Men’s Mental Health and Masculinity in Cities

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen makes more sense to me than Pharrell Williams. If traditional masculinity is being rejected by progressive liberalism under the influence of radical feminism, gender fluidity and transgender ideology, why shouldn’t we scoop it up?

What’s wrong with these people?

Note: Traditional femininity has also been abandoned by woke progressives. Shouldn’t the Far Right scoop that up as well?

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  1. Urban people in general are extremely soft. Both of mind and body. That’s why urbanites everywhere vote for communism. Everything you need is at a finger’s reach and they have no concept of how or where everything comes from.

  2. I think it was our own Reichsfuhrer Himmler who said that if a German moves to the Ukraine he remains a German. But if he moves to Miami Beach he becomes a degenerate.

  3. I watch Bjorn’s channel a lot, very interesting man. @Powell is correct, urbanization ruins the male. I once new a guy who called the police because he had a snake on his porch. Many of today’s “men” don’t own guns, don’t fish nor hunt.

    One way to judge yourself by is, what do you do when the power goes out? You guessed it, call the power company. While in itself that act is smart, it’s how you react afterwards that determines what you are made of and your frame of mind. The urban man is in a cage. He is beholden to his minders for comfort and care, while a free man owns an axe, saw, gun, tools that he uses to provide.

    A real man is a provider, when you lose that, you have lost your way.

  4. Of course, no one offers the retort, that publishing crap like this, merely make a caricature of the long-haired, scruffy bearded sloppy ‘macho male’ as the paragon of Manly Virtue. Neither is normative, neither is true. It’s all so much Kabuki theater.

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