Wearing Clothes Is Destroying The Planet

Good morning, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

You will eat bugs.

You will live in a pod.

You will share your wives.

Today it was decided you will also have to hand over your clothes to save the planet.

New York Times:

“Climate protests drew millions around the world in September. Many of the Democratic presidential candidates have rolled out ambitious plans to cut carbon while making the economy greener. There’s a sense of momentum to solve our planetary crisis. And yet a leading cause of climate change remains persistently overlooked or trivialized: clothing.

The clothing and footwear industry is responsible for 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, nearly the same as the entire European Union, according to a study by the environmental services group Quantis. Without abrupt intervention, the industry’s impact on the climate is on track to increase by almost half by 2030.

But clothing does not appear to be mentioned in the Democratic candidates’ climate plans, nor in the Green New Deal proposed by House Democrats. And while it’s coming up more in coverage about low-emissions lifestyle changes, it’s still viewed as a problem mostly for fashionistas. …

Indeed, caring about clothes is often considered frivolous, at odds with concern about the fate of the planet. …

Clothes are easy to ignore because they are made far away and have throughout history been made by enslaved, unpaid and low-paid laborers, often by women.

But first we need all people who care about climate change to understand that they’re part of the problem and the solution, just by wearing clothes. “

Give us your guns.

Give us your money.

Give us your clothes.

Give us your country.

Give us your children.

Give us your free speech.

Give us your hamburgers.

Give us your men’s magazines.

Give us your title of being a woman.

Give us your gender segregated restrooms.

Give us the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Is there anything else these people want? I’m noticing a trend here.

Sky News:

“Actress Charlize Theron has said she hopes it won’t be long before awards shows have gender-neutral categories.

The Oscar-winner was speaking ahead of Sunday’s Hollywood Film Awards, and said “let’s hope soon” when asked when such awards should be introduced.

The idea has already been implemented by MTV, which scrapped the best actor and actress categories at its Movie & TV awards, opting for an overall best actor prize in 2017.

Earlier this year, British singer Sam Smith told fans they now identify as non-binary and uses the pronoun they/them, leading more people to call for changes to traditional awards categories. …”

The “mainstream” has gone insane.

Everything “male” and “female” has to go! WTF!

I’m called “fringe” and I am only sane SOB here!

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  1. Sending our unwanted clothing to Africa has destroyed that industry all over the continent. Our providing food there has wrecked farming and their ability to feed themselves. So I’m glad to not send clothing or food elsewhere. But as the photo above proves, most of us need to wear clothes. Blech. No one wants to see most of us bloated “Boobus Americanus” naked, anyway. In the Upper Midwest, we’ve got to have covering during the colder months. Should we go back to wearing fur and animal skin?

  2. The Byzantines debated how many angels could dance on the head of a pin as Constantinople fell.

    We busy ourselves with this crap.

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