UPDATE: The onslaught is still going on ..

UPDATE: Seb chickened out on taking phone calls and got massively ratioed.

UPDATE: So far he is just boring the audience which is flooding him with dislikes.

UPDATE: More bleeding …

UPDATE: Charlie Cuck is losing support from within his own organization by embracing homosexuality and transgenderism:

Will the disaffection spread any further?

Occidental Dissent is monitoring this developing news story. This is a battle in the culture war that the Right needs to be having.

On one side, you have Conservatism, Inc. and the mainstream Right, which is conservative liberal to libertarian in ideology, which is philo-Semitic and slavishly devoted to the interests of Israel, which is totally owned by wealthy Jewish donors like Sheldon Adelson, which is largely composed of Boomers and grifters like Seb Gorka who are oriented toward television and who are accustomed to venerating the Holocaust and Jewish values and expect this to continue for all time. Most recently, Conservatism, Inc. has embraced homosexuality and drag queens. The whole purpose of conservative liberalism is to absorb, stabilize and conserve leftwing social revolutions.

On the other side, you have the Dissident Right and the army of Groypers, which is authoritarian and nationalist and populist in ideology, which is anti-Semitic and totally opposed to the suffocating hegemony of OUR GREATEST ALLY over our foreign policy and Jewish influence over our culture, which wants to completely break with these Jewish donors, which is largely composed of Millennials and Gen Zers who were raised in a digital environment. These people have had it with conservatives like Gorka who do nothing but suck Jewish cock all day.

The FIGHT continues today at 3 PM ET on Seb Gorka’s Israel First YouTube channel. How many butt goy points can Seb accumulate by taking on the Groypers?

UPDATE: E. Michael Jones has chimed in …

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  1. Dis gon be goot.

    Gorka’s and Kirk’s brand of conservatism is no different from “progressivism” , except that it’s pro-Zionist and pro-Wall Street.

    And remember, goyim – you can deny Jesus as your lord and saviour but you can’t deny the “Holocaust” .

    • “And remember, goyim – you can deny Jesus as your lord and saviour but you can’t deny the “Holocaust” .”

      At least today, you can. But soon comes the day, and the latter won’t matter, but the former will burn like hell…..

  2. Cool. I am finally going to be able to be there. FYI – those pics of that “Negro Patriot Soldier” with his demented pale male “bride” in the super fag cape – that pics inspired a visceral rage in me that I don’t even understand. Publishing guidelines prevent me from expounding any further.

  3. I listened for a bit, but then Grifter Gorka made a comment about his Mod eliminating trolls – and I realized the trash has NO intention of debating any-one. Yet another scam. I am listening to Ed Dutton now,

  4. You can’t defend the Jews with reason, obnoxious name calling is a poor substitute for understanding and reason. Why did the Jews kill Gods only son? Why did they reject Christ and his teachings? Why, why a thousand times why. The question needs to be asked of every Jew and every Jew henchman until it is ringing in their ears.

    • Here’s a nice quote we should all know about:

      “In a 2017 article, Silverstein stated that for Israel’s nationalist right-wing:

      Judaism is not a spiritual value, it is a physical manifestation of power in the world. These Israelis understand that not all Jews are their “brothers.” Some Jews are too effete, too liberal, too humane, too universalist. These Jews are the detritus which will be washed away by the tide of history. Israeli nationalists need to replace these traditional Jewish allies and have done so by finding new ones: Christian evangelicals, African dictators, European neo-Nazis. Zionism as they define it is less a movement dedicated to ethics and more one dedicated to self-interest.”


  5. They are rapidly losing control of the narrative and they know it, the Charlie Cucks of the world are on borrowed time. Sheldon Adelson and his pals will one day cut off their money because that’s what you do with a bad investment, you stop throwing good money after bad.

  6. seb gorkas site is on a nose (hooked one??), dive….

    Down 50%

    It is the trend today.
    Who ever is a pretender, an anti-white an anti nationalist, puts israel next to America, they will be shunt, marked for their dishonesty/hypocrisy and pushed to the side of social discourse.

    It is clear that Americanism, traditional founding father’s Americanism is being adopted by White young Americans today.

    Things look good !

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