Rep. Katie Hill Delivers Her Adieu To Cruel, Misogynistic World

Actually, Rep. Katie Hill is leaving Congress after Nancy Pelosi told her to resign after verifying from her staffers that she did have the affair with Graham Kelly.

This makes her both a slut and a liar.

Kenny Heslep is like this right now:

Oh, and guess who is back?

In related news, Samantha who left Identity Evropa back in 2017 after having sex with multiple guys in the organization is back with a new CNN interview with Elle Reeve:


“They are bringing women into a movement that is at its heart, fundamentally misogynistic, which is dangerous in and of itself, but they’re also bringing women in who are supporting a movement that is, you know, geared toward the annihilation of non-white people, or the very least the segregation of white people from non-white people,” Reaves said. “I think that’s something that they’re going to have to reckon with.”

Samantha and her former IE friend both say the alt-right was like a cult, in that it separated people from their families and friends and demanded total ideological adherence. …”

Tell me about your radicalization:

Samantha’s problem wasn’t that she was a woman. It is not like she was someone’s wife. Neither CBS News or CNN told the single most important part of the story.

No, her problem was that she entered the Alt-Right as someone’s normie girlfriend to please her boyfriend, and then she broke up with that guy and worked her way up through the organization having sex with another higher status guy who became her boyfriend and at least one other guy. She had sex with at least three people in the same group during her time there.

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  1. Katie Hill is a “victim” after using everyone around her for her (and their) decadent pleasure? Give me a break!

  2. Plenty of men have destroyed their careers through sexual misconduct, so what’s she whining about?

  3. She kind of looks like a dude dressed as a woman in some of her pictures but we know she is female fer sure, don’t we?

  4. Has she offered any proof that it was her husband who leaked these photos. Also weren’t several of them posted voluntarily buy them on that Reddit.? Again

  5. When word spread among the IE guys that banged Samantha that she had a “slosher’ instead of a ‘snapper,’ she left a ‘snail trail’ out the door with what was left of her dignity cry crocodile tears to the jewsmedia. Maybe she’ll buy herself some self-esteem with the thirty pieces of silver she received.

  6. Don’t flatter yourself Hill, you’re a dork whose tits look like an empty wine bota. Your lesbian sex was probably just as sterile and passionless as your straight sex. The only value those pics had was Joe Biden hair sniff photoshops and schadenfreude.

    Vanity thy name is woman!

  7. I swear the white racialist movement has more drama than a teen aged stripper! Remember no matter how hot she may look there is another guy somewhere that is tired of her sh*t! The thing about putting women on pedestals is that pedestals often fall and crush you.Our side is good at seeing the fault in women but fail to realize this profoundly unnatural system under which we live has also changed the nature of men and not in a good way. How can Katie Hill engage in threesomes and then criticize the overly sexual society in which we live?

    • True. Succubus Christy Brinkley has been married umpteen times as has Angelina Jolie.

      Definitely good advice about not putting any woman on a pedestal. They don’t usually enjoy the view from there, and will usually return your cringe worthy praise by cheating on your simp ass.

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