Israel First With Seb Gorka and Charlie Kirk

Seb Gorka spent the whole day butt goying on Twitter for the donor class about his outrage over anti-Semitism and Holocaust Fatigue:

Charlie Kirk went on his YouTube show to talk about it too.

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  1. If Fuentes is a Holocaust-denying grifter, Gorka is a Holocaust-highlighting grifter. I don’t care about either one of them, or the Holocaust, or Israel. From what I can tell, young people are tired of having Jewish concerns shoved in their face, as well. I’m surprised the geniuses haven’t caught on to the fact that trying to make someone with a name like “Fuentes” the poster boy of a supposed White supremacist threat is just retarded to the Nth degree.

  2. This shits funny as hell.

    Based beaner who hates White Nationalists and Israel, denies holohoax – vs – Based Vitezi Rend Hungarian Nazi sympathizer who sent jews to the roller coasters, hates White Nationalists,loves Israel and the holohoax.

    2019 in a nutshell tbh.

  3. My sniffer tells me that what is happening here with this now evolving Fuentes/Kirk/Culture War situation represents a new Zeitgeist that is forming rapidly and will be most interesting to keep our eye on the next little while! World-historical forces involved? Hmmmm? I noticed that Fuentes had about 3,000 more people watching the live show tonight versus this same time last night. Something to keep our eye on!

    • Like all their lies about Diversity and WWII the truth about these events is going to emerge at last, perhaps sooner than we think.

  4. I’ve listened to a lot Castizo Nick’s shows and there is nothing “disgusting” about him or his content. The worst I can say about the guy is that he is a Papist and sometimes a twerp. Hopefully Gorka and company’s hysterical denunciation of Fuentes will backfire on those asshole Israel Firsters.

    • Little Nicky has had his ups and downs, and remember – he’s very young. But I stand with him. He and his Fun Loving Groypers are doing brilliant work. And I don’t care what type of DNA one is comprised of, when denouncing and exposing the monstrous, decades-old, Humanity destroying kikenvermin global GRIFT called the Holohoax. The Enemy of the (((Enemy of Humanity))) is my friend and ally.


  5. The neo-con AM/FM radio talkers still (for the most part) talk up the neo-con part of Trump. Very seldom will you hear these talkers go off about immigration. Criticism of the jewish lobby? Forget it. Rush Limbuagh won’t speak even out really about immigration, even though he knows that is exactly why Trump was elected. Salem Radio always pushes the neo-con talkers on the radio. Mark Levin put caller after caller on his program who literally cried about Trump’s removal of US troops from Syria. Levin had his phone callers talk about it, because he didn’t want to sound anti-Trump. Disclaimer: Mark Levin endorsed Ted Cruz in the 2016 election. These neo-con talkers know if they cross certain boundaries, they are likely to lose sponsors (due to left wing boycotts) of national advertising accounts.

  6. Victims are not supposed to benefit from their suffering, if they are victims. The Jews have benefited, financially and with the long sought after historical goal of the creation of kyke state. Schemers, connivers?

  7. Gorka keeps mentioning Nick Fuentes. This is a double containment strategy. Charlie Kirk appeals to the dimwits while the more thoughtful are implored “Don’t listen to that evil Nick Fuentes.”

  8. People like Nick, through their goofy obsession with ‘optics’ and indifference towards working and associating with the morally reprehensible (I.E. Ashley ‘St. Clair’, Jacob Wohl.) Will become the very thing they seek to destroy.

  9. Slavish devotion to Jews and Israel and unquestioning support of Diversity are compulsory requirements to being a “true conservative”.
    Conservatives conserve nothing.

  10. the following video is dedicated to the koshervatives:

    (sponsored and payed for by the IDF)
    Israel kids write hate messages on rockets to Palestine kids

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