Rich Lowry: America Isn’t An Idea After All

Conservative liberalism has fallen on hard times.

Rich Lowry was on Tucker Carlson’s show tonight to discuss his new book on American Nationalism and the new brand of conservative nationalism. It is brought to you by the very same people who have run mainstream conservatism for decades, who have always fought against nationalism and who are responsible for all of our current problems.

Don’t worry though. They are going to fix the problem now!

Skip ahead to 2:45.

Note: Check out James Kilpatrick’s review of Rusty Reno’s new book Return of the Strong Gods on VDARE.

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  1. More evidence the old grift of proposition nation that Conservatism, Inc. worked for so long is dying. Rich Lowry, professional scumbag that he is is now trying to get ahead of the curve of the growing white nationalism movement. Too late though, he made his bed, he can now lie in it, maybe with Lady Maga for company too.

  2. It was a mistake for Hunter Wallace and James Kirkpatrick, in their reviews of Reno’s book, to have taken Reno as seriously as they did. Their assumptions about him writing in good faith struck me as foolishly gullible.

  3. Nationalism is common sense among White Europeans. Obviously, jews, blacks, and other nonwhites never wanted to be Americans. That’s why subversive, supremacist, jews have flooded America with low IQ, violent, nonwhites, which the (((US government))) entitles, enables, and empowers, while they arrest White Nationalists for speaking up or defending themselves, in order to destroy America. They have, pretty much. But try to tell the average disinterested White normie.

    • “Obviously, jews, blacks, and other nonwhites never wanted to be Americans.”

      So if they really did “want to be Americans” it’s okay? That statement is very boomerish. The problem is diversity itself, not lack of assimilation.

  4. Beat your last dollar, the subservient Mick is not going to mention the enemy of the nation, the nation state and of human kind, the internationalist Jew. What a filthy disgusting Irish whore. This guy makes me sick.

    • Lowry is a Scottish, not Irish name. Rich Lowry is a WASP. You are an anti-white troll trying to sow division among whites.

  5. Faust, I would disagree strongly. Kirkpatrick’s fear is palpable in his ‘review’ of Reno. HE KNOWS what a return to an Overt Nationalism, One Faith, non-proposition West would entail: THE ENTIRE DISMANTLING OF EVERY INSTITUTION GEARED TOWARD LEGITIMATING PERVERSION.
    In America alone, we would see the elimination of…

    Perversion of Sex – there goes sodomy, lesbianism, transgenderism, voyeurism, pornography, vulgar TV (oxymoron) ‘gender dysphoria,’ and every blasphemy you can name- from Drag Queen demon posession on up the ladder to Pizzagate

    Perversion of Society – women in the workplace, insider trading, EEOC, H1-b, H-2, every ‘program’ of the ‘we are the world’ mindset, is done, finito, fuhgeddaboutit! [ ]

    Perversion of Gender – men as heads- of families, corporations, universities, college departments, in short, a return to patriarchalism. Women would be mothers, nurses, El. Ed. teachers, and wives.

    Perversion of Commerce – just weights and measures- the end of Kosher labeling, ‘get it for you wholesale’ deals with giants of Agribiz, Chamber of Commerce traitors, non-Americans working in ANY ‘yob’ in the West…

    Perversion of Education – elimination of every single god-damned ‘Women’s/Gay/Sociology’ department on every single campus across the nation, and a restoration of a LIberal Arts curriculum, that starts with the Greeks, and “The Unexamined Life is not worth living”…

    Perversion of Religion – every sect and cult out there, losing their 501 (c) 3 status, immediately. Only Creedally-conforming, trinitarian groups, overtly tied to the historic episcopate allowed. Buh-bye, Baptists, Dispensationalists, CZ’s, Mega-churches, faggot-friendly cults, Morons, CS’s, Wiccan, Satanist, etc.

    The times, they are a’changing. And I can hardly wait to be appointed Overseer of one of the Restoration’s Departments in a godly, monarchic, patriarchal re-formed Kingdom of America. Deo Volente.


      (What Bush really said, when the necessary filters are applied…)

    • Fr. John,

      There seems to be a misunderstanding here. I did not mean to comment on Kirkpatrick’s attitude towards any idea, per se, but on the confidence he is willing to grant to a particular author: Reno. My comment was meant to deny that a particular man, Reno, is credible as a messenger and intellectual of the moral renewal for which his book advocates. There was an assumption, contained in the reviews, written by Kirkpatrick and Hunter Wallace, that Reno is a credible intellectual, and that assumption is the only thing I wanted to challenge with my comment.

  6. VDARE, along with American Renaissance, is just another tiresome right-wing Fail-eo-con attempt to curry favor with the BOOB-oisie. We need fewer reactionaries and more REVOLUTIONARIES, god dammit.

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