Washington Post: In China, Every Day Is Kristallnacht

In the West, our leaders are totally subservient to Jews who promote open borders and undermine our culture and far from demolishing mosques our liberal elites invite Muslims to come and colonize Europe, take over London and replace the European Christian population, which is why Muhammad is now the most common boy’s name in Britain.

Washington Post:

“In China, every day is Kristallnacht.

Eighty-one years ago this week, in what is also known as the “Night of Broken Glass,” hundreds of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries in Nazi Germany were damaged or destroyed, along with thousands of Jewish-owned businesses. It was in a sense the starting gun for the genocide that culminated in the extermination camps of Auschwitz, Sobibor and Treblinka.

In western China, the demolition of mosques and bulldozing of cemeteries is a continuing, relentless process.

In a cultural genocide with few parallels since World War II, thousands of Muslim religious sites have been destroyed. At least 1 million Muslims have been confined to camps, where aging imams are shackled and young men are forced to renounce their faith. Muslims not locked away are forced to eat during the fasting month of Ramadan, forced to drink and smoke in violation of their faith, barred from praying or studying the Koran or making the pilgrimage to Mecca. …

But in the increasingly intolerant rule of Xi Jinping, nothing that competes with party loyalty can be tolerated. Previously vetted clerics, even octogenarians, receive 20-year sentences. Anything that looks too “Islamic” — even a dome atop a department store — is flattened. …

Carl Gershman, president of the National Endowment for Democracy, likened the brave reporters of Radio Free Asia to Jan Karski, the Pole who tried to alert the West to Nazi atrocities. “

George Soros has called Xi Jinping the greatest enemy of the Open Society. He recently banned hip hop and tattoos as Western cultural degeneration. Transgenderism was classified as a mental illness. China is also sending its first spacecraft to Mars in 2020. It poised to leap ahead of the United States in the rollout of AI technologies too.

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  1. How come the jews who criticize Peking’s incarceration of Uighurs have nothing to say about the 2 million Palestinian inmates of the Gaza Strip Ghetto? Or the 5-6 million Palestinians living in squalid refugee camps in Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon? Perhaps it’s because they are hateful, obnoxious kikes who always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of?

    • Can the Judenstaat just quit it with the constant references to a non-entity event like Kristallnacht?

      The Hollow Hoax did not happen, Six million Jews (unfortunately) did not die, and the Jewish race and their blasphemous Religion of talmudism, must perish off the earth, before ANY RACE can be free.

  2. The Jews are at war with the Chinese and the Chinese are not knuckling under to kyke pressure tactics.

  3. Well the Chinese have as a general rule never been a historical threat to Europeans. At times it was the opposite. But the Moslems shot out of Arabia in the 7th century and conquered and enslaved Catholic lands that had been christian for centuries. From Spain all the way to northern Syria. The East Romans (Byzantines were still Catholic at the time). If they could they would/are still trying to do this.

    Led us not forget the Turkish enslavement of millions of Russians as well.

    The damage done to Christians because of Islam spiritually and temporally is incalculable. They were a major force until the 18th century when the Austrian and Russian empires gained the upper hand. Now Islam is back.

    Islam has not changed. They are still longing for the throat of their enemies. I will always consider them the Infidel. And no I am not soft on communism.

    November–i am still sick but I had to respond to this article. It is too important.

    • The superiority of the Arab civilization, especially in Spain and Sicily, was the chief agency which awakened Europe after six centuries of barbarism.

      – Joseph Martin McCabe

      • I suspect the christians enslaved, raped and murdered would disagree. Also what Arab civilization? They were savages coming forth from the desert. They got civilization from the Romans and Persians who were way more advanced than them.

        They set back European civilization. The European civilization conquered by Moslem was far superior. Look up how advanced the Romans(Byzantines) were in the Middlle Ages. So stealing Roman civilization and keeping the conquered down so that the Southern Europeans had to begin again is hardly a badge of honor.

        The Moslem pigs raiding into Russian and Eastern Europe as well created vast destruction and kept settlement down for centuries.

        By the way I think Moslems and their supporters can go to hell. I do not care what the Chinese do to them. –

        —-Cristina Romana Alva.

        • Nevertheless, those Arabs did conquer Hispania and Sicily and we can still see their “legacy” in many a swarthy Spaniard, Portuguese and Southern Italian with Arabid features.

          “These Moors cultivated the sciences with success, and taught Spain and Italy for five centuries.” – Voltaire

      • It doesn’t say a lot, if it takes several centuries to wake the f*ck up to barbarism, eh?

        The effete Western and Northern Europeans don’t have six centuries to expel the islamic migrant hordes. They probably don’t have 50 years. Their best hope is to use the Large Hadron Super Collider in Switzerland, built a time machine, go back to 1939, and don’t f*ck with Deutschland.

      • F*CK McCabe and any asshole who dares to denigrate the superiority, the SUPREMACISM of Christendom. You’re just a shabbas goy, and you don’t even know it.

        • Christian superiority is an oxymoron as Christianity itself recognises the supremacy of Jews, the God’s people.

          • GTK,

            Not true at all. We Catholics consider Jews to be the Synagogue of Satan. As for Protestants you might ask them.

            Look up what we think of the Jews. Traditionally speaking it would curl your hair,

          • “We Catholics consider Jews to be the Synagogue of Satan.”

            And Protestants call Catholic church “The Whore of Babylon”. So what? Catholics are even more obedient curs of Jews than Protestants and they grovel and cower whenever they see a Jew. The last six Popes have acknowledged the superiority of Jews over Christians.

      • November,

        Thank you. But first I had to respond to a Moslem or their supporters which is the same. . Of all my enemies I hate Islam the most. I will be off to bed soon.

      • November,

        Since I will not address the Moslem above I will mention this to you. Just one example among many is the Moslem destruction of Asia Minor (now called Turkey) by one tribe of Turks under Alp Arslan after the battle of Manzikert 1071. Estimates of dead range in the millions depending on whose sources you read.

        It was noted that the rich and fertile Asia Minor under the Romans was extremely populated and fertile. Well within a few years the Moslems had devastated almost all of it and made it such a desert that a generation later the Crusaders almost starved to death crossing Asia Minor to reach Antioch.

        Just one example among many on how the Moslems set back European civilization many centuries.

        Note: The term Byzantine is made up by moderns. The East Roman Empire were called Romans by friend and foe alike even though ultimately it became dominated by the Greeks.

        • Cristina,

          My spider sense warned me that Empress Scorpion was suffering from”the curse,” and would be extra venomous towards her enemies.

          You used historical references to demonstrate how backwards muslims are. I simply would have retorted that these superior arabs and their advanced civilization wipe their butts with their hands and don’t wash afterwards.

          It is unfortunate that McCabe isn’t alive today to enjoy the cultural enrichment arabs and their “superior civilization ” are bringing to his country.

          • November,

            Well said. I also was thinking that people that use their hands to clean themselves are pathetic. Once the Europeans kicked their asses out of Europe they became backward again.

            Some white nationalists favor moslems for some reason but they are evil people.

        • This time that I supposedly wrote this comment is way off. Even disregarding time zones I was in class at this time.

      • November,

        I do feel somewhat better. I skipped my first class which is Physical Education. It is only as you know——–the curse of Eve. Why could not Adam have stayed strong?

        Oh well. Stronger men than Adam have broken before and Eve was supposed to be the most beautiful woman ever and she was naked. Perhaps Adam never had a chance.

  4. Can you believe this shit? I wouldn’t exactly liken it to the correspondence between John and Abigail Adams, would you?

  5. The Chinese also destroy churches and imprison Christians on fabricated charges. They’re dehumanizing commie scum. But still more than a match for Weimarica.

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