Sweden Democrats Poised To Become Largest Party In Sweden

Interesting news out of Sweden

I’ve seen the Sweden Democrats compared to the GOP, but Blompf, Charlie Kirk and the Republican Party has embraced the LGBTQIA community, the Rainbow flag, #PrideMonth and Globohomo.

The Telegraph:

“In Sölvesborg, the party has moved to stop flying the rainbow flag once a year to celebrate Stockholm’s gay pride festival, has said it will stop purchasing “provocative, challenging” public art, and has banned children from wearing Islamic headdress.  …

While largely symbolic, these policies have won huge national media attention, with gay rights groups now planning to hold the first Pride march in the southern city next May. 

Gitte Ørskou, the head of Moderna Museet, Stockholm’s main modern art gallery, likened the new art policy to 1930s Germany, “where that which was not approved of by the political establishment was called ‘degenerate art'”.

It is clearly working. Polls by Ipsos and Demoskop last month estimated the ruling Social Democrats’ lead at one percentage point and 0.2 percentage points respectively, putting the Sweden Democrats on a trajectory to overtake them as early as this month. 

“It could easily happen,” said Peter Santesson, head of opinion polling at Demoskop. “There’s nothing that has happened to reverse the progress. Toss a coin, I’d say.” 

If it happens, it would be a testament to the success with which Mr Åkesson has over the past 14 years transformed an openly racist, fringe party into a ‘people’s movement’ palatable enough to win the support of close to one in four voters.  …”

Anti-Semitic thoughts … sorry, I mean attacks … have reached the highest level ever recorded in Sweden.


“(JTA) — The number of anti-Semitic hate crimes recorded in Sweden rose to a record high last year, jumping 53 percent over the 2016 figures, government statistics show.

The 2018 report, which the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention published Thursday, listed 280 anti-Semitic hate crimes that year compared to 182 in 2016. The latest numbers are the highest on record since at least 2006, when the Council began collecting aggregated data.

Overall, the number of hate crimes with a racist or xenophobic motive rose by 69 percent over 2016 in Sweden to 4,865 cases last year, the report stated. …”

Bombings have more than doubled too.

The Guardian:

“Sweden’s national bomb squad has been called out to 30 blasts in the past two months and 100 so far this year, more than twice the number in the same period in 2018, as concern grows about rising levels of violence by criminal gangs.

Police arrested three people over the weekend following an explosion in an apartment block in the southern city of Malmö early on Friday that blew out the building’s main door, shattered windows and substantially damaged the entrance level.

The blast was the first of three in the space of 24 hours, local media reported, with others destroying cars and damaging property in Växjö, 127 miles (204km) north-east of Malmö, and Landvetter outside Gothenburg on the country’s west coast. …”

A$AP Rocky was arrested there.

The King of Israel turned it into a diplomatic incident and strongarmed the Swedish government into releasing him from jail. Do you remember when the Democrats attacked him over the multicultural dystopia that mass immigration created in Sweden?

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  1. Destroying our countries from within is the plan of the globalist elites. Even with all the censorship, legal persecution, financial penalties, doxing, and other bull they use to punish dissidents, some people are still fighting back. Some countries are even winning against the powers that be. If even Sweden can become uncucked, what’s our excuse?

  2. On the question of art: because national socialist preferred good art, international socialists must support bad art? Strictly speaking that progressive position seems by definition reactionary.

  3. SD had 1% of the vote 15 years ago. Some here Amurica said that the SD could never win, that Sweden was doomed.

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