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  1. I’m tired of this “was never asked” argument.

    The immigration problems were visible to anyone who cared to take notice.

    They voted, the voters didn’t give a shit, therefore they asked for it through their own complacence

    • Do you really think that the (((victors))) of World War II, which was a war for the fate of Europe, cared about the voters or would have allowed an outcome other than what was produced?

      This is their extermination program of the defeated Aryan peoples. You’re making the normie, caved-in-head assumption that the democratic system post-1945 is in some way honest and genuine, rather than a mask for the victorious jews working to destroy their long-term biological rivals.

      Hard to vote your way out of a situation when the same (((group))) owns all of the candidates, hm?

    • Democracy voted for Brexit in 2016. Still hasn’t happened.
      Democracy chose Trump in 2016 to at least end immigration abuses. Still hasn’t happened.
      Democracy chose Prop 187 in CA in the 80’s to end taxpayer subsidies for illegals. Got shot down by some judge.
      This list is not exhaustive.

  2. The British government has always been run by self-interested oligarchs who exploits their own people as a means to attain global economic and political power and then toss them to die when they are no longer useful. While the British people are among the greatest peoples to ever exist, the same CANNOT be said for the government of the U.K. which hasn’t given a shit about it’s people since at least the end of the English Civil War, if not earlier when the Normans took over.

    • 1066 and all that? I think you are on to something. As Dr. Farrell has noted in his “God, History, and Dialectic,”

      “These essays explain this detachment as a result of the continued rejection by the First Europe of Hellenization, and its insistence that Augustinism was but a recasting of formal heresies previously condemned by both East and West when both segments were still a part of one Church, and therefore, both a part of One Europe. Thus we arrive at a corollary to our thesis. Only the First Europe has an adequate theological basis on which to analyze the movements of the intellectual histories of the Two Europes from one consistent perspective; the Second Europe, to the extent that it becomes increasingly “Augustinized” is to that extent incapable of performing the task. For those who prefer Ockhamist lucidity: I argue that Western Christian civilization is bound with dialectical inevitability to misinterpret both itself, the Eastern European Christian civilization, and the antiquities common to both; only that First European civilization and its theological paradigm are adequate to undertake a genuinely comprehensive and universal history of Christendom.”


      England was Orthodox (and not Roman Catholic) until the Norman Invasion. After that, she became ‘assimilated’ to the ‘Second Europe’ (RCC) paradigm. And therein lies all the problems of the West.

  3. My ‘handle’
    on the disqus platform is, “Democratia Delenda Est” – democracy must be destroyed.

    I am sure, there are no critically thinking and well read people, that can honestly disagree !

      • a small historical oddity.
        democracy was praised and lauded by …. guess who ……..

        LENIN !!

        (all there recorded for all to see)

  4. We didn’t ask for Diversity or vote for it. It was forced on us. Trump won the election on the hope he’d do something about it. He’s done practically nothing. His supporters like to point out how he’s for us but his hands are constantly tied. Even if this is true you’re admitting we have a powerless president. What good is a powerless president, especially when it affects our very survival?

    The entire political, social and economic environment is controlled by anti-Whites. Voting for this person or that person won’t change it until the anti-White paradigm changes.

  5. Right you are HW! Liberal Democracy is neither truly liberal or truly democratic but merely the facade behind which Plutocracy, and thus Globalism, reins supreme! It is a reverse Oz, an illusionary edifice behind which the controlling wizard is not the mild and meek persona he projects to the would but instead is deeply malevolent and viciously anti-white!

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