From Universal Femaleness To The Universal Love of Polyamory

Good morning, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Today NPR has a book review on UNIVERSAL FEMALENESS:


“Simone de Beauvoir famously wrote that “one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman,” a claim I could imagine making writer and critic Andrea Long Chu roll her eyes.

At the very least, Chu has an update: “Everyone is female,” she writes in the appropriately titled Females, her first book, “and everyone hates it.” …

In Females — part memoir, part theoretical intervention — Chu explores and defends this claim about universal femaleness, perhaps as much to herself as to anyone else.

Of course, the “female” identity on which the book is based is admittedly less a biological condition than an existential one. … In other words, to be female — which, remember, we all are — is to not express your own desires, identity, personality but rather those of others, impressed upon you. And gender, it follows for Chu, is what people do to deal with the terrible fact of being female. …

Chu asks: Instead of something stable and inherent — known and knowable, and inescapable right down to our very souls — what if gender is an extension of who we want to be? What if this quality of wanting didn’t separate transgender people from cisgender people, but were instead a universal condition of gender itself? …

But no one is so close to Chu’s heart in Females as Valerie Solanas, the author and artist famous for writing the SCUM Manifesto, a radical text bent on eliminating the male sex (and for shooting and nearly killing Andy Warhol in 1968).”

Become Who You Are

As we saw yesterday, there is nothing that science can tell us about being male or female. There are hard limits to what it can say about that question. The truth is that there is no such thing as maleness or masculinity. In fact, we are all female because desire is feminine. Also, if we wish upon a star, then we can be whatever gender we want to be.

Today the Intellectual Dork Web site Quillette is PUSHING POLYAMORY:


“We need to talk about polyamory. It’s the biggest sexual revolution since the 1960s. It’s surprisingly common among Millennials and Gen Z. It’s often misunderstood and stigmatized by mainstream monogamist culture. Some people think polyamory is the best way to integrate sexual freedom, honesty, openness, and commitment. Others think it’s an existential threat to Western Civilization. …

The keywords here are “openness” and “sexual freedom.”

After the mainstreaming of transgenderism and gender fluidity, polyamory is the next logical step of the Open Society in throwing off all restraints on human sexuality in the name of the pursuit of individual freedom. Why can’t you choose to have multiple partners? If it feels good and makes you happy, why shouldn’t you be allowed to do it? Nothing else matters because there is nothing higher than your basest impulses anyway.

“Polyamorous or open relationships are usually based on “consensual non-monogamy“—the idea that relationships can be loving, committed, and serious, without being sexually exclusive. It’s a more libertarian approach to sexuality, in which people can negotiate custom relationships, like contracts between firms or treaties between countries,while still retaining some sexual sovereignty and freedom of mate choice. Polyamory takes freedom of association seriously—not just in social and political life, but in the sexual realm. If you can choose to have more than one child, more than one friend, and more than one work colleague, you should be free to choose more than one sexual partner. …

When I taught my university course on “Polyamory and Open Sexuality” in 2017, my undergrads were astonished that being poly was more common than being gay—even though most of them personally had more poly friends than gay friends.

Poly relationships can work very well for some people. I’ve been in a successful open relationship for five years, and we’re getting married next month. Poly people report relationship satisfaction as high as or higher than monogamous people, often with different partners fulfilling different needs. But poly relationships are hard for several reasons.  …

Poly doesn’t have a civilizational support system yet. We’re not brought up to know how it could work. It’s tough to be gay in a straight world; it’s tough to be a sex-positive woman in a slut-shaming world; it’s tough to be polyamorous in a monogamist world. Imagine if your culture’s norm was polyamory, and you were trying to invent monogamy from scratch, without any of monogamy’s religious, legal, cultural, or media infrastructure. You would probably have a high failure rate too.  …

Monogamous exclusivity reduces those incentives. As mating effort gives way to parenting effort, traditional married couples often get lazy about their intellectual, social, and political lives. By contrast, open relationships incentivize people to stay healthy, fit, creative, and funny, because they’re always in the mating market.” 

Polyamory is not just satisfying,

It is better than heterosexual monogamy. Polyamorous people are always in the mating market rather than in the “parenting effort.” Notice how thoroughly the language of liberalism and capitalism has penetrated the mindset of these people.

Polyamory is going mainstream, like it or not. You already have poly neighbors and coworkers, whether you know it or not. Many of your own kids are likely to end up in poly relationships. Many of you might end up in poly relationships, sooner or later. …”

I agree that polyamory is going “mainstream.”

There are absolutely no limits to liberalism. We laugh now at Piers Morgan identifying as a two-spirit penguin, but if Andrea Chua is right that gender is an expression of what we desire to be rather than some kind of nature grounded in our biology and everyone is female because men do not exist, then why can’t Piers be a two-spirit penguin?

Polyamory is a logical consequence of the Open Society like every step of the Sexual Revolution before it. It is another weakening of traditional Christian norms. It is yet another rejection of tradition and authority in favor of an expansion of individual freedom and pleasure and novelty seeking. You can find Geoffrey Miller at his website and on Twitter at @primalpoly where he spends his time as an evangelist for polyamory. Everyone it seems has to believe in something in life and this is what he has chosen to fill the void.

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  1. OH – so the surname Chu – I was going to make a racist comment about female Slants being bat shyte crazy, and I understand why their males are so brutal to them – because he MUST be – but then I looked up “Andrea” first.

    I’m glad I did? Ewww…

    It’s actually a tranny (Totally Repulsive Appalling Nutcase Nutbag Yikes!) ahhh….soon to be ex-make, born in North Carolina.


    It states is was raided “pretty Christian” – but I dunno. It’s giving off a very bagelly vibe, and sorry, dear Dixians, there’s loads of very odd DNA mixes in the Dixie DNA woodpile.

    Ya;ll used to produce so many brilliant artists and writers. Some of my very favorites! Day-yum!

    I’m going to bring up yugge large muscly Miss Chu (Choo? Joo? Dunno..this one is weird beyond the pale of WIERD. I can’t sniff it out, and…don’t want to…) EVERY time some Southron blames the Yanquis.

    Looking at YOU James Owen and Cowtown Rebel.

    • Dang, Ms Denise, learn to spell Y’all.

      And as I’ve said before. Yankees ain’t everybody from up North. Just the hostile, Left-wing types and their Jewish masters. I

  2. These “progressives” never stop to consider if any of the radical changes they want are good for society. Revolution for its own sake, tear it all down!

  3. Polyamory is essentially two yuppie type characters taking turns humping the gal that lives with them, until she comes up pregnant, then the paternity fight is on. And the “relationship” is over.

    But it ain’t anything Bubba an’ Skeeter will cotton to. They get any trim, and they’re keeping that shit to themselves. Not gonna share it with some other dude.

    Essentially, the common peasantry of Dixie and other rural areas of the former United States, are the repository of traditional Normal. The craziness of the Jews and their ostensibly White stooges just doesn’t click with people who are too busy living their lives in the real world of paycheck to paycheck.

    To them, all of this is just “stupid ass bullshit,” to use the common vernacular. And Chu is just a Ching Chong Chink to laugh at and poke fun at, between work, trips to the grocery store and Walmarts, and going to the lake or a cookout.

  4. I admit that I do not even understand this. The United States is a form of insanity. This website is a gold mine of information on the USA. I frequently print out articles and show it to family/friends/priests and my teacher of my religious class.

    The USA is unraveling fast. It is only a matter of time. Too bad that the USA has nuclear weapons and a military willing to kill for a society that would make Sodom and Gomorrah blush.

  5. By all genetic indicators, humans are made to be serial monogamists which to those who are unfamiliar with the term, means that humans engage or can engage in one monogamous relationship after another. In men you can compare genitalia to that of other primates, and with women you can compare their psycho-emotional health vis a vis the amount of men they have sex with.

    This article is trying to promote an unnatural lifestyle that encourages the R selection mating strategy vs the k selection mating strategy which is nothing but dysgenic.

    As a Millennial, this “common” polyamory is just complete propaganda as no one I know engages in polyamory and what contact remains between men and women they still are come in only two flavours: Relationships or hook ups (both casual or long term). Unless the author believes a friends with benefits arrangement is a polyamorous relationship, they are over-projecting the normality of this significantly probably to coerce the reader.

  6. Liberalism does still have some limits—to my knowledge, there is not yet a serious effort to mainstream pedophilia. Maybe in a couple of years, though.

    • Right after the j left ‘mainstreams’ pedophilia; how many month later will (((they))) push for beastiality? Didn’t they trot out the Madison Avenue slogan of “Love is love” to push homosexual marriage?

      Well, at least we aren’t speaking German and have the constitution.

  7. According to the gook Mizz Choo Valerie Solanas (a lesbian jewess who resembled Bob Dylan) was the ideal feminist?

    Yet more proof that Asiatics cannot be assimilated into Western society.

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