Thomas Edsall: Democrats Can Still Seize The Center

In the 2016 election, we came off the sidelines and went to the mat for Donald Trump in the online space. In my case, the primary issues that I was animated by which I told the media were immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness and campaign finance.

New York Times:

“President Trump is unpopular, but that doesn’t mean defeating him is going to be easy. Democrats will have to tackle issues that may alienate — and even give offense to — progressives, women, Latinos and African-Americans.

Putting together a broad enough coalition to finish the job — to win 270 Electoral College votes — will require navigating fraught cultural arenas: race, immigration and women’s rights — while dodging the broadly loathed set of prohibitions that many voters, including many Democrats, file under the phrase “political correctness.” …

Last year, Matt Grossmann, a political scientist at Michigan State, “reviewed nearly every academic article containing the name ‘Donald Trump’,” and concluded that “attitudes about race, gender, and cultural change played outsized roles” in Trump’s victory. Trump’s adamant “aversion to political correctness,” Grossmann argued, was a crucial factor in the outcome in 2016 …”

Donald Trump ticked all those boxes in 2016:

  • He was trashing hidebound norms and slaughtering cuckservatives much to our enjoyment.
  • He promised an America First foreign policy which would feature a new relationship with Russia and a pullback from endless wars.
  • He self-financed his campaign to establish his bonafides as a populist who could not be controlled by the donors.
  • He was going to build a huge wall on the Mexican border, deport illegal aliens, slash legal immigration, etc.
  • He was going to end our globalist free trade policies.

From my perspective, the Democrats have gone insane and plunged off the deep end of radicalism into transgenderism and Trump Derangement Syndrome. At the same time, Donald Trump drowned in the swamp of mainstream conservatism and his 2020 campaign hasn’t excited me. That’s where the race stands today a year out from the 2020 election.

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  1. Don’t think it will happen. It’s not going in that direction and the last Democrat to really succeed as an OPEN centrist was Clinton. It was assumed that Obama was a leftist, then he betrayed all his supporters, but he didn’t campaign as a centrist.

    Republicans think Clinton pulled one over on them and never cross voted again after that. It’s only the left that wins elections for Democrats now.

  2. Trump is going to lose this election and it will be as a result of him pivoting to mainstream conservatism combined with unrelenting immigration and the inability to improve the economic lives of American citizens.

    The U.S/U.K. election victories in the form of Trump/Brexit were the last attempt of a people to try to stop their government from destroying them by supporting an oddball candidate and strong-arming the Cons in the UK to bring forth a referendum. Both of these things failed and not because the people failed, but because the elites control the levers of power and refuse the democratic will of the people.

    In Canada, we saw many people on the street voting for the mainstream bitch candidate Andrew Scheer as a complete rejection of Trudeau destroying the country. However, the welfare queens in the East and the immigrant dominated cities in Eastern Canada and Vancouver had Trudeau installed once again as Prime Minister. An American could walk down the street of any town in Canada and listen to everyone say they hate Justin Trudeau. It doesn’t matter, because Trudeau in coalition with White leftists, has imported a voting block to replace them on the electoral stage. 2015 was the last election Canadians had a choice and they signed their death certificate.

    America is going to be the same. Much like Canada, where people will be hyped up saying that “Warren is going to ruin this country if she wins! Vote for Blompf!” it’s going to be too little too late. Trump has done nothing with the Hail Mary pass the American people gave him, and even a complete mobilization of the American people will not be enough to stop the alliance of the White Left and immigrants. When people said in 2016 that it was “Our last chance to save America” they were not wrong. That chance has been completely squandered though.

    Trump only needs to lose 3-4 states to lose the election. Does anyone here think that Penn, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida are reliable Trump states? They’re saying even Texas and Arizona are sliding into purple territory.

    Prepare for the late 2020s/2030s when things are really going to pop off and we enter Great Depression 2.0. Electoral politics on a national scale are over.

  3. The only thing I’d like to see more than that bitchy old schoolmarm from Assholechusetts defeat Blormp is to have no more ZOG presidents at all. Let’s just dispense with the ficton that they have any power independent of their globalist/Zionist masters.

  4. The Dems have gone full identity politics against Whites that are still the majority, and are all-in on supporting and encouraging every freaky perversion over normie behavior. Their policy proposals are the New Deal on steroids. The Recucks outlaw anti-Semitism at home and promote queer sex overseas, while bringing in skilled and unskilled foreign workers to take away jobs and drive down wages for the Whites that supposedly are their base. How is any of that supposed to appeal to anyone in the center?

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