VICE Guide To Sex: Bug Play aka Formicophilia

What do you think?

Have we surpassed the Weimar Republic?

Guess who doesn’t have to worry about YouTube censorship?

It is amazing what progressive liberals can do with bugs. They can drink them as Milk of the Cockroach. They can eat them as burgers. They can grow them in skyscrapers and snack on them to fight climate change while sharing their wives with other men to overcome jealousy. They can also use earthworms to … well, you probably don’t want to know.

Note: Conservative liberalism wants to conserve the liberal order.

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  1. If what’s being done with worms is anything like what phags used to do with gerbils, I don’t want to know.

  2. At least the Reichswehr (the German Army of the Weimar period) was still tough, professional and loyal to the Fatherland. Compare that to the laughably pathetic ZOG military that we have now. I remember reading in Mein Kampf that, according to Hitler, the decadent parts of 1920s Berlin were limited to only a few parts of the capital. And the jew foreign minister Rathenau was assassinated by German patriots in 1922. So yes, I fear that in some ways Trump’s America has surpassed its German predecessor in terms of depravity.

  3. Western Europe, Canada, and the USA left Weimar Germany in their rear view mirrors decades ago. Just the pornography by itself by the 70s exceeded the worse Weimar had to offer. It’s all straight down into undiscovered territory now. Hold on tight, and fasten your seatbelts. This will prove to be a turbulent time.

  4. Having watched this video of utter mental ilnes and debauchery, I have concluded that Hitler was 100% RIGHT, in almost EVERYTHING !!!

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