to do so.

    • That’s exactly what will happen, once Whitey starts to reassert his SUPREMACY over the inferior colored races.

  2. The Baltimore Sun, has a homicide chart for murders committed daily in the City.

    Search (Baltimore Homicides 2019) the names listed are not the Tyrone of Ireland.

  3. But but but Charlie Kirk says that Negro support for Trump is totally greater than support for Mittens and some other True Conservative Inc-er than ever before in history of everything…

    Perhaps the context of this video was misunderstood, and this was a scene from a celebration of Young Black True Cons, displaying their fervent support for tax cuts for Jew St, and Kurds Our Greatest Allies After Israel. That MUST be what we are seeing.

  4. “black areas there should be completely cleared out and the row houses demolished.”

    Section 8 will just move some to your area.

    Sure you want that?

    • Rich jew and gentile slumlords bring section 8 into stable neighborhoods because the government will always pay them on the first of the month.

      Of course, municipalities are the main culprits. The fact the the federal government has a cabinet secretary for housing and urban development says it all.

  5. HW – its good that you put Liberia, as an example….

    Just in case a white liberal cancerous tumour and/or a conservative slime ball on two leggs, happens to stray away from the MSM tit, and wonders in here.

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