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  1. If she doesn’t make enough notoriety and money from this transition, I predict her next one will be more extreme: Randall, polyamorous Antifa soyboy.

    • Cameo is a site where you can pay “celebrity’s” to do short video messages.

      Most normies use it to have Bret farve wish a happy birthday to their Boomer dad

  2. Well at least she never accepted any of those offers to appear in pornographic films. So there’s that.

  3. She got an up close and personal look as Pookie and da brothas. That’s must have been like a horse size red pill on race. She is/was too unglued and hideous to be some spade’s ‘snowbunny.’

  4. Wow, I hope your wife doesn’t doesn’t go through the roof, Hunter! She was so frick- frackin’ angry when this goofball popped up several years ago. I van’t imsgine what she thinks now!

  5. This is confusing, in so many ways. Does the lust for fame and money really DO that to people?!? Apparently so.

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