House Democrats Vote To Formalize Impeachment Inquiry

UPDATE: Tax Cuts 2 are on the line …

Because, of course …

Blompf’s impeachment is now underway.

I expect this formality will be wrapped up by Christmas.


“The House of Representatives voted Thursday 232-196 to pass a resolution formalizing its impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Just two Democrats voted no — Reps. Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.

Amid the debate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called it a “sad day.”

“It’s a sad day because nobody comes to Congress to impeach a president of the United States. No one,” she told reporters. “We come here to do the work, make the future better for our children, for America’s future. We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and that’s what we cannot ignore and will not ignore when the president’s behavior indicates that that investigation, that inquiry, is necessary.” …”

We’re not going to spend any time on this because it is going nowhere in the Senate. No one cares about this fake scandal but the Democrats. Blompf isn’t wrong about this being a WITCH HUNT. It is something the Democrats are doing to appease their rabid donors and base.

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    • He’s just a clown, acting the clown, in Clown world. And, yes, you’re right, being a Chief Executive Clown in Clown World isn’t an impeachable offense. Although my bet is that he will be impeached by the House, then mostly exonerated by the Clowns in the Senate. Welcome to Clown World Hell!

  1. It looks like the Dems are doing their best to help re-elect a weak, ineffective president. Their nominee will most likely be Fauxcahontas. It’s like they’re going out of their way to implode, and give Blompf an easy win. Unless the economy tanks, which is unfortunately possible.

    No matter who wins the election, financially we’re toast on a stick. The Fed’s “repos” are showing how unstable the dollar really is. As the market is flooded by money the Fed gifts to banks that prop up the markets, this is not a good sign, to put it mildly. A highly overvalued stock market based on money of little value needs more and more funding to keep propping it up as the currency gets further devalued through having more and more of it cycling through to prop up the value of the markets…. Until it can’t be done anymore. When that point will come, no one can say. It has sorta worked so far. Not well, but it beats bread lines.

    Blompf is using Obama’s phony unemployment and wage average calculations, the same ones he mocked in his campaign, to brag about how mighty “his” economy is doing. It’s all based on a mirage. It all works only as long as enough people believe that the “God Emperor” isn’t really naked. Once the first honest kid points and laughs at the wrinkled, orange, fat old man in his repulsive birthday suit, we’ll be in a major depression.

  2. unlikely it will happen, but it would be great

    for the hardRight

    if Drumpf were impeached, convicted, removed: because

    the Republiscam party would die right away, instead of

    during the mid-2020’s. Supposedly,

    Mittinz has rounded up about 10 Republiscam senators who’ll backstab Drumpf

    on a conviction vote. Which still leaves them c. 10 votes short.

  3. Pelosi and most of the Democratic politicians, and some Republican politicians, are very happy to go to Congress with the express purpose of Impeaching Trump [ based on a lot of lies ]. I don’t know who Pelosi thinks she’s kidding when she says no one is happy to go to Congress to impeach the president. She and all of her cohorts, both Leftist politicians and some cuckservative politicians, are very happy to go to Congress to impeach the president [ based on a lot of lies ].

  4. The Democrats couldn’t find any candidate capable of defeating Blormp in 2020 so this impeachment process is how they hope to get rid of him, even though they know it ultimately won’t go anywhere.

  5. Bronald Blumpf should own the democrats le epic style and become a democrat that way he can form his own impeachment inquiry on himself , 4d underwater chess

  6. May God damn that Bitch, Pelosi. I read that Hitlery Clinton has Parkinson’s and that’s what we saw in 2016. May she tremor herself to death. They both deserve to die- for the traitorous whores they are.

  7. The best response to these people; “Hillary’s still not going to be President.”

    Probably among the Democratic constituents, there are those who think that Hillary is in the line of succession because she got “cheated out of winning the election,” and there must be some hidden clause or Amendment that allows for her to become President in these extraordinary circumstances.

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