“Bonnie and Clyde” Robbery Suspect Found Dead In Ohio

This mudshark was big news last week here in Alabama.

FOX News:

“The 18-year-old female suspect in an Alabama “Bonnie and Clyde” stick-up has been found dead in Ohio with a bullet in her head.

Cincinnati cops said they discovered Baylee Wall, of Jackson County, Miss., on Wednesday after responding to a high school for a report of “a person down.” Her death was being investigated as a homicide, FOX10 Mobile reported.

Police in Daphne, Ala., said two days earlier Wall helped her boyfriend, Gary Eubanks Jr., rob the Microtel Inn of cash at gunpoint. …”

This duo robbed a Pajeet-owned hotel near Mobile.

Clyde killed Bonnie and dumped her body behind a high school in Ohio. Their tragic modern love story ended when he committed suicide in Wisconsin.

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  1. I have no sympathy for that mud shark or any other mud shark who is murdered or beaten by her pet.

    Let this be a lesson for any White woman who likes to experiment her sexuality with a nog or other brown menace sludge.

    ‘You Get What You Deserve’!

    • Dear Atom Ant.. You sound like a bitter cracker a$$ cracker. Your the reason us white women love black men. It probably disgusts you to see interracial couples. But its only because your insecure, and hate that us white women dont want white trash like you. Hope you have a miserable life. Watching everybody else love eachother regardless of what color they are.

      • ” It probably disgusts you to see interracial couples.”

        Sure, because we know where it leads, sprawling slums like Rio and starving violence of Venezuela. The result, Mulattos, can’t produce anything but misery.

      • @S No I’m not a bitter cracker, I’m a wide awake race realist. Yes it does disgust me when I see White woman with their pets and it’s not because of my insecurities, it’s just racially wrong. I’m far from being White trash and it was wrong of you calling me that, you don’t even know me. Since you wished me a miserable life, keep playing with your black/brown pets slut, you too will be beaten or murdered. It’s statistically possible. BTW I have a healthy marriage with a White wife and White children. Are you jealous femnazi nog mud lover?

      • “us white women”

        You’re probably a 300 lb neck-beard with a dirty undershirt and pee-stained draws. And you don’t know the first thing about how to really provoke someone through online trolling.

      • spahnranch1969

        mudsharks are traitors, traitors should die. in death there is justice. in death there is punishment.

  2. This is the hellish society (they) have created for us. We can’t even warn young ppl about the dangers of welfare chimps.

    If fact, we have a government enforced system of social institution that FORCES them to be close, school s, work, public facilities etc.

    • Denise, do you really expect a girl that young to have good judgement?

      Especially, living in a society that is super saturated wi love the chimp propaganda.

      • Arian, I remember that the push for race mixing began decades ago. I had White male “friends” berating me, when I was a TEENAGER, about my refusal to date Negroes. The White males kept haranguing me over it. I finally told them flat out that I am NOT attracted to Negroes. PERIOD. And I did them to Eff off.

        I find Negroes to be ugly, and physically repulsive. I can’t imagine allowing one to touch me in an intimate fashion. Every healthy White female should have an innate physical revulsion. ANY White that doesn’t is metabolically and mentally unsound and depraved. So I don’t care how old or young a female is – any White that would go near a primate as grotesque as the primate in question is DEFECTIVE. Good riddance.

        Toll paid.

          • Denise, few young women have the individual resolve and character strength you showed. Most are swayed by the trends projected to them in the media. I would like to see how a girl like this would behave in a well structured society, I’m almost certain that I know.

    • ” Every healthy White female should have an innate physical revulsion ”

      True, but some have such crushed self-esteem they don’t have better judgement. I see many of these f3males as products of a very sick society, rather than individuals wi perverse desires. Especially when they are young.

    • “…….. NO loss to the gene pool what so ever”

      You have no way to know that.
      In a correct society, she might have mothered the next Edison , Newton , Pasteur etc. You have no idea what potential was latent in her genes.

    • Just think of all the ugly little half-nigglets that sow will no longer be able to spit out of her birth canal, madam. Several fewer rapists, arsonists and killers for the taxpayer to incarcerate!

  3. Really dumb move by the mudshark she helps him rob the hotel for a pittance what, can’t be more then 5,000 dollars in the hotel? I’m guessing anyway and her sexpet reward in return is he kills her because he wants all the cash for himself probably didn’t want to share any with her because blacks are shortsighted as they are greedy. Next thing this dumb kang is running from the police cause hes too stupid to dispose of the body properly and left to much evidence behind

      • 5 thousand was the maximum figure i was using but yep 500 sounds more right, these places lock up the money in safes they don’t let big sums simmer in the cash register for long, its constantly moved all the time for security reasons

        This dumb interracial couple wins the Darwin award mudsharks be warned this type of shit will happen to you if you date darkie thug scum like this

  4. Good thing that the shaved chimp ventilated the mudshark and killed himself. No way in this political climate would the goys and girls in blue attempt a stop (even with probable cause) on a young interracial couple for fear of the (((msm))) and liberals deeming them rayciss.

    Good riddance. Use their bodies to feed leftist lawyers.

  5. Atom ant.. experience their sexuality with a brown menace sludge?? You sound like a racist cracker that’s just mad that us white women aren’t interested in you. Guess what buddy? Interracial couples are here to stay!

    Arian.. welfare chimps?? Because hes black you automatically think he’s on welfare?? Its people like YOU that have created the hellish society. As if white men ain’t out here doing the same stuff if not worse. Like incest, which your probably the result of.. have a miserable life

      • S do you understand how short lived interracial relationships last? It usually ends in heartbreak, single mom left alone with a mixed race kid cause the black daddy runs off 90 of the time sound like healthy relationshipto you? Most can only be so lucky interracial relationships usually ends bloody especially for the mudshark.

        I know screwing blacks is very trendy S, thanks to Hollywood/Porn propaganda but you will end up a dead white bitch like this girl if you continue your path of darkie dick lust any further black guys have a built in slave mindset they see you as property if you break up with them or even if they break up with you, they could just come looking to kill you many cases like this happen all the time

    • S, Me thinks you are a black male or cucked white male. Incest for white males? Blacks disproportionately do that too. You see white people don’t defend white scum Blacks always make a point to defend black scum and this is why no cop in his right mind would show up on time for a call in a black area.

    • @S (ick)

      Examining the crime rates, and identifying who commits the bulk of crime in America, we are left with the concept of blood and race, as has been argued by many of us for decades, being a deciding factor in the behavior of the nonwhite races, socalled ‘minorities’, who, sadly for us, have been invited to live and breed like diseased rodents among us. We weren’t meant to have to live with these violent creatures among us. It’s exhausting.

      • I don’t really get celebrating these deaths, sure I agree in some regard that they had it coming but celebrating is just kind of evil imo

  6. Coal toll paid… with interest!

    But the real tragedy is the loss of a Basketball-Amercan, so much diversity senselessly wasted, and by diversity itself no-less. Good night sweet kang!

    “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

    • Right!
      That knuckle dragging schwoogie could’ve made himself and his jew owners billions playing tree hockey ..but what difference would it have made?

      The simian would’ve ended up broke and raping/robbing/killing anyways.

      Its in their negroid golem genetics.

      Our evil government could hand every coon in weimerica a million ZOGbucks for slave reparations and it would all end up in the greasy claws of a serpent kike in the end anyways.

  7. the white races greatest enemy is not the jew, nor is it the jew’s negro or muslim pets. the white races single greatest enemy is the white female.

    treason born of flesh.

  8. Fuck the coal burning skank and crime partners or not, can anyone on this thread imagine the media outrage if a white man had murdered some boot-lipped negress?

    As always the double standard and total lack of coverage involving black predation against whites is nonexistent.

    This tells us what we need to know about those who push miscegenation nonstop and why its pushed…like everything else these subhuman kikes do, its a weapon that hurts whites.
    When will this end?
    When these jews are physically removed.
    They didn’t willingly leave 109 times, they were REMOVED

  9. Well irishman, until Whites figure a way to work cooperatively and develop our own media and social groups, we’re up the dirty creek.

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