Dan Crenshaw Gets Tough Questions At Texas A&M

As we expected, the response by Conservatism, Inc. to the Groypers showing up and asking questions at conservative events has been a combination of deplatforming (Patrick Casey was deplatformed on Twitter), rigging the Q&A sessions (this happened today at Texas A&M) and D&C distraction events (MILO’s attack on Spencer with the audio from 2017).

It will likely prove difficult to keep this tactic up because the longer it goes on and the more it becomes a thing and develops momentum the more insulated these hacks and shills will become. I would be stunned if the Groypers got another crack at dabbing on Charlie Kirk after what happened at Ohio State. They will either ditch the Q&A sessions to protect Kirk or only have shills ask prescreened questions. I believe the tactic that was used today was requiring people who showed up to ask Dan Crenshaw questions was to present a valid Texas A&M student id.

While these events are useful and can have a disproportionate impact on moving the online conversation by generating viral clips, these confrontations are not absolutely necessary. It is more important to create an online atmosphere of relentless criticism and savage mockery. There should be hundreds of Dan Crenshaw memes skewering him as a Jewish puppet.

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  1. These characters Gorka (“Israel is the greatest country created by God”) and Crenshaw (“Morality comes from Jerusalem”) are embarrassing, disgusting and disgraceful. What would the founders think of these clowns?

    • We need to remind ourselves that without gentile scumbags like that one-eyed bandit Crenshaw and Count Porka the jews would be as vulnerable as a turtle on its back.

  2. This tactic will be shut down eventually, but it means nothing, because it will only a matter time before the next batch of uncomfortable questions. It’s getting harder for them to shut people up. Playing wack a mole, is an exhausting and eventually fruitless job. Sooner or later, the uncomfortable questions have to answered. For instance after deplatforming Red Ice, they moved on to other platforms, and apparently haven’t lost any viewers, or supporters. All you do with all this persecution, is just make tougher and more resourceful opponents. It’s only going to get harder for them.

      • Some words, you may or may not appreciate. They come to us circa 1871. They speak to despots, and thinkers. They had the printing press……We have the Internet. Keep the faith, y’all.

        “Despots are an aid to thinkers. Speech enchained is speech terrible. The writer doubles and triples his style, when silence is imposed by a master upon the people. There springs from this silence a certain mysterious fullness, which filters and freezes into brass the thoughts. Compression in the history produces conciseness in the historian. The granitic solidity of some celebrated prose is only a condensation produced by the Tyrant. Tyranny constrains the writer to shortenings of diameter which are in-creases of strength.”

        “The spoken discourse may roll on strongly as the great tidal wave; but, like the wave, it dies at last feebly on the sands. It is heard by few, remembered by still fewer, and fades away, like an echo in the mountains, leaving no token of power. It is nothing to the living and coming generations of men. It was the written human speech, that gave power and permanence to human thought. It is this that makes the whole human history but one individual life.

        To write on the rock is to write on a solid parchment; but it requires a pilgrimage to see it. There is but one copy, and Time wears even that. To write on skins or papyrus was to give, as it were, but one tardy edition, and the rich only could procure it. The Chinese stereotyped not only the unchanging wisdom of old sages, but also the passing events. The process tended to suffocate thought, and to hinder progress; for there is continual wandering in the wisest minds, and Truth writes her last words, not on clean tablets, but on the scrawl that Error has made and often mended.

        Printing made the movable letters prolific. Thenceforth the orator spoke almost visibly to listening nations; and the author wrote, like the Pope, his œcumenic decrees, urbi et orbi, and ordered them to be posted up in all the market-places; remaining, if he chose, impervious to human sight. The doom of tyrannies was thenceforth sealed. Satire and invective became potent as armies. The unseen hands of the Juniuses could launch the thunderbolts, and make the ministers tremble. One whisper from this giant fills the earth as easily as Demosthenes filled the Agora. It will soon be heard at the antipodes as easily as in the next street. It travels with the lightning under the oceans. It makes the mass one man, speaks to it in the same common language, and elicits a sure and single response. Speech passes into thought, and thence promptly into act. A nation becomes truly one, with one large heart and a single throbbing pulse. Men are invisibly present
        p. 55
        to each other, as if already spiritual beings; and the thinker who sits in an Alpine solitude, unknown to or forgotten by all the world, among the silent herds and hills, may flash his words to all the cities and over all the seas.”
        Pike/Morals & Dogma, 1871, Library of Congress

  3. What is the end goal of this fake and gay groyper thing, which is now being taken credit for by Anglin and the Daily Stormer?

    To show conservatism at the national level is also fake and gay? And then what? The only meaningful outcome of that would be likely Republican voter suppression. Its not going to shift the overton window, and a Groyper isn’t going to win a national election.

    There are actual state level elections going on that are important. Why has there been zero coverage and work put into exploring those races, instead of this click bait crap?

    Nobody cares about this cycloptic zioshill. This groyper thing is already coopted by the subversive elements running the narrative on the dissident right. Now everybody is lock step with the DS.name forcememe of the month again. Why?

    Why not at least push back against the idea of this groyper thing being orchestrated by DS.name, to give it a chance of not being utterly tainted with Anglins bad optics and bad faith bullshit?

    I give it a week or so before he goes full sperg and starts ratcheting up the insane bullshit (once major media start attributing the groyper thing to him, honestly or not), to discredit this fresh manifestation of dissent.

    Meanwhile, everybody else is not preparing the groundwork to push back against him when he goes sperg. He is just taking credit, with no pushback.

    • The first one that asks a question about Moshiach wins. Do you love Moshiach? Would you do anything to please Moshiach? What do you think Crenshaw’s or Kirk’s answer should be?

      Yeah I love the Jew messiah? Yeah I love the Moshiach? Yeah I love the anti-Christ?

      They can’t answer simple questions, How are they going to answer the difficult ones?

    • ” To show conservatism at the national level is also fake and gay? And then what? “

      I believe that charlie kirk and his gay “conservative” buddy who like to promote transgendarism have PROVEN to all, beyond any shadow of doubt that the TPUSA and their version of pretend conservatism is as fake and as gay as it gets.

      As for Anglin, he can say what ever he likes – if you’ve noticed most if not all, of the questions made by the dissident conservative voices whio attended and will continue to attend the TPUSA clown show, are Christians and quite a few are American Nationalists as they profess to be.

      Maybe you think TPUSA is something that represents the American conservative/patriotic voter.

      I think you’ll find you are wrong!

    • As far as I’m concerned the Daily Sausagefest is not only fake and gay it’s toxic as shit. I especially dislike that fat ugly meth-addict / closeted homosexual / career felon Assholemador. What a scurvy crew!

      All those well-dressed young groypers asking cleverly worded questions meant to trip up Charlie Small Face are strictly for teh lulz – none of their antics will ignite a Racial Holy War.

  4. He is a whore. He sold his soul to the enemies of Christ. He sold his soul to those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. Whore.

  5. Well, what do we have here ?????

    What’s this ???
    Tucker Carlson debates ms C.kirk and “BOOM” globo-homo promoter in question eats proverbial dirt??
    (this is tale tell sign why the Groypers are SOOOOOOOOO successful)

    enjoy a great debate:
    Tucker Unleashed: Takes On Tech Overlords, Student Loan Debt, Deaths of Despair at

  6. Leave Dan Crenshaw alone. He lost an eye fighting for our greatest ally. Maybe his children will get to pay the ultimate price for zionism.

  7. American Nationalism is what AWAITS the US – Thank God.

    Libertarians, libertines, liberals and ANYTHING with the root word liberal, MUST BE SMASHED BEYOND RECOGNITION – DEATH to democracy DEATH to LIBERALISM !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Prosperity is the best birth control. Getting 3Rd world into prosperity will stem the population bomb….getting the third world into your countries debt slavery system is a maga goal…who else is going to pay the vig on national debt to hymie?

    This is what consrrvatives believe…conserve globohomoschlomo at all costs.

  9. I barely had my Twitter account for more than two weeks. Not the same nom de plume as Paracelsus though.

    I’d seriously consider writing “Without Prejudice U.C.C. §1-308” on every internet shitpoast these days. Gotta have legal indemnity if you want to speak the truth.

  10. was to present a valid Texas A&M student id.

    Typical of Coninc (TM) they always run behind the left’s skirts. They’re always ready to use the left’s oppression machine to silence critics on the right. Students are subject to all sorts of potential retaliation up to and including expulsion and physical assault. Crenshaw and crew are aware of that and make use of it to avoid answering tough questions. Coninc also uses antifa in this way and fully cooperated in the destruction of the Tea Party movement. This is who they are, how long can brain-dead rank-and-file conservatives continue to deny it?

  11. sigh….being patient and having faith that our people with collectively “wake up” eventually because clown world kikes and their goy-puppets are overplaying their hand is not a great strategy.

    “We the people”(what a joke) ,especially Europeans, have no say in this current government of liberal progressivism.

    There is still only one way out of white genocide.

    Whether our people have the courage, strength and determination to actually pull it off or even try is another story.
    Real restrictions of the 2nd amendment are already in motion.
    Free speech is gone.
    The enemy media have more power than entire state populations while hollywood and pop culture has literally rotted the moral gumption and soul essence of the youth with their perversion and sicko garbage.

    The anti white violence in the political arena is gaining traction and momentum like nothing these ‘conservatards” can even fathom.
    I still don’t understand what is even left to save of this rotten ,vile country.

  12. Hmmm

    I am disgusted, but hardly shocked that thus far I have not seen anyone specifically condemn for Crenshaw’s lies. Obviously, criticism of Israel, is fully protected under the First Amendment, even a school boy (who isn’t Jewish) would get that one right. Second, and equally disturbing his his lie that the BDS movement is not related and by implication not protected under the First Amendment.

    People the Supreme Court ruled all the way back in 1982 in a unanimous 8-0 decision with NAACP vs. Claiborne Hardware that boycotting is a protected right under the First Amendment. As an adjunct to that point, it is vitally important that the First Amendment reaffirms our unalienable right to FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION NOT JUST SPEECH!

    Jews, zionists, israel and israelis HAVE NO RIGHT OR EXPECTATION TO BE FREE FROM CRITICISM. And if they want to label “CRITICISM” ANTISEMTISM then go right ahead. ALL Americans are free to openly and publicly criticism Jews, zionists, israel and israels where ever and when ever they damn well please.

    Any politician running for public office who states otherwise which by definition that they are not willing to support and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights is guilty of sedition and depending on the circumstances treason.

    So Crenshaw volunteered to join the military with the full knowledge that he would be going to the Middle East to fight in battle to serve Israel. That doesn’t make him a hero in my book.

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