Woke Terminator Gets Terminated At The Box Office

I had zero interest in going to see Terminator: Dark Fate.

I’m old enough to remember going to see Terminator 2: Judgement Day as a kid in the early 1990s. I even went to see Terminator: Salvation which was a Christian Bale movie that was released back in 2009. I’ve seen all of the Terminator movies but this one.

Terminator: Genisys was unwatchable.Terminator: Dark Fate this time starring gender fluid Dylann Roof looked even less interesting.


“Last summer, when photos from the set of Terminator: Dark Fate showed Mackenzie Davis sporting a fashion bowl cut, grimy tank top, and massive deltoids, lesbian Twitter lost its mind. Praise rained down from the internet’s thirsty queers, and I’m pretty sure some actual drool rained from my mouth. Davis was already beloved for her turn exploring queer desire while mentally traveling through time in the “San Junipero” episode of Black Mirror. In the Terminator shots, she’d become a full-on sex symbol.

The funny part is, Davis’ character, a mechanically enhanced human from the future named Grace, wasn’t supposed to be sexy at all. Davis told Vulture that she was involved in discussions about her character’s appearance, and director Tim Miller “didn’t want it to be sexy, and he didn’t want it to be a sweaty male version of a warrior. He was like, ‘I don’t want it to be filtered in that way.’ ” Speaking for myself and the vast majority of my queer friends: He failed! …

Lucky for us, no one is forced to view Grace’s bulging arms, alternative-lifestyle haircut, and rangy androgyny through the straight-guy lens of traditional action movies, in which those qualities don’t often feature in characters coded as sexy. Terminator: Dark Fate doesn’t really give its characters sexualities, and there’s no overt romantic plot to speak of. But it’s begging to be read—and a lot more fun to watch—as a queer text.”

What the hell is this?

Terminator: Dark Fate bombed because it seems that no one else enjoyed watching the trailer of Terminator as a queer text and concluded the movie sucked.

FOX News:

“It might be judgment day for the “Terminator” franchise.

Despite generally favorable reviews and the return of star Linda Hamilton and producer James Cameron, “Terminator: Dark Fate” has opened well below expectations at the box office. Studios on Sunday estimate that “Dark Fate” earned only $29 million from over 4,000 North American locations. The film from Paramount Pictures cost a reported $185 million to produce.

It was enough to win the top spot at the box office, but it’s a weak victory for the franchise. Although “Dark Fate,” which was directed by “Deadpool’s” Tim Miller, received much better reviews (currently at 69 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and was praised for being a return to form to Cameron’s original films, it opened just slightly ahead of 2015’s roundly derided “Terminator: Genisys.” …”

In related news, The New York Times has a new article about how the very idea of men’s magazines is being cancelled by Millennial progressives under the spell of woke ideology who are taking them over and running them into the ground.

New York Times:

“In one of his first interviews after he got the job, Mr. Sebastian took a swipe at the publishing patriarchy, telling The Wall Street Journal that he wanted to get away from the idea “that both the Esquire reader and writer is a middle-age white guy who likes brown liquor and brown leather.”

In fairness to Mr. Fielden, he said pretty much the same thing years ago, before Harvey Weinstein and his ilk sent half the population to the penalty box. “There’s no cigar smoke wafting through the pages,” he said to The New York Times in 2017, “and the obligatory three B’s are gone, too — brown liquor, boxing and bullfighting.”

As the same article reported, Mr. Fielden had won the job in part because he courted more male readers to the traditionally feminine Town & Country, the Hearst title he headed before Esquire.

At Esquire, he vowed to lure more female readers and ditched boys’ club staples like the print version of the “Women We Love” issue.

Apparently, it was not enough. Could anything be? Perhaps not, as manhood itself is being interrogated, scrutinized and radically revised.

The very idea of a men’s magazine now sounds “as hopelessly passé as a private gentlemen’s club,” according to a recent article, “The End of Men’s Magazines,” in City Journal, which is not exactly a progressive organ (the magazine is published by the Manhattan Institute, a free-market think tank). …”

As with Terminator: Dark Fate, no one wanted to be insulted by seeing Pharrell Williams in a sleeping bag in GQ and be told that gender fluidity is “the new masculinity” either. The Terminator franchise won’t be the last casualty of the culture war.

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  1. “woke” is another Rightist term that the Jews have taken over and subverted.

    It originally meant woke to the Jews nation wrecking schemes. Or made aware like the protagonist in “They Live.”

  2. I refuse to see any Hollywood movie, but most especially anything with Arnonld Schwarzenegger in it. As Gov of California, he was despicable. He commuted the sentence of a convicted Hispanic murderer who was the son of the Hispanic Speaker of the California Assembly and justified it as doing a favor for a friend.

  3. Gender-fluid Dylann Roof and the T-Juan-thousand lol
    Jim Cameron is a vegan male feminist now, so that’s why this is happening. He really fell off from classics like Terminator and The Abyss.

  4. Movie characters have to be interesting to audiences. We have to care about what happens to them in a film. These angry, unlikable dykes are of no interest to anyone.

  5. Is that steven tyler from aerosmith? lol seriously linda Hamilton hasn’t aged well here . I was always wondering why they never brought her into the other recent Terminator films like Terminator salvation and the only one i haven’t seen yet Terminator genesis

    I remember my friend telling me that the terminator films should of ended with T3 rise of the machines but like a good franchise gone bad Hollywood keeps on crapping them out for the money

  6. So this new terminator looks like complete trash I just watched the trailer Somehow some Mexican bitch is in this one its mostly set in texas and Mexico, in fact half the actors in Dark Fate are Mexican making this terminator film a grande pile of shit! boy the director really doesn’t understand his audience

    Wanna hear a joke? A titless dyke, a washed up film actress and a latina walk into Hollywood casting yep its the new terminator film lol

  7. No leftists can be “Woke” because being awakened implies a new political epiphany and the leftist version of “Woke’ is merely a more intense manifestation of the current cultural Marxist narrative!

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