Infowars: New York Times Declares Meme War Against Trump

I’m still on the fence, honestly.


The New York Times has kicked off the meme war against Trump supporters ahead of the 2020 presidential election despite the fact the left can’t meme.

In a NYT op-ed called “2020 Meme Team, Assemble,” writer Charlie Warzel calls on liberals to meet conservatives on the meme battlefield to challenge their America First messaging before Election Day.

In light of the Trump campaign’s “healthy head start” on fundraising and ad spending, Democrats must now focus on the “information war” of 2020 messaging, Warzel admits. …”

New York Times:

“A long time ago, on a different internet — where Photoshopped images of “God Emperor” Donald Trump riding atop a velociraptor were just a faint glimmer in a young meme lord’s eye — the Republicans were in trouble. Barack Obama’s 2008 win over John McCain was heralded as a digital over an analog. In 2012, Mitt Romney’s technological secret weapon to track voters in real time crashed on Election Day. A 2012 profile of Mr. Obama’s digital team in The Atlantic exclaimed that the “nerds shook up an ossifying Democratic tech structure.” By 2014, the conventional wisdom was that progressives had lapped the Republican Party in the tech space. I heard rumors swirling that some of the Republican National Committee staff were scouring Silicon Valley churches for tech-company hoodies, looking for programmers to hire …”

I don’t really see the mobilization like in 2016.

First, the excitement and energy of the 2016 campaign has utterly evaporated as Charlie Kirk and his stale message of True Conservatism has become the face of Trump’s 2020 campaign. There is currently more energy and excitement about being anti-Kirk than pro-Trump.

Second, even if we wanted to wage a pro-Trump meme war in order to get Tax Cuts 2.0, everyone has had their platforms banned or throttled on social media. Nothing was ever done about the censorship even though it was one of the central issues of the 2018 midterms. No one believes that the GOP is going to fight for a nationalist or populist agenda anymore.

Third, the Democrats have lost their minds and Trump’s base will vote for him because the alternative is worse, but the creative energy and intensity that draws in new people and invigorated his campaign is missing. He has plenty of money because he has already sold the policy agenda to the donors, but the price is that you don’t have that kid making that extra meme or sharing jokes or being involved in the campaign or fighting in the trenches of the internet to clobber the Left like in 2016. This election feels very different.

Where has their attention gone? It has gone to Joker memes and trolling Charlie Kirk.

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  1. I’ve seen a few real good anti-Blormp memes on the internets lately. It looks as if the Left has learned something from the 2016 campaign-unless those memes were created by angry, disillusioned alt-righters?

  2. At first glance, it appears it might be easy for Trump to get re-elected, but then you look on a state by state basis and realize he’s way underwater in the rust belt. And with the base demoralized and demographics further favoring Dems, he could very well lose. It’s our only hope.

    • The irony is that had Trump kept his promises regarding immigration/deporting Third World types he would have gotten two birds with one stone. He would have energized his base by keeping his promises and reduced the problem of demographic displacement which may cost Trump the election anyway. Instead he sold out to the donors who hate him.

  3. “the Democrats have lost their minds ” – Did they ever HAVE Minds, in the first place? I mean, they elected a Nigger- twice!

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